Envoy Casino Payment Options in Casino.com NZ

Bank transfers…you can always rely on them. Although, nowadays with all the other speedy and efficient payment methods out there, bank transfers have been getting a bad rap. That’s no longer the case though, since Envoy launched in 2005. They are a bank transfer gateway, meaning they’ll make swift and secure payments from your bank account to this Envoy casino and vice versa. What is more exciting than seeing a payment credit in your bank statement from Envoy?

Envoy are a trusted service that processed over $3 billion worth of business last year alone.

Here’s how Envoy works.

  • First you need to register your payment method with Envoy. You can do that here.
  • Then select the bank transfer option in our payment portal.
  • Simply type in your banking details.
  • The payment is transferred across to us in a matter of days.

Once the money has been processed, you can start playing all your favorite online casino games and maybe even discover some new games to play.

When the times to make a withdrawal, if you deposited the money using Envoy, then you can withdraw it as well. The process is similar to deposit, except for the money travelling in the opposite direction.

The first time you make a withdrawal, you’ll need to provide several proofs of ID and of residence as an added layer of protection on our end.

Advantages for Using Envoy at Casino.com New Zealand

Over the years, Envoy has been able to combine the best features of multiple payment methods, which has turned it into one of the most desirable payment options at Casino.com NZ. Envoy works as the middle man between your bank account and online casino account.

This benefits you by reducing, and in some cases eliminating, those bank fees that you would incur when making an international transaction. This is made possible by the manner in which Envoy will make the international transfer. With a regular bank transfer money has to ping around several electronic check points and get authenticated each time. This can be a timely process, depending on the sum total of the money being transferred and the final destination of the funds. With Envoy, the whole process is done locally, the money will be transferred to their local electronic check point and they can send the money directly to the Casino.com offices without any hassles, fees and all done within a quick timeframe.

Is Envoy Safe and Secure

The safety and security that you encounter with Envoy is on the same level that you would expect from your local bank. The infrastructure was deigned to work with an SSL connection, that connects with their cloud based servers and hardware based servers. In addition to this, Envoy also protects their customer data with a Server Side Encryption and has DDoS protection to prevets denial of service attacks.

For more information and to visit the Envoy website Click Here!