Payment option with PaySafe Card

Following on from the E-Wallet online payment generation now comes the Pre-paid Card revolution. It’s a step-up from payment methods like E-Wallets - with pre-paid cards you retain complete anonymity when making payments online. Plus, you will never need to give out your bank or credit card details to strangers again!


You can purchase a PaySafe pre-paid card in thousands of outlets in your region. These include newsagents, petrol stations, tobacconists and shopping centres. You also have the option to buy the pre-paid card online. If you are unsure where the nearest authorized PaySafeDealer is you can find a map and listing of all vendors in your area by checking their website. You can also download the card and fund it on your iPhone or Android device.

Let’s assume you buy a $20 card. On the card you will see a PIN number. When you go to a merchant or any online casino listed on like New Zealand, you will input this number where you see the PaySafe logo. You will have $20 to spend. When you want to top up you can go back to the store you bought or the card, or in fact any store that offers PaySafe and simply top up.

When you make a transaction to the sites on NZ with your PaySafe card, it’s processed instantly. That’s great for you, as it means you can get ready to start experiencing all the hi-stakes, low stakes, thrills and spills of casino gaming.

Why You Should Use PaySafeCard

There are many good reasons why you should go out to the local kiosk and get a PaySafeCard to deposit funds into your casino account. There are many advantages that players have found when using the PaySafeCard.

Due to the nature of the pre-paid card, any deposit that is made is completely anonymous and instant. When you have used up the funds that are on the card, it is pretty simple to recharge the card and continue using it. There is a maximum limit of $500.00 that can be deposited through the card per day, the minimum deposit is just $10.00.

In addition to the other benefits that this payment solution offers, withdrawals are also available for all customers who have My Paysafecard account with minimum amount of $10.00 and maximum limit of $4000.00 per transaction.

Is the PaySafeCard Safe?

There is no safer payment method around then the PaySafeCard because it is as close to paying cash as you can get. There is no reason to ever give anyone any of your banking details or personal information. You can even load the card by using cash at a local store. Once you’ve received the card, you will receive a 16 digit-code, you’ll need to use this when making any transaction at whichever casino you choose on NZ. It is imperative that you never share the PN code with anyone and only use it at authorized PaySafeCard locations. If you want more information on how to register and use your PaySafe Card, visit the official website and browse through the blogs.