Live Roulette at NZ

Live Roulette games offer an immersive, communal experience that you can take with you anywhere you go - from the comfort of your home to your daily commute. New Zealand is home to a plethora of the best Live Dealer Roulette titles and it’s these titles that we’ll discuss in this overview:


  • Number of Live Dealer Roulette Games Available:  25+
  • Platform: Playtech.
  • Min-Max Bet Limits:  $0.10 to $15,000.
  • Watching Mode: Yes, you can spectate.


Roulette may seem like a simple and straightforward game, and in many ways it is. But there are many ways that it can be tweaked, changed, improved - many ways that one game can differ from the next. That’s why you will find a large selection of different Live Roulette games here at NZ.

To see and play these for yourself, take a look at our table below. These games span a vast stake range, beginning at just $0.10 and going as high as $15,000, and you can play all of them if you have a NZ account:

Live Casino Roulette GamesBet Limits (Min to Max)RTPDescription
American Roulette$1 to $5,00094.74%Classic American rules are used. It’s just like playing in Las Vegas.
Spread Bet Roulette$1 to $5,00093.6% to 96.5%There are 2 reels, allowing for “spread” betting.
Soiree Roulette Live$5 to $5,00097.3%This game uses higher stakes and a VIP room.
German Roulette Live$1 to $5,00097.3%A Roulette game made for German players.
French Roulette Live$1 to $5,00097.3% to 98.65%Classic French rules are used to ensure higher payouts and a better RTP.
Football Roulette Live$1 to $5,00097.3%A Roulette game that has been given a full soccer makeover.
Age of the Gods Roulette Live$1 to $5,00097.3%Play for the Age of the Gods progressive jackpot while you spin.
Prestige Roulette Live$1 to $5,00097.3%97.3%Several camera angles are used alongside a fast stream to make you feel like a true VIP.
UK Roulette Live$1 to $5,00097.3%A game made for the UK market, with British dealers.
Speed Roulette Live$0.50 to $5,00097.3%A fast Roulette variant with a short time limit between betting rounds.
Quantum Roulette Live$0.20 to $5,00097.3%Some Straight up positions are enhanced with a random Quantum Multiplier which replaces the regular payout of that Straight Up bet.
Slingshot Roulette$0.10 to $5,00097.3%Similar to Prime Slingshot, but with a minimum bet of just 50p, Slingshot is an unmanned Roulette wheel that allows you to watch as the action unfolds live. Live Roulette$0.20 to $10,00097.3%Exclusive to, this table uses standard European Roulette rules with a theme.


So, what makes Live Dealer Casino games so special, why have these games taken the iGaming sector by storm? Well, for one thing, they are more engaging than their virtual alternatives, providing an experience that is always entertaining, often exhilarating, and occasionally awe-inspiring.

It’s not just the next-best-thing to being in a real casino - it’s much more than that. Live Dealer Roulette is more convenient, more comprehensive, and more reliable, with everything that a real casino can provide and more.

Take a look at these pros and cons to see how Live Casino Roulette compares to virtual versions:


  • Real Dealers, Players, and Tables.
  • Unrivalled Immersion.
  • Multi-Cam Options.
  • The Best Streams from High-Tech Studios.
  • A Large Stake Range.


  • Games have Time Limits.
  • They Move More Slowly.


One of the beautiful things about Roulette is that it’s easy to learn. The basic rules are so simple that you don’t need any introduction. Just find your bet, drop chips onto it, and wait for the result. However, there are more betting possibilities hidden away than many casual players realize and there are also a few unique features and variants to watch out for.

  • Layout: The layout of a Roulette table is very simple. On one side you have a wheel; on the other is a board. The board is filled with number squares and the goal of the game is to stack chips on the square that you want to bet on.
  • Betting Options: Many bets in Roulette are straightforward. You simply need to place the chips in between the lines. This will tell the croupier which bet you have made and what payouts need to be returned. Some of the less common and most misunderstood bets include:
    • Bet on 2 Numbers: Stack chips on the vertical line that separates your chosen numbers.
    • Bet on 3 Numbers: Stack chips at the edge of the column that intersects three numbers.
    • Bet on 4 Numbers: Place your chips in the middle of four numbers, on the point that separates all four of them.
    • Bet on 6 Numbers: Similar to betting on three numbers, only you place it on the line that covers two columns.
  • Different Variants: There are several different variants of Roulette, each offering something a little different and each varying considerably in regard to their RTP, features, and layouts.
    • French Roulette: The original and, in the eyes of many, the best. There is only 1 green square, which greatly reduces the house edge and increases the payouts.
    • European Roulette: This style is essentially the same as French Roulette and the two have become interchangeable.
    • American Roulette: There are 2 green squares on this Roulette variant, which means the house edge is often twice that of French/European Roulette.
    • Multi-Wheel: These variants use more than one wheel, with the second wheel often providing additional features and options, including spread betting.
    • Progressive Jackpots: These Roulette variants have progressive jackpots that payout at random.


The RTP of Roulette typically begins at 94.7% and improves from there. The green squares make all the difference in determining the payout percentages - the more of these there are, the higher the house edge will be. This is why many players consider French Roulette to be superior to American Roulette.

To discover more about your chosen Roulette game, and to learn how you can uncover RTPs and information pertaining to features, see our Help section below.


There is no guaranteed way to win during a session at the Roulette table. This is not a game that you can predict, and unlike games like Poker, no amount of skill will get you over the line game after game. However, there are some strategies that do work. They may not guarantee success, but if you’re a casual player with little knowledge and no success, these strategies might improve your fortune.

We have discussed the three most popular Roulette strategies below. Just remember, regardless of the strategy you use or the style you adopt, it’s important to always gamble responsibly and to stay within your budget.

1   Martingale - The Martingale system is one of the oldest and most common Roulette strategies. It’s also believed to be one of the most effective, although we’ll leave that for you to decide. This strategy certainly has its merits, but it’s also very risky and requires some hefty betting, the likes of which could lead to problem gambling.

The idea behind this system is simple: Start with a reduced stake and double it every time you lose. This continues until you win, at which point you return to your original stake. Typically, the Martingale focuses on Outside Bets and the system might look like this:

  • $1 – Lose.
  • $2 – Lose.
  • $4 – Lose.
  • $8 – Lose.
  • $16 – Win.

At the end of the session, you have lost 4 spins and won just 1, but that 1 win was enough to generate a positive return.

2   Paroli - If you think the Martingale System is a little flawed due to the way it makes you chase losses, then the Paroli System may be more suitable. This system works in a similar way, only you double your stake following a win and not a loss.

There are several different variants of this system. Some recommend playing it exactly like the Martingale, returning to your original stake as soon as you lose and continuing to double your stake when you win. Others recommend a return to your original stake when you lose or when you win three times in a row.

3   D’Alembert - The D’Alembert system employs something also known as the Gambler’s Fallacy, which should tell you all that you need to know about its efficiency. This system is based on the mistaken belief that if Red wins 3 times in a row, then the odds of Black winning the next spin will be greatly improved.

The truth is that every spin is independent of the one that went before it. Just because the wheel has been landing on the number 10 all night, doesn’t mean that it will continue to do so, nor does it mean that it will start landing on other numbers to balance things out.

SOFTWARE NZ Live Casino games are provided by the Playtech Eurolive platform, one of the safest and most trusted platforms around. Eurolive streams the best Live Dealer Casino games from high-tech studios around the world. They feature state-of-the-art technology, a vast selection of games, and a devotion to innovation and development that ensures our list is always growing.

Some of the most notable features of Eurolive’s Roulette offerings include:

  • Spread Bet Live Roulette: A unique variant on this popular game that provides two wheels and many betting opportunities. Players are invited to literally “spread” their bets using the cloned wheel setup.
  • Age of Gods Live Roulette: The Age of Gods progressive jackpot system is one of the biggest and the most popular, and that system has now been given the Roulette treatment. You have a chance to win one of these big jackpots with every spin.


Live Casino Roulette is action-packed and thrilling from the first spin to the last. It offers a wealth of possibilities and one of the largest selections of bets you will find in any casino. If you feel that everything is a little overwhelming and that it’s getting too much, then consult one of the options below to get some help.

  • Help Menus: All Live Dealer games have a built-in help file. Click the “hamburger help” menu in the top corner of the screen to reveal information such as game rules, Paytables, side bet information, and more.
  • Customer Support: Our dedicated support team is on hand to provide assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact them via Live Chat, telephone, or email. They will respond quickly and ensure that you get the help you need.
  • Chat Boxes: Most Live Dealer Online casino games nz have a chat box that can be used to communicate with the dealer and with the other players. Whether you’re playing with them or against them, you can chat with them to exchange tips, ask for advice, or just have a friendly chat.


Before you try our Live Dealer Roulette games for yourself, take a look atour Bonuses and Promotions. We have a little something for everyone, including a large Welcome Package aimed at all new players based in New Zealand. This can give you the head-start you need to enjoy our selection of Live Dealer titles, after which you have our entire games room at your mercy.


Roulette isn’t the only classic casino game to have been given the Live Dealer treatment. This aspect of online gambling has been growing at a tremendous pace ever since it was first launched and there are now dozens of different games hosted in countless studios around the world.

You can find the very best of these games here at NZ, including classics like Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack and Live Hold’em, as well as lesser-known games such as 3-Card Brag.


Live Casino Roulette has brought this classic game into the 21st century, returning some of the luxury and style that made this game so popular in offline casinos. You simply can’t beat the feeling of playing at a real table, on a real wheel, and with real players. That’s what makes Live Casino Roulette games such fun and it’s why we have so many for you to choose from here at Best online casinos.

Try these games for yourself today, but before you sign up, be sure to check with our Promotions page first. We have a Welcome Bonus on offer for all new players who join, deposit and play for the first time. It’s a great way to get acquainted with our Live Dealer platform and the many games it contains.