Play Beach Life Slots Online at NZ

Ever wanted to live the Beach Life? Well, a couple of good rounds from these online slots, and you just might be able to retire and get the dream come true! Come and live it up with this fun and friendly trip to the shores.

Beach Life Symbols

Beach Life is an easygoing option that really gets you in the mood for some summertime fun. Aside from the great colour scheme filled with palm trees and a rainbow of vibrant shades, the icons on the reels make chilling out with some frozen delights seem like the most desirable treat ever (even if it’s twenty below outside!) There are citrus flavoured ice pops, ice cream cones with sprinkles and other delectable snacks. Of course, even if you aren’t in the mood for a tasty treat, there are other summer-themed icons for these reels. The tanning supermodel is sure to get you in the mood of lying out on the sand, and who isn’t excited by the prospect of building a fantastic sandcastle? Naturally, the treasure chest is an added bonus, and that’s convenient because it is the bonus symbol at today. Let’s look at those extra symbols now.

Beach Life Extra Features

As we mentioned, the treasure chest is the bonus symbol for a Beach Life. You can get into some really exciting deep-sea treasure hunting with this one, so pick your prizes and have some fun now! The sandcastles that are so perfectly formed have your scatter option open. Get five of these, and instantly win five hundred points! There is also a bright yellow sun in some cool shades that will brighten up your day when you find him on your reels. He serves as an extra symbol whenever you need one to complete a winning combination, so there’s good reason for that big grin!

Beach Life is a progressive jackpot. This is a tremendous pool that is constantly being contributed to by the various players at our crackerjack New-Zealand casino online. When somebody hits the jackpot, the whole process starts from the beginning. If this sounds like an option you would like to take full advantage of, then sign up for our club today, and play to win our online casino games!