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Quantum Blackjack is one of the most innovative, and exciting variants of Blackjack on the market at the moment. The name derives from the quantum multipliers that can be applied to every hand that is played in the game. This can increase the value of wins of up to a maximum of 1,000x.

It’s a live dealer game from Playtech, and it’s obvious that a lot of effort has been put into this game. You will be able to navigate your way to the game in our Live Blackjack section. The multipliers can increase the size of every win, it makes it potentially more lucrative than standard Blackjack.

The game has a few differences when compared to standard Blackjack. Firstly, the multipliers aren’t in place in normal Blackjack. Secondly, there are side bets available which aren’t always offered in standard Blackjack. Finally, if the dealer busts on 3 cards, then all bets are pushed.


The quantum multiplier cards are without a doubt, one of the main unique features in Quantum Blackjack. It provides players with the opportunity to grab much bigger wins than standard Blackjack games, which is obviously an enticing feature. There are also side bets offered, but some Blackjack games have these available as well.

The host is a lot of fun in Quantum Blackjack. They provide a lot of energy, and they make things much more interesting than some of the dry Live Dealer hosts that are out there. Although this doesn’t change the way you should approach it, nevertheless, it is still a positive addition to the game.

The way the cards work, is also unique in Quantum Blackjack. Basically, when the cards are dealt out, they are dealt to just a single player. However, whenever an instruction is chosen by the players, the host will then carry the instructions out on that single card. So, for example, if half of the players choose to stand, then the round will be over for them. However, if the other half chooses to hit, then another card will be dealt, and the players can take a decision on what they wish to do next.

Finally, the game pushes all bets if the dealer busts on 3 cards. This is to offset the much higher payouts that are available due to the quantum multiplier cards.

  • Provider: Playtech
  • Game Type: Live Game Show / Card Game
  • RTP: 99.47%
  • Min Bet: $1
  • Max Bet: $2,000


Players can play Quantum Blackjack using the standard Blackjack rules in general. It does have some slight changes in place, but apart from the quantum multipliers, they are relatively minor. The game uses 8 decks to play each game, and just a single hand is played. An unlimited number of players can play each hand, with all decisions being made on the single hand.

This may seem complicated at first, but it essentially works using branches to make sure everyone makes the decision that they want. So, for example, if a pair of Kings are dealt out, and half of the players want to double and half want to split, both decisions will be made. First, the double is carried out, and then after that, the hand is split into two new hands for the rest of the players to play their game.



A double is an instruction that’s carried out when players are relatively certain that they will win. This will deal out one more card to the hand in return for doubling the value of the stake. No matter what the card that is dealt, no more can be dealt out. It increases the stake, which means it will also increase the payout.


Splitting is offered to players when a pair is dealt out. This requires another stake to be paid out and then the pair are split into two separate hands. This gives players the opportunity to make a better hand if a poor-quality pair has been dealt out.


This is a side bet that’s offered to players if the dealer is showing an Ace as their up card. It pays out 2/1 if the dealer then gets a Blackjack when they reveal their hole card.


Whenever the cards are dealt out, at least 1 and up to 3 multiplier cards will appear at the top of the screen. The cards will have a number in place that acts as the multiplier for them. Any cards in your hand that match with the multiplier cards will apply that multiplier to your winnings if your hand wins.

The multipliers only come into play for main bets. So, if you have had an insurance bet or any of the other side bets that are offered then it won’t be applied. Multiple multipliers are multiplied together, to offer even bigger wins. So, 3 lots of a 5x multipliers would award 5 x 5 x 5, which equals a 125x multiplier. 3 lots of a 10x multiplier will give a 1,000x multiplier for much bigger wins.

The multiplier also works with doubled or split hands, as long as there is a multiplier card in those hands.


Apart from the insurance bet, perfect pairs and 21+3 are the two side bets that are offered to players in Quantum Blackjack.


21+3 essentially works by creating a small Poker hand using the players cards and the dealer up card. This wager will then check those cards when they are dealt and then apply the relevant payout. If no hand is created, then no payout is awarded. Here’s the paytable for 21+3:

Suited three of a kind100/1
Straight Flush40/1
Three of a kind30/1

Perfect Pairs

Perfect pairs calculates winnings based on the two player cards. It’s called perfect pairs because it only comes into play if a pair is dealt out. If a pair is dealt, then any players that have placed the perfect pairs side bet will automatically get at least a 6/1 payout. A pair from the same suit is a perfect pair, and it will award the top payout.

Perfect Pair25/1
Same Colour Pair12/1
Mixed Pair6/1


Between 99.47% and 95.9%. This is all related to your tactics and any side bets that are placed.

The minimum bet is set at $1.

The maximum bet is set at $500.

The odds all depend on which bets you have placed. Side bets have different odds to the standard Blackjack payouts. It’s important to look over what’s offered before playing.

Certainly, there’s a fantastic mobile version of Quantum Blackjack available to players.


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