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Jackpot City Casino Review New Zealand

  • Game Variety
  • Bonus & Promotions
  • Payment Methods
  • Mobile App
  • Customer Support
  • Safety & Security
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  • Mobile App for Popular Devices
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Impressive Range of Casino Games
  • Secure Banking Options
  • Small Minimum Deposits
  • Huge Welcome Bonus
  • Massive Range of Games
  • Lots of Payment Methods
  • Wagering Requirements are High
  • Website Text is hard to read
  • No Phone Number
  • High Withdrawal Minimum Amount
By:Matt Abrahams

Alright, let's unpack the awesomeness that is JackpotCity Casino, the real crowd-pleaser in the New Zealand gaming scene, mate! This online casino kicked off its journey back in '98, and as this JackpotCity Casino review will show, it's been riding the wave of success for a solid 25 years. As of now, they've got almost 4 million players using their platform!

Now, picture this: a treasure trove of over 500 games, ranging from classic pokies to heart-pounding best live casino action. Jackpot City Casino is the real deal, holding a license from the Malta Gaming Authority to ensure everything's fair and square. No dodgy business here – it's all on the level, mate!

But hold onto your hat, because here comes the kicker. Their welcome offer is a jaw-dropping $1,600! Yep, you heard it right. That's one of the fattest bonuses you'll come across in the whole of NZ. They're basically rolling out the red carpet for new players, inviting them to dive headfirst into the thrill of the game.

So, what's the deal with Jackpot City? It's not just about the numbers – it's the vibe, the excitement, and the promise of hitting the jackpot that keeps players coming back for more. Whether you're into spinning those pokies or going all-in at the live tables, Jackpot City has something for everyone. It's not just a casino; it's a gaming experience that's as Kiwi as a pavlova on a summer day. Cheers to the good times!

JackpotCity Casino Overview

The site greets you with a slick and lively design, rocking an interface that's easy on the eyes and a breeze to get around. It's the virtual fun zone you've been waiting for.

So, the homepage at JackpotCity Casino is designed with a nice vibrant purple and orange colour scheme. I do think they could improve the readability of text in the purple backgrounds though.

The theme is dynamic and lively, matching up with the excitement and variety that I think JackpotCity Casino brings to the table. Navigating around is a piece of cake, with menus and layouts designed for pure user-friendliness. Finding the games? Easy as, mate!

While having a look around the site, I believe the game library steals the spotlight, we're talking classic pokies, online blackjack, poker and a whole heap more. I can even play live online casino games and pretend I’m in Las Vegas.

Jumping on board or logging in was a piece of cake. I can snap up bonuses, chuck in some cash and get into all the cool features in a flash. The website's not just easy on the eyes – I think it's smart and gives both newbies and old hands a real deep dive into the gaming world. Good times all around, I reckon!

Casino Game Types

Online gaming is a wild playground with a game for every player out there. It's like a digital smorgasbord offering an array of game types to suit every taste. Online game types are diverse, ensuring there's something for every player, whether you're into strategy, luck, or just some quick and entertaining fun. The digital gaming world is ever-evolving, offering new experiences and adventures for players worldwide. 

Alright, check out these games that you’ll usually find at an online casino nz.

  • Baccarat: Bet on "player" or "banker" getting closer to nine. Easygoing game with simple rules – even if you're new, you can jump right in.
  • Blackjack: The card game where you wanna get close to 21 without going over. Hit, stand, or maybe double down – it's a bit of smarts, a bit of strategy and a dash of luck.
  • Craps: Picture a couple of dice and people cheering or groaning. Guess what those dice are gonna roll. It's not just luck; there are loads of ways to bet on the outcome.
  • Poker: Texas Hold'em, Omaha – pick your poison. Best hand wins and maybe you'll trick your mates into folding to snatch up those chips or cash.
  • Pokies: Pull the lever or hit that button and cross your fingers. It's all about those reels lining up just right. Themes and cool features make it a feast for your eyes.
  • Roulette: Imagine a wheel, a ball and a bit of luck thrown in. Bet on where that ball's gonna land when the wheel takes a breather. Numbers, colours, or ranges – it's a gamble mixed with a bit of strategy when it comes to online roulette.
  • Video Poker: Mashup of slots and poker – you against the machine. Aim for the best poker hand, deciding which cards to keep and which to toss. It's a solo poker showdown, mate!

So, whether you're into pulling levers, rolling dice or playing mind games with cards, there's a game for every mood. 

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Alright, let me break it down for you – online casino bonus and promotions are like the VIP pass to the world of online gambling. It's the virtual red carpet that casinos roll out to welcome players with open arms and a pocketful of goodies. These bonuses are like little gifts – extra cash, free spins, or other perks – that casinos hand out to spice up your gaming experience. 

Whether you're a newcomer checking out a casino for the first time or a seasoned player, these bonuses are the casinos' way of saying, "Hey, we appreciate you, and we want you to have a blast playing with us." So, buckle up, because these bonuses are the extra fuel that adds a bit more thrill to your casino ride.

JackpotCity Casino Bonuses

Check this out about the casino com bonus – it's a whopping $1,600 spread over your first few deposits. They split it into four, giving you a 100% match bonus up to $400 each time. Nice one, aye?

Welcome bonus: Up to $1600

In simple terms, this is how it works:

  • 1st Deposit - 100% up to $400.
  • 2nd Deposit - 100% up to $400.
  • 3rd Deposit - 100% up to $400.
  • 4th Deposit - 100% up to $400.

Some other places drop the bonus after the first one, but not Jackpot City. What's even better is that they keep the match bonus at 100% for all four deposits. I jumped on it and chucked in four deposits during my test run. Just a heads up, though – you gotta drop at least $10 to claim the bonus and you've got a seven-day deadline from signing up to grab it.

Now, here's the downside - to cash out that bonus, you've gotta roll it over 70 times. It's a bit on the high side compared to some of the best casino apps. But here's the silver lining – it only applies to the bonus cash, not your deposit.

I also found this loyalty program where you get points for every bet you make. Stack up those points and you can swap 'em for bonus cash later. The loyalty program's got six levels, and the higher you climb, the more bonus-worthy points you snag. Sweet as!

Banking Options

Picking the right online casino is like choosing your favourite Super Rugby team in New Zealand. When it comes to banking options, it can be a game-changer in my experience. You want to deposit or cash out your winnings hassle-free, right? A variety of banking options ensures you can pick the one that suits you. Now, let’s look at what this site has to offer.


  • Visa/Mastercard - Minimum $5
  • EcoPayz - Minimum $5
  • MuchBetter - Minimum $5
  • Skrill - Minimum $5
  • Neteller - Minimum $5
  • Apple Pay - Minimum $5
  • Neosurf - Minimum $5
  • Paysafecard - Minimum $10

Overall, there’s a nice range of variety to add some money into my account. I also like the low minimum deposit amount as it only costs under $11 to get started. Usually, I stick with the old school Visa/Mastercard method as I find it’s the easiest way to instantly put some cash in. But if you’re a bit more adventurous, I think there’s something for everybody at this site when it comes to online casino real money.


  • Visa: Minimum $50 (1-3 business days)
  • Neteller - Minimum $50 (24 - 48 hours)
  • Muchbetter - Minimum $50 (24 - 48 hours)
  • ecoPayz - Minimum $50 (24 - 48 hours)

I was stoked about how easy and safe it was chucking money in and out of my account with these payment options. No dramas whatsoever. They didn't even slap me with any sneaky fees. I used a bunch of ways to throw in cash and couldn’t see any issues - all quick and locked down tight. 

Game Software Providers

Going with reputable developers is crucial because it ensures you're getting top-notch games – fair, exciting and glitch-free. It's like having the A-team of game creators, promising a gaming experience that's not only fun but also trustworthy. When the big names are behind the scenes, you can bet on a gaming menu that's not just tasty but also reliable.

At JackpotCity, the random number generation games are made by the legends at Microgaming. These guys have been running the casino software game since way back in '94.

Now, when it comes to Live Dealer action, they're using Evolution Gaming. These guys are known for their top-notch special features, stunning hosts and live streaming. 

  • Evolution Gaming: Evolution Gaming's the boss when it comes to live dealer games, giving you a real-deal vibe that's like you're right there in the casino action.
  • Microgaming: I consider them to be the old hand in the gaming world. They've been dishing out online pokies, table games, and those sweet progressive jackpots for ages. These guys know their stuff, bringing the fun to the online gaming scene.

JackpotCity Casino Security and Licensing

What makes an online casino safe is like having a trustworthy bouncer at the door. First off, look for the padlock in the website's address bar – that's your VIP ticket to a secure connection. Then, check if the casino has a license from a respected authority; it's like the venue having the official stamp of approval. That’s why our online casino reviews only look at sites that value security and licensing.

A secure online casino also uses encryption tech, so your personal and financial info stays locked down. Plus, reputable casinos are transparent about their practices, ensuring fair play. Think of it as choosing a casino that's not just about the games but also has your back in the virtual casino alley. Safety first, fun second – that's the winning combo.

JackpotCity Casino is currently licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. The Malta Gaming Authority has gained recognition as a reputable regulatory body in the online gaming industry, and many online casinos and gaming operators seek its license to demonstrate their commitment to high standards of operation. I often look for the MGA logo when choosing online gaming platforms, as it signifies a level of trust.

JackpotCity Casino Mobile Site & App

Having a mobile-responsive site for an online casino is like ensuring everyone gets a seat at the gaming table. In today's on-the-go world, players want the freedom to enjoy their favourite casino games anytime, anywhere. A mobile-responsive site adapts to different devices, like smartphones and tablets, providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. It's not just about convenience; it's a must-have to stay competitive. 

A mobile-friendly site caters to the preferences of modern players, offering flexibility and accessibility that enhances the overall satisfaction of the gaming community. In essence, it's about bringing the casino to the palm of your hand, giving players the freedom to play whenever the mood strikes.

Check this out, mate! Jackpot City Casino's got this wicked mobile gaming setup that's all about making life easy. I grabbed their mobile apps, chucked 'em on my phone, and boom – I was in the game.

No drama here – all the games are smooth as, no lagging or weird glitches. The app works like a charm on both Android and iOS, so no one's left out.

Everything you can do on the website, you can do on the app. Sign up, use those bonuses, add some cash and play your fave games – it's all there. No need to be stuck in one spot; you can do it all on the go. Jackpot City's not messing around – they've brought the whole casino experience right to your pocket. Sweet as!

JackpotCity Casino Registration

Registering at an online casino is your ticket to the digital gaming universe. It's quick, it's easy and it's the first step to a whole world of gaming fun.

Here's the lowdown on how to get it sorted:

  • Visit the Site: Jump on the JackpotCity Casino website. Look for the "Sign Up" button – it's usually in the top right corner.
  • Fill in the Deets: They'll ask for the usual stuff – name, email, date of birth and all that jazz.
  • Create a Login: Make yourself a cool username and a strong password. You know the drill – something you can remember but others can't guess.
  • Address Time: Throw in your address, they need to know you’re legit.
  • Choose the Cash Currency: Pick your currency for the cash dealings. Dollars, euros, pounds – take your pick.
  • Confirm and Age-Check: Agree to the terms and conditions – the usual legal dance. Also, they'll check if you're old enough to party at their casino.
  • Verification Dance: Sometimes they might want to double-check your info. If they ask for documents, just toss 'em over – it's all part of the game.
  • Verify Your Email: Check your inbox. There should be an email from JackpotCity – click the link inside to confirm you're not a robot.
  • Boom, You're In: Once that's done, congrats! You're officially part of the JackpotCity crew. Time to dive into the games and see if luck's on your side.

Sweet as! Opening an account at JackpotCity Casino is a piece of cake.

JackpotCity Casino Customer Support

In my opinion, customer support is the unsung hero when you're scouting for a new online casino. Imagine you're in the middle of a game and something goes wonky. Customer support is your lifeline.

Out of all the New Zealand casinos I've checked out, Jackpot City Casino takes the cake for its top-notch 24/7 customer service. They've got the live chat feature that works on your phone or computer. I gave it a whirl and was impressive with the response.

They're all about making life easy for everyone. You can chat in different languages and there's always the good old email option if that's your jam. Plus, they've got this 'Support' section with all the details you need – guides, posts, you name it. It's like having a friendly guide through the casino jungle. 

So, when you're sizing up a new casino, don't overlook the customer support crew. They're the ones who turn a 'meh' experience into a 'heck yeah!' 

JackpotCity Casino Conclusion

In summary for this JackpotCity review, they've got bonuses, rewards and a truckload of games – pokies, jackpots, live games and all those table shenanigans. Plus, you can give any game a spin in demo mode before you dive into the real deal.

No matter if you're on your computer or using the app on your phone, Jackpot City's got you covered. And for all our Kiwi mates, they've lined up some secure and easy banking options. Licensed, trustworthy, and all about fair play. It's the real deal. 

Overall, I’m happy to recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a new online casino in New Zealand. Give Jackpot City Casino a squiz and see if it floats your boat as much as it did for me. Cheers to the good times ahead!

Matt is a passionate casino games player who loves to share his knowledge with other gamers. He enjoys the challenge of mastering the intricacies of the games and is dedicated to providing helpful tips and strategies. An avid writer since 2016, Matt's interests include sports, gaming, music, cooking and exercise. He also plays tennis and cricket in his leisure time.

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