Play French Roulette Online at India

Want to try something new? How about our French Roulette game? It’s a fast learn, fun to play, and will entertain you for hours. Before you start your gaming session, you should read up on the guidelines of how to play. This way, you’ll be all set for a casino games online winning streak like never before!

Playing French Roulette

  • Start by familiarizing yourself with the setup. There is a wheel to the far corner of the screen and a table at the forefront. Both of these are important elements for the game. The table itself is actually where all the action takes place, but the wheel is where it all culminates, so you want to know about both of them.
  • The table is where you will place your bets. You’ll notice that there is a space for each number that is found on the wheel. That is because you can bet on any single number as the winning digit for a round. There are also other spaces on the table that you can bet on such as the first, second or third 12, odds and evens, 1-18, 19-36 and red or black. Each of these areas are groups of numbers that you can bet on. The logic is that if you bet on a larger group of numbers, chances are greater that the winning number will fall within that group. There is also a possibility to bet on specific columns by clicking on the 2 to 1 space at the base of any of the three columns on the table.
  • Notice how when you hover over an area on the table, the appropriate number(s) light up. This is done in order to help you keep track of what digits are available for each betting option. For example, hover over the Even space, and all of the even numbers on the board will light up. Now you know what you are betting on.
  • The way to play French Roulette properly is to play around with the betting options. You want to try out different possibilities in order to find the ones that work best for you, thus forming your own betting strategy that you can use throughout your gaming session. There are hundreds of different combinations, so don’t think you will be running out of choices too quickly!
  • Once you have settled on a bet, you can click the spin button. This is when the wheel finally comes into play. The wheel will start spinning, and when it stops, the white ball will land on a number. That number is the winning symbol, and, if you have put money down on it, will make you the winner!

Get Busy With French Roulette

French Roulette Online is a lot of fun to play, whether it is for real money or just for practice. So sign up to our online casino right now, and get started on your own winning streak today!