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Live Casino Games are a relatively recent addition to the world of online casino games. An exciting choice that includes a real live dealer, streamed in real time to your computer, these games successfully combine the sociable atmosphere of a bricks and mortar casino with the convenience of an online casino - all in the comfort of your own home, at a time and place that suits you.



Our Live Casino games boast the highest quality video technology as well as professional dealers, dedicated to your needs. As you play, you can enjoy a range of special features including live dealer interaction, dealer-lead in-game statistics and winners’ leaderboards.

You can also take advantage of various bonuses, exclusively designed for our casino players. Returning players can enjoy a variety of reload and games bonuses, while new players can claim a special tiered Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins). To claim your Welcome Bonus, read and accept the terms and conditions when you make your initial deposit.

History of Live Casino Games

Gambling games have existed since ancient times, with archaeological findings from across the world providing evidence that this has always been an inherit part of our culture. However, the first casino to house casino games as we recognise them appeared in the 1600s in Venice with the opening of the Ridotto – a gambling house created to oversee all betting games during festival time.

Live Casino Games have since grown in popularity, with bricks and mortar casinos springing up across the globe and, with the invention of the Internet, becoming more accessible online. Modern technology has enabled more players to access fun, exciting and reliable casino games, all in the comfort of their own home. And since 2003, Playtech has enabled an innovative online casino experience with the addition of a live casino that provides a real dealer via video camera.

Today’s computers, Smartphones and tablets boast such impressive technological capabilities that Live Casino Games have become on of the most popular choices amongst online casino players. The rise in popularity is partly thanks to the state-of-the-art graphics and video streaming, as well as impeccable sound effects, stable connectivity and increasingly responsive functionality. Our Live Casino is also popular because our dealer’s are of the highest standard; friendly, knowledgeable and professional at all times.

Playing Live Casino Games

It’s easy to get started with our Live Casino Games. Begin by going to our website or the casino lobby, then click on the game you wish to play and select the Play for Real Money option. Live Dealer games are not available in Practice play, so you will need to use your Real Money casino account to enjoy what our Live Games have to offer.

If you want to register a Real Money account with us, our simple registration process takes only minutes to complete. Follow the steps above, and when you click on Play for Real Money you will get the option to open an account. Follow the instructions to complete the form, then make a deposit and play.

You can find our Live Games in the casino lobby – including Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Casino Hold ‘em and Live Baccarat. To join a table, simply click on the game of choice and take any free seat. The dealer will immediately include you in the next available betting round.

Strategy & Tips

Money Management: as a Real Money player, you should be minding your bankroll at all times. This means being aware of how much you have in your bankroll, how much you are betting per session, and whether your bet amounts are in line with your available funds. Set limits for when you play, and make sure you stick to those limits – your coin levels and individual bets should reflect your available funds. To make sure that we can meet our players’ needs, we provide a wide variety of games in Practice mode for free, as well as Real Money games with both low stakes and high stakes options - so you can enjoy the same quality casino games experience, no matter what size wager you like to play with.

Games Rules & Instructions: It’s important that when you select a game, you understand the rules, the betting structure and the software. Each of our games has a rules section that gives clear, step-by-step instructions on how to play. They also have a paytable which clearly displays the various winning combinations and how much each combination pays, as well as information on keyboard shortcuts and how our on-screen functionality works. Familiarise yourself with the Help section of your chosen game to improve your overall experience – knowing your game reduces the risk of making mistakes, so your playing time is more enjoyable.

Casino Bonuses & Promotions: Casino bonuses come in a variety of formats such as Welcome Bonuses for new players, Reload Bonuses for returning players, and Games Bonuses for all players. Each bonus is designed with the player in mind, and offers a specified amount of bonus money in return for fulfilling some set terms and conditions – make sure you read these fully before you commit yourself. Our bonuses are straight forward, offering clear instructions on how you can claim the funds on offer. They are designed to reward players with additional funds that can be used on any of our casino games.

Popular Live Casino Games

We offer a wide variety of Live Casino Games, each boasting state-of-the-art video streaming, a professional live dealer, stunning visuals and impressive additional features such as social interaction via live chat, leaderboards and increased game statistics and analysis.

If you are looking for some ideas on which game to play, here are some of our most popular options…

Live Roulette: This traditional casino game uses the European single zero (0) wheel. Action-packed, with a complex and varied betting structure, the live dealer presence offers increased statistics and analysis, making this one of the most exciting and interactive Live Games available. The payout table is an essential read, as this not only tells you the payouts, but also helps you decide on your betting strategy: the lower the payout, the more likely the result is to succeed – e.g. a colour bet or odds/even bet pays out at even money, while a single number pays out at 36-1. Decide on your playing style, then see if you can make it onto the leaderboard!

Live Blackjack: One of the best known and most loved card games that is a staple in any bricks and mortar or online casino, you can now enjoy a combination of the two with our Live Dealer games. Following standard Blackjack rules, you play against the dealer and try to make the best possible hand. When you play our Live Blackjack game, you enjoy the added benefit of interacting with the dealer and other players via chat, as well as in-game statistical analysis and leaderboards, designed to create a more sociable element and enhance your overall online casino experience.

Live Baccarat: A simple card game that allows you to bet on the house if you wish, we are delighted to offer Baccarat with a live dealer at the helm. Set your coin level, decide whether to bet on the player or the banker, and watch as the live dealer lays out the cards and announces the outcome via the very best in real time live stream technology. An easy to learn card game with an exciting sociable element, this is a good choice for players that want a traditional game that is fun to play but without complicated rules.

Live Casino Hold ’em: Another popular choice that benefits from the chat and analysis of a professional live dealer, Live Casino Hold ’em is a fast-paced card game that is based on standard Hold ’em card hierarchy but without the complex rules. Place your ante bet and your side bets, then watch the dealer reveal the board cards. Compare your hand with the board, and then decide whether you want to fold or bet. The dealer will announce the game’s outcome and any winnings due to you will be paid automatically to your bankroll – the perfect fusion of online efficiency and accessibility with the professional interaction of a live dealer.

Glossary and Terms

The following terms are designed to help you understand common online casino terminology so you can concentrate on your game, improving your overall gaming experience.

Bankroll: The funds that you use to play online casino games.

Bet: A wager; the amount of money you stake when you play.

Betting Limits: Games have set betting limits at both the higher and lower ends of the scale – makes sure you check these before joining a game so that you are playing at a level that suits your bankroll.

Bonus: Casinos offer bonuses in return for fulfilling a set of terms and conditions – a bonus is an amount of money awarded to your bankroll.

Cashier: Go to this area of the casino for all money matters such as deposits and withdrawals.

House Rules: This name is given to the set of rules accompanying any game, as determined by the casino.

Live streaming: This refers to the video technology that enables you to play casino games online with a live dealer via your computer.

Paytable: The chart that displays all of the possible winning combinations and the sum of money each combination pays.

Practice Play: A casino account that allows you to play with virtual chips and does not require a Real Money deposit.

Progressive Jackpot: The name given to an accumulative jackpot that is linked across several machines or tables. The jackpot increases in proportion with the number of times players pay into the required side bet - available only in Real Money play.

Real Money: An account for players who want to play cash games – this account requires a deposit.

Real Time: During Live Casino Games, you interact with the dealer at that exact moment; there are no recordings or delays.

Welcome Bonus: Specifically for new players, this is a sum of money awarded by the casino for fulfilling certain terms and conditions. Our current Welcome Bonus is 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) for each player.

Opening an Account and Playing for Real Money

All players wanting to enjoy our Live Casino Games need to have a Real Money account. Follow these three steps to open your account:

  1. Register Your Details: Click on Play for Real Money from our homepage or any casino game and then fill out the required information on our online form. The personal information requested is for security and identification purposes and your account will only be ready for activation once you have filled in all the necessary fields. To activate your account fully, you must read and accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Make a Deposit: You can add funds to your account using a wide range of secure deposit methods such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Neteller – the full list is visible in the Cashier. If you would also like to claim a bonus, such as our current Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins), you can also accept your bonus at this time.
  3. Play Casino Games: When your funds have cleared and show in your bankroll, you can go to the casino lobby and choose from our extensive range of Real Money games. To play, click on the game of choice and you’ll be taken straight to the games. Note: winning combinations and payouts are visible on the payout table and any winnings due are automatically added to your bankroll.
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