Ultimate Online Blackjack NZ Guide

Whether you're a novice or an experienced blackjack player, this ultimate guide is your go to source for mastering online blackjack. From essential strategies to the best casinos, we've got everything you need to become a blackjack champion. Let's get started to help you discover the secrets of online blackjack gaming!


Blackjack has earned its reputation as one of the most popular and enduring casino games for several reasons.

Unlike some other online casino games that require complex strategies or extensive rulebooks, blackjack is relatively simple to learn and play. The goal of the game is simple: beat the dealer's hand without going over 21, we think this makes it appealing to players of all skill levels. 

We also think that Blackjack offers some of the best odds among casino games, with a low house edge when played with optimal strategy. This means that you have a better chance of winning or minimising losses compared to games with higher house edges.

Blackjack has a fascinating history that adds to its allure. The game can trace its roots back to 18th-century France, where it was known as "Vingt-et-Un" (French for twenty-one). It became popular in the United States in the 19th century, with various rule variations emerging over time. During the early 20th century, the game underwent significant changes, including the introduction of bonuses for specific hand combinations. 

A bonus that contributed to its modern name, "blackjack," was a 10-to-1 payout for a hand containing the ace of spades and a black jack (either the jack of clubs or the jack of spades).

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games for New Zealand punters. The game has been around for centuries but has evolved a lot over the past decade once it was introduced at the online casino.

If you’re a new punter, carefully read through this ultimate Online Blackjack overview. You’ll find rules, tips, odds, strategies and more.

How we rank

When it comes to ranking blackjack online casinos, there are several key factors that we consider to ensure that you have an enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience. In this section, we'll explore the factors to consider when ranking the best Blackjack Casinos in NZ and why they are important.

  • Game Variety: First up, we look at the number of blackjack variants available. Why? Because a diverse selection of blackjack games provides you with options to suit different preferences and skill levels.
  • Software Providers: These are the companies that develop and provide the gaming software used by the casino. Decent software providers ensure high-quality graphics and more to enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and ongoing promotions offered by the casino. Generous bonuses and promotions simply add value, in our view.
  • Licensing and Regulation: The casino's compliance with regulatory standards and possession of a valid gambling license.
  • Payment Methods: You need to have access to a variety of payment methods so that it makes it easy to deposit funds and withdraw winnings.
  • Customer Support: Reliable customer support ensures that you can receive assistance with any issues.
  • Fairness and Security: Fairness and security are fundamental for building trust. So that this ensures that the outcomes of blackjack games are random and that players' sensitive data is kept secure from unauthorised access.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The availability of a mobile-responsive website or dedicated mobile app for playing blackjack on smartphones and tablets. 

Casinos to avoid.

When it comes to online gambling, it's crucial for players to be aware of certain characteristics that may indicate a casino that should be avoided.  

Here are key characteristics of casinos to avoid and why they should be steered clear of:

  • Lack of Licensing and Regulation: Casinos lacking proper licensing and regulation may not stick to industry standards for fairness and security.
  • Poor Reputation and Reviews: A casino with a poor reputation indicates a history of unresolved complaints, delayed payments, or unfair treatment.
  • Unresponsive Customer Support: Average customer support indicates a lack of commitment to resolving player issues and will lead to frustration in the long run.
  • Unclear Terms and Conditions: Ambiguous or unfair terms and conditions can lead to misunderstandings and disputes between the casino and player.
  • Delayed or Denied Withdrawals: Delayed or denied withdrawals indicate financial instability or unethical practices by the casino.
  • Lack of Secure Payment Methods: Limited or insecure payment methods can compromise the security of your financial information.
  • No Responsible Gambling Measures: Casinos that neglect responsible gambling measures may contribute to problem gambling behaviour. 

Top Blackjack Casinos NZ

Looking for the best online casinos to enjoy thrilling rounds of blackjack? Look no further! We've compiled a top list of New Zealand casinos that are renowned for their blackjack casino games. 


Quickwin Casino offers lightning-fast gaming with a variety of blackjack variations for instant excitement. They have around 43 different games and this includes favourites such as American, 3D, Creed, VIP and more. 

Royal Panda

Royal Panda Casino treats players like royalty with its elegant design and diverse selection of blackjack games. There’s a wide range of live dealer blackjack games, such as Speed and Infinite variants. 

Wildz Casino

Wildz Casino takes players on a wild adventure with its vibrant atmosphere and thrilling blackjack variations. They have 140+ blackjack games at the moment and this includes some of the classics. 


Shotz Casino offers a dynamic gaming experience with an array of blackjack variations, including VIP and Speed Blackjack.  


Playfina Casino provides players with a thrilling gaming environment and offers blackjack variants such as Blackjack VIP, Classic Blackjack and European Blackjack. 

Viggo Slots

Viggo Slots Casino is a haven for blackjack enthusiasts, offering popular variations like Vegas Strip Blackjack and Pontoon. 

High Roller

High Roller Casino caters to high-stakes players with an impressive selection of blackjack games, including Free Bet Blackjack, Classic Blackjack and much more. 

Jackpot City

Jackpot City Casino is a renowned destination for blackjack fans, featuring a wide range of variants such as Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack and a lot more. 

Casino Days

Casino Days offers a diverse range of live blackjack games, including Infinite Blackjack and Blackjack 1. 


Playgrand Casino delivers an exceptional gaming experience with a variety of blackjack variations, including Classic Blackjack Gold Series, European Blackjack and Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. 

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas Casino is a top choice for blackjack lovers, boasting an extensive selection of games from the top providers such as NetEnt, Evolution, PlayTech and many more. 

Cobra Casino

Cobra Casino offers an exciting range of blackjack games, including Blackjack VIP variants, Speed Blackjack and more. 

Nitro Casino

Nitro Casino provides lightning-fast gaming action with blackjack variants like Classic Blackjack for an adrenaline-pumping experience. 


Casinoly Casino offers a decent gaming experience with blackjack variations such as American Blackjack, 3D Blackjack and more. 

Nine Casino

Nine Casino features an impressive lineup of blackjack games (over 300), including Infinite Blackjack, Nine Casino Blackjack, First Person Blackjack, ensuring endless entertainment and rewards. 


MyEmpire Casino offers a royal gaming experience with blackjack variants like 21 Burn Blackjack, 3d Blackjack, American Blackjack, promising luxury and excitement for players. 

Lucky Days Casino

Lucky Days Casino provides players with a rewarding gaming experience with blackjack variations such as Single Deck Blackjack and Classic Blackjack, so luck is on your side. They have approximately 50 blackjack games to choose from. 


Luckland Casino offers a wide range of blackjack games, including over 87 games at this time. Enjoy plenty of Multihand or Single versions of blackjack. 


Winawin Casino delivers an exciting gaming experience with blackjack variants like Blackjack VIP 28, Blackjack 7, Blackjack 21 - Azure 2 and more. 


Neon54 Casino offers a neon-lit gaming environment with blackjack variations such as Blackjack Classic, Blackjack Single Deck and Blackjack 21+3.

Online Blackjack Variations

Discover the excitement of blackjack with its various variations. Typically, each variant of blackjack adds its own unique take on the classic game. Alright, let’s explore the following popular blackjack variations and learn about their rules, gameplay and why they are beloved.

Blackjack Surrender

With Blackjack Surrender, you can surrender a hand and forfeit half of a bet if you feel they have a weak hand against the dealer's upcard. This option reduces losses and adds strategy to gameplay, making it popular among players who prefer a more conservative approach.

Blackjack Switch

In this version, you are dealt two hands and can choose to switch the 2nd card for each hand. This unique feature increases the chances of forming stronger hands and adds an exciting strategic element to gameplay. We believe this makes it a favourite among blackjack enthusiasts seeking a new challenge. 

Live Blackjack

This exciting variant lets you immerse yourself in the action of playing against a live dealer in real time through live streaming. With interactive features and social interaction, this variant offers an immersive and authentic casino experience. Therefore, we believe it appeals to players who appreciate the atmosphere of a traditional casino while playing from the convenience of their homes. 

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is played with two decks of cards and differs from the classic American Blackjack by not allowing the dealer to peek for blackjack. This minor change in rules decreases the house edge, making it a favored option for those who seek a lower house advantage and straightforward gameplay.

Progressive Blackjack

This online blackjack game offers an enticing side bet option where you can place a bet on the chance to win a progressive jackpot. This jackpot increases with each round and can result in substantial winnings. 


Pontoon is a British variant of blackjack where both of the dealer's cards are dealt face down. Additionally, a "Pontoon" (similar to a blackjack) pays higher than a standard blackjack. With unique rules and payout structures, Pontoon provides a refreshing twist on traditional blackjack and appeals to gamblers that are looking for something new and exciting. 

Software providers

Several renowned software providers are at the forefront of delivering top-quality blackjack games to online casinos worldwide.  

  • Playtech: Offers a diverse range of blackjack variations including Classic Blackjack, Blackjack Switch and Progressive Blackjack.
  • NetEnt: Known for its immersive Live Blackjack experience and NetEnt Casino games with high-quality streaming and interactive gameplay.
  • Microgaming: Provides popular variants like European Blackjack and Multi-Hand Blackjack, ensuring a wide selection for players.
  • Evolution Gaming: They are renowned for their outstanding Live Blackjack tables, offering an authentic casino experience with skilled dealers.

Desktop vs Mobile 

Firstly, desktop gaming typically offers a larger screen size, allowing for easier navigation and interaction with the game controls. On the other hand, mobile gaming provides a smaller screen size and touchscreen interface, which may require more precise tapping and swiping.

But mobile gaming offers the convenience of playing blackjack anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, directly from your smartphone or tablet. On the other hand, desktop gaming lacks the same level of portability.

However, desktop gaming often boasts higher-quality graphics and smoother performance compared to mobile gaming. Desktop computers typically have more powerful hardware capabilities, allowing for enhanced visuals and faster loading times. While mobile devices have improved significantly in terms of graphics and performance, they may still lag behind in certain aspects.

Both desktop and mobile gaming platforms offer Live Dealer Blackjack, allowing players to interact with real dealers in real time. However, the experience may differ slightly between devices due to screen size and interface differences. Desktop gaming may offer a better experience with its larger screen size, while mobile gaming provides the convenience of playing Live Dealer games on the go.

Overall, while desktop gaming offers its larger screen size and superior graphics, mobile gaming provides unmatched convenience and portability, allowing you to enjoy online blackjack anytime. So at the end of the day, it’s up to you when it comes to desktop vs mobile because both options have their pros and cons.

How to Play Online Blackjack

Playing online blackjack NZ follows similar rules to traditional blackjack in brick-and-mortar casinos.

To play online blackjack, follow these step-by-step guidelines:

  1. Place Your Bet: Start by placing your bet in the designated betting area.
  2. Receive Cards: You will receive two face-up cards, while the dealer gets one face-up and one face-down card.
  3. Decide Your Move: Based on your hand and the dealer's upcard, decide whether to hit (receive another card) or stand (keep your current hand).
  4. Advanced Options: Depending on the game rules and your hand, you may have additional options like doubling down, splitting pairs, taking insurance, or surrendering.
  5. Comparing Hands: After all players have finished their turns, the dealer reveals their face-down card and plays their hand based on predetermined rules.
  6. Determine Winner: Compare your hand to the dealer's. If your hand is closer to 21 without exceeding it or if the dealer busts, you win.
  7. Collect Winnings or Start a New Round: If you win, collect your winnings. If you lose, the dealer collects your bet. You can then choose to place another bet and start a new round. 


1. Order of Play: Start by placing your bet. You'll then receive two face-up cards, while the dealer has one face-up and one face-down card.

2. Card Values: Aim to get closer to 21 points without exceeding. Every card is worth its face value, except for Aces (worth 1 or 11) and picture cards (worth 10 points).

3. Hit or Stand: Decide whether to receive additional cards (hit) or keep your current hand (stand).

4. Advanced Options:

  • Double Down: Double your bet when you have 9-11 points, receiving only one more card.
  • Split: Divide pairs into two separate hands, placing an additional bet on the second hand.
  • Insurance: Purchase insurance when the dealer has an Ace showing, paying out if the dealer has blackjack.
  • Surrender: Available in some variants, surrender your hand to receive half your bet back.
  • Side Bets: Some games offer side bets like Player or Dealer Pairs and 21+3.
  • Multi-Hand: Play up to 5 hands simultaneously in some blackjack tables.

Terminology & Abbreviations.

Understanding the terminology and abbreviations used in blackjack is essential for you to grasp the game's rules and strategies fully. Here are some common terms and abbreviations explained: 

  • Bust: When a player's hand exceeds a total of 21, it's called a bust. A player who busts automatically loses the round.
  • Hit: To ask the dealer for an additional card in hopes of improving the hand total. Players can keep hitting until they're content with their hand or bust.
  • Insurance: A voluntary side bet available when the dealer's face-up card is an Ace. Players can bet half of their original wager, anticipating the dealer having a natural blackjack. If the dealer does have blackjack, the insurance bet pays out at 2:1.
  • Push: Also known as a tie or stand-off, a push occurs when the player and dealer have the same hand total. In this case, no money is won or lost and the player's bet is returned.
  • Surrender: Surrendering is an option that allows players to forfeit their hand and recover half of their original bet. It's typically offered as an option early in the game before any additional cards are drawn.

Abbreviations commonly found in blackjack table rules include:

  • H: Hit
  • S: Stand
  • D: Double Down
  • P: Split
  • DH: Double After Split
  • RSA: Resplit Aces
  • LS: Late Surrender
  • DA: Double Attack
  • DAS: Double After Split
  • DOA: Double On Any Card
  • NC: No Checking
  • NP: No Peek


In blackjack online, the number of decks used typically ranges from one to eight. This affects the game's dynamics, including the house edge and the effectiveness of card counting strategies. However, with continuous shuffling machines used in online games, the timing of shuffling after a certain number of hands is not a factor to consider. 

Cards value

In blackjack, the cards are valued as follows: 

  • Number cards (2-10) have a value equal to their face value.
  • Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are each worth 10 points.
  • Aces can be valued at either 1 or 11 points, depending on which value benefits the player's hand the most.

The goal is to achieve a hand total as close to 21 as possible without going over. When an Ace is counted as 11 points, the hand is called "soft," while if it's counted as 1 point, the hand is considered "hard."

How to Play Online Blackjack for Real Money and for Free

If you're not quite ready to dive into playing blackjack with real money, many online casinos offer the option to play for fun or for free. This provides an opportunity to practice and become familiar with the game's rules and strategies without risking any money.

When you choose to play for fun or for free, you'll typically have access to the same blackjack games as those played with real money. The only difference is that you'll be using virtual chips or credits provided by the casino, rather than using your own funds.

In our view, playing for fun is a great way to hone your skills, try out different blackjack variants and experiment with different betting strategies. We think it's an ideal option for beginners or for seasoned players who want to brush up on their skills before hitting the online blackjack real money tables.

Once you feel confident and comfortable with your blackjack skills, you can easily switch to playing with real money whenever you're ready. Just remember to gamble responsibly and set limits on your gameplay, whether you're playing for fun or for real money.

Play for free 

The most effective way to master blackjack is through practice and playing for free offers an ideal environment to hone your skills. Whether you prefer playing for fun, trying out demo versions, or simply playing for free, online casinos provide various options to cater to your preferences. 

By playing blackjack for free, you have the chance to practice and learn the game without any financial commitment. This allows you to grasp the rules, experiment with different strategies and become more confident in your gameplay—all without risking any money.

However, it's important to note that winnings earned during free play cannot be withdrawn as real money. While playing for free provides valuable practice, the rewards are limited to the experience gained from the game itself.

So, if you're not ready to play with real money, take advantage of the opportunity to play for free. It's a risk-free way to enhance your blackjack skills and prepare yourself for the excitement of playing with real stakes.

Play for real money 

Blackjack play for real money adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the game in our experience. With the possibility of winning real money rewards, the stakes are higher, making each hand more exhilarating. 

To play online blackjack real money at an online casino, you typically need to create an account. This usually requires you to enter or input some personal information, such as your first / last name, email address and preferred payment method. Once your account is created, it’s time to make a deposit using your chosen payment method to fund your account.

Once your account is funded, you're ready to hit the blackjack tables and start playing for real money. Simply choose your preferred blackjack variant, place your bets and let the cards do the talking. The excitement of watching your bets pay off and potentially winning real money rewards adds an extra level of excitement to every hand.

Playing blackjack for real money also opens up the possibility of taking advantage of various bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. These bonuses can increase your bankroll and provide you with more chances to win big.

Online Blackjack Strategies for Success

Let’s chat about some of the best online blackjack strategies.

  1. Basic Strategy: It's a set of rules that helps players make optimal decisions based on their hand and the dealer's upcard. It involves actions like hitting, standing, doubling down and splitting. Basic strategy is based on mathematical probabilities and aims to minimise the house edge. While it doesn't guarantee winning every hand, it significantly improves the chances of success.
  2. Card Counting: Card counting is a strategy used to track the ratio of high to low cards remaining in the deck. This information helps players make more informed decisions on their bets and playing strategy. While effective card counting can give players an edge over the house, it requires a high level of skill, concentration and practice. Online casinos often use multiple decks and shuffling algorithms, making card counting less effective in virtual blackjack games.
  3. Progressive Betting Systems: These systems involve altering the size of your bets depending on past outcomes. Examples include the Martingale system (doubling your bet after each loss) and the Paroli system (increasing your bet after each win). While these systems can result in short-term wins, they carry a high risk of significant losses during losing streaks. Additionally, most betting systems do not alter the house edge in blackjack, making them ineffective in the long run.
  4. Flat Betting: Flat betting involves betting the same amount on every hand, regardless of previous outcomes. This conservative approach helps mitigate losses during losing streaks but also limits potential winnings. In our view, flat betting is suitable for players who prefer a steady and less volatile approach to blackjack. 

While basic strategy is a proven method to improve your odds in blackjack, other strategies like card counting and progressive betting systems are more controversial. Card counting requires significant skill and practice and it may not be effective in online blackjack NZ games due to multiple decks and shuffling algorithms. Progressive betting systems can lead to significant losses during losing streaks and do not alter the house edge. So ultimately, we recommend sticking to basic strategy and responsible flat betting for a more enjoyable and sustainable blackjack experience.


In blackjack, treat every undealt card as a 10-point card due to their frequency in the deck, helping in decision-making. For example, if you have 12 points and the dealer shows 6, stand as they may bust if they draw a 10. 

Consider basic strategies like splitting pairs wisely based on your hand and the dealer's upcard. For instance, always split 8s and Aces, but never split 5s or 10s.

When doubling down, double your bet for a chance to improve your hand. However, assess the dealer's upcard first to avoid doubling down in unfavourable situations.

Take advantage of the surrender option if available, especially when the odds aren't in your favour, to recoup half your bet. These strategies aren't foolproof but can guide your decisions in blackjack for better long-term outcomes. 

Card counting.

Card counting is a blackjack strategy employed to monitor the ratio of high to low cards still in the deck. It involves assigning a point value to each card and keeping a running count as cards are dealt. The purpose of card counting is to gain an advantage over the casino by determining when the remaining cards in the shoe favour the player. 

While card counting can theoretically give players an edge in traditional blackjack played in brick-and-mortar casinos, its effectiveness in blackjack is limited. Online casinos typically use multiple decks and automatic shuffling machines. So this makes it difficult to track card values accurately.

Also, online casinos employ sophisticated algorithms and security measures to detect and prevent card counting. If you’re caught card counting in blackjack, you may face penalties such as suspending your account or even banning you for life.

In many jurisdictions, card counting is not illegal, but casinos have the right to refuse service to players suspected of card counting. While card counting may work in traditional blackjack under certain conditions, its viability and legality in blackjack remain controversial and highly debated.

Tips for Playing Blackjack. 

  1. Learn Basic Strategy: Familiarise yourself with the basics of blackjack strategy, which outlines the optimal decisions for every possible hand combination. Following a basic strategy significantly improves your chances of winning in the long run.
  2. Manage Your Bankroll: Establish a budget for your blackjack session and adhere to it. Refrain from chasing losses or wagering beyond your means. Effective bankroll management extends your playing time and minimises the potential for substantial losses.
  3. Know When to Hit or Stand: Understand when to hit (request another card) or stand (keep your current hand). Generally, you should hit until you have a hand value of 17 or higher and stand if you have 17 or higher, or if the dealer's upcard is weak.
  4. Avoid Insurance Bets: While insurance bets may appear attractive when the dealer shows an Ace, they often don't provide good value in the long term. It's generally wiser to decline insurance and concentrate on your main hand.
  5. Practice Patience: Blackjack is a game of skill and strategy, so don't rush your decisions. Take your time to analyze your hand and the dealer's upcard before making your move.

How to Choose an Online Blackjack Casino

With a plethora of online casinos offering blackjack games, choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task. But let our expert team do the hard work! Here’s a quick look at how we choose an online blackjack casino.

  • Game Variety: We suggest that you look for an online casino that offers a diverse selection of blackjack variants. Whether you prefer classic blackjack, live dealer games NZ, or unique variations, a wide range of options enhances your gaming experience over time.
  • Software Providers: Also, consider the software providers powering the blackjack games at the casino. Opt for casinos that partner with renowned software developers that are known for their high-quality games, immersive graphics and smooth gameplay. Most sites will display logos of the popular providers at the bottom of their website or on the homepage.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: We recommend that you look out for rewarding bonuses and promotions provided by the online casino, including but not limited to welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and loyalty rewards. These incentives can enhance your bankroll and add extra value to your blackjack gaming experience.
  • Payment Methods: Make sure that the online casino offers secure and convenient payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Always look out for casinos that provide a range of banking options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrency.
  • Customer Support: Choose an online casino with reliable customer support available via multiple channels, such as live chat, email and phone. You can usually see if the site has a live chat feature even if you’re not logged in yet.
  • Mobile Compatibility: If you enjoy playing on mobile devices, make sure the online casino provides a mobile-friendly platform or a dedicated mobile app for playing blackjack while on the move.


To win in Online Blackjack, you must beat the dealer. This means that you need to be closer to 21 points, but without going over. If the dealer goes over 21, it doesn’t matter how many points you have, if it’s less than 21. In other words, if you have 4 points and the dealer has 22, you’re still the winner.

Card counting is illegal in most brick-and-mortar casinos, but even the most skilled card counter can’t count cards at an online casino. The reason is simple, the decks are shuffled after each hand, so there is no advantage to keeping track of which cards were used in previous hands.

When choosing an online blackjack casino, consider factors such as reputation, licensing, game variety, software providers, bonuses and promotions, payment methods, customer support and mobile compatibility.

The reputation and licensing of an online casino are crucial factors to consider. A reputable casino with proper licensing ensures fair gameplay, security of personal and financial information and adherence to strict gaming regulations.

Always search for an online casino that provides a wide range of blackjack variants, including classic blackjack, live dealer games and distinctive variations.

Software providers are responsible for developing and powering the blackjack games offered by online casinos. Choosing a casino that partners with renowned software developers ensures high-quality games, smooth gameplay and immersive graphics.

Welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and loyalty rewards are among the bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos, giving you with added value. These bonuses boost your bankroll and increase your chances of winning while playing blackjack.

Mobile compatibility allows you to play blackjack on your smartphone or tablet, providing flexibility and convenience. Choosing a casino with a mobile-friendly platform or dedicated mobile app ensures you can enjoy blackjack on the go.