Best Mega Moolah Slot & Casinos in New Zealand 2024

If you’re looking for a chance at a million-dollar progressive jackpot, then you’ve come to the right place. Mega Moolah is a record-setting progressive slot game with four jackpots that are continually growing.

The base game is an African Safari themed game with a free spin feature and wild that doubles the payout for all wins.

This is one of the most popular slot games for Kiwi’s and you can play it for real money at New Zealand. For all the details, including tips for hitting the jackpot, continue reading this overeview.


  • Game Type: Progressive Jackpot
  • Return to Player (RTP): 88.12% + 8.8% (Progressive Jackpot Contribution)
  • Volatility: Medium - High
  • Themes: Safari, Africa, Animals
  • Release Year: 2006


You can test out Mega Moolah in the practice mode above. You’ll be able to spin the reels and experience all the features for yourself. Of course, since you’ll be playing with virtual coins, you can’t win any real money and the progressive jackpot is not active.


When you’re ready to experience the real thrill of playing Mega Moolah, you will need to register an account and make a deposit. Once the funds have been processed you can start playing for real money. Who knows, you can be the next big Mega Moolah winner. For more information about accepted payment methods, scroll down to the “Banking” section.


The main game at Mega Moolah is good, but it’s the progressive jackpots that bring in the millions of players from New Zealand and around the world. There are four progressive jackpots, Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini and once you are randomly selected to go to the bonus round you’re guaranteed to win one of the jackpots.

If you get to the jackpot round, you’ll get a chance at spinning the bonus wheel. Each of the jackpots is represented on the wheel, and whichever jackpot comes up on the wheel is the one you’ll win. Of course, the odds of winning the Mini and Minor jackpots are greater than winning the Major and Mega jackpots.

The starting payouts for the four jackpots are as follows:

  • Mega Progressive Jackpot: Starts at $1,000,000
  • Major Progressive Jackpot: Starts at $10,000
  • Minor Progressive Jackpot: Starts at $100
  • Mini Progressive Jackpot: Starts at $10

A percentage of every bet is added to the jackpots, which is how they grow. After a lucky punter wins on the jackpots it will reset them to minimum prize listed above, and then immediately begin to start growing again.

What Does RTP Mean?

If you’ve played any slot games, odds are you’ve seen the term RTP or Return to Player. To put it, this is the average return that the machine pays out. It is calculated over the course of several million games, so don’t decide to continue playing or quit while you’re ahead, based on it. 

Mega Moolah has an overall RTP of 96.25% (88.12% for the base game + 8.8% for the progressive jackpot). What this means is that if you play 100 games at $1 per spin, barring any big wins, you could expect to walk away with $96.25. Of course, this isn’t exact or what would be the fun in playing. As we said, 100 games are very small sample size when it comes to RTP, so don’t make any big decisions based on it.


Slot games are very simple to play, and Mega Moolah is no exception. All you need to do is set your bet, spin the reels, and see what happens. If you want to maximize the number of games you can play, turn on the Quick Spin feature which will speed up the game.

How to Make a Bet

Mega Moolah has three different coin sizes to choose from:

  • $0.01
  • $0.02
  • $0.05

Next, you can select how many coins you wish to bet per line, between 1-10. The game has 25 fixed paylines, which means that any bet you make will be multiplied 25 times. However, all wins are calculated based on the line bet. For example, if you make the 0.01 bet, and use one coin, the total bet will be worth $0.25. If you get five elephant symbols in a row, which pays out 600x your line bet, you will win $6.00.

The overall minimum bet is $0.25, and the maximum bet is $6.25


Mega Moolah is an animal-themed game, and the high-value symbols on the reel reflect that. The elephant is the top paying symbol, and it is followed by an elk, giraffe, zebra and deer. Those symbols can payout as much as 250 – 600 times the line bet. The lower value symbols are “10 – A” playing cards and they have a maximum payout range of 40 – 150 times the line bet. You can see the payouts for every symbol in the paytable below.

  • Wild: The lion is the king of the jungle and the most valuable symbol in Mega Moolah. Not only will it substitute for any symbol on the board, it will also add a 2x multiplier to any win it’s a part of.
  • Scatter: The red-headed creature is a scatter symbol, and it’s the key to getting to the free spin feature.
Symbols2x on the Reels3x on the Reels4x on the Reels5x on the Reels
Wild Lion15x125x1,500x15,000x
Giraffe 30x125x500x
Zebra 20x100x400x
Deer 10x50x250x
A                             8x40x150x
K 6x30x100x
Q 4x20x75x
J 3x15x60x
10 2x10x40x
Scatter 15 Free Spins15 Free Spins15 Free Spins

Bonus Round: When there are three or more scatter symbols on the board, you will get to play 15 free spins. During this feature all wins are tripled, which can lead to some very nice payouts.

Of course, there is also the progressive jackpots which can be triggered at random. When this happens you will get to spin the bonus wheel and see which of the four jackpots you will win.


Winning the progressive will require a lot of luck and good fortune on your part, but there are a few things you can do to tilt the odds in your favour.

  1. Don’t make the minimum bet: While the jackpot is triggered at random, the bigger your bet is, the better your odds are of winning a jackpot.
  2. Play the “Hot Machine”: There’s a concept among slot players that the machines will go hot and cold. After looking back at the history of Mega Moolah Jackpot, it does appear that it can get hot and payout a few times during a relatively short time period before cooling off.
  3. Manage Your Budget: While it is true that a bigger bet improves your odds of winning the jackpot, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you just need to make the big bet. If you are playing with a budget, understand that if you make a medium-sized bet you will have twice the opportunities of winning than if you just make the maximum bet.


New players are eligible for a general Welcome Bonus with their first deposit. Once you’re a member at NZ, you can still claim promotional offers and bonuses from time to time. Some of the bonuses are game-specific, and you can often find a Mega Moolah bonus, while others are related to the date or time of year. Go to the promotions page for all the latest offers, and to read the terms and conditions for each bonus.


Once you register your account, you can visit the Cashier and make a deposit. NZ accepts a variety of payment methods from our Kiwi Players, including:

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Maestro
  4. Instant Payments
  5. Bank Transfer (Wire)
  6. Neteller
  7. PaySafeCard
  8. Skrill NZ uses a secure transfer protocol to ensure that your money will safely arrive in your account. Go to the payment method page for a complete list of accepted payment methods, and instructions for making a deposit.


Despite being an older game, Microgaming has done a great job making sure that this game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. There is no additional software to download, and you can access the game by logging on to your account and search for Mega Moolah.


Mega Moolah has a starting progressive jackpot of a million dollars. That is reason enough to take a chance and spin the reels. The fact that the base game has a free spin feature with a 3x multiplier is an added bonus.

Register your online casino account today and see why millions of punters have come to play Mega Moolah at