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Play Live Blackjack Online at Casino.com NZ

Casino.com New Zealand's live casino blackjack is the modern version of the classic blackjack enjoyed throughout casino history. It's a cinch to learn and a blast to play whenever you'd like.

Here are some great reasons why you should play live blackjack:

  1. The game is simple – The rules are easy to learn, and once you download our simple online casino software, all you need to do is pick which of our amazing casino games online you'd like to play.
  2. You can make new friends – The majority of Casino.com New Zealand games are played against the computer; but with our live games, you play with opponents from around the globe and can befriend them too. Live blackjack, like our many live games such as live Casino Hold'em and live Baccarat, lets you meet and connect with real live people.
  3. You can make real money – All our live games involve real bets, meaning you can make a real killing!

Start Playing Live Blackjack Right Now!

What's the hold up? There’s an entire live community of blackjack enthusiasts waiting to meet you! Study the rules and download our advanced software and you'll be ready to join a live casino table!