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Your goal when playing online Blackjack is to beat the dealer without going over 21. During the round, you can choose to ‘Hit’ and receive another card, or ‘Stand’, signalling the end of your turn.

To give yourself the best odds, why not brush up on your Blackjack knowledge and strategy? Or if you want to dive right in, create your real-money account and take on the dealer right now.

Order of Play

Before receiving any cards, you must first place your bet on the table and then tap ‘Deal’. There are different chip sizes available for you to choose from, and you can place chips on top of each other.

  • Each player receives one card face-up, and the dealer receives a face-up card which you can see.
  • All players now receive their 2nd card, and the dealer’s next card is face down, hidden from view.

A big part of your Blackjack strategy is guessing which card the dealer is hiding.

Starting from right to left, each player takes their turn playing the game, and only when they’re finished can the next person take their turn. Only at the very end will the dealer take his turn.

Card Values

Number cards are worth their face value. E.g. a 5 is worth 5, and a 9 is worth 9. The picture cards Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points each, and the Ace card can be worth 1 or 11.

Hit or Stand

When it’s your turn to act you can choose to ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’:

  • Hit - Each time you press ‘Hit’; you’ll receive another card. You can keep hitting until you go bust (your card total is over 21), which is an automatic loss.
  • Stand - To keep your current hand and end your turn, hit ‘Stand’. Only Stand when you’re 100% sure you’re ready to end your turn. This move can’t be undone.

Advanced Options:

Along with the options to ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’, you’ll see other options available depending on which variation of Blackjack you’re playing. Below are the most common options available.

  • Double Down: If you have a powerful hand, you can choose to double down. You’ll double your stake, receive one last card, and automatically stand afterwards. You should only choose this option if you’re confident your hand will beat the dealers, or the dealer will go bust.
  • Split: If your initial hand is a pair of cards, you spit them into two separate hands by placing another wager on the table. Each hand will then receive a 2nd card and you can continue to play as normal, starting with the right-most hand.
  • Insurance: When the dealer is showing an Ace card face-up, paying for Insurance protects you if the dealer has a Blackjack hand.
  • Surrender: Choosing to surrender returns half of your wager and ends your turn immediately.
  • Side Bets: Some Blackjack variants offer side bets, such as betting on the dealer having Blackjack, or creating Poker hands.
  • Multi-Hand: Multi-Hand Blackjack lets you sit at multiple spaces on the table. You can play up to 5 hands at once. But remember, this means you’re also betting 5x at once.

Each Blackjack game has an In-Game Help which contains important information about how to play the game, rules, side bets and more. You can also contact our Live Support team 24/7 for assistance.


There are differences between each Blackjack game which you should be aware of before beginning to play:

  • European: The dealer receives his second card ONLY after all players have finished their turn.
  • American: The dealer’s second card is dealt instantly. This is the most common style.
  • Spanish 21: If both you and the dealer have 21, you will win instead of a push (or tie), and this version of the game allows the dealer to stand on 17 if he has an Ace.
  • Switch: You’re dealt two hands and you can trade cards between them.
  • Pontoon: This version of Blackjack has more features, including double down after a split, and later surrender, but all Tens have been removed from the deck.
  • Double Attack: Adds the option to ‘Double Attack’ when the dealer receives his first card, which doubles your bet.


A standard game of Blackjack has four different payouts available, and many Blackjack variations have more side bets available with unique and interesting betting options.

Blackjack: The strongest hand is Blackjack, which comprises a face card and an Ace. It pays 3:2, meaning a $10 bet pays $15, plus your original wager.

Regular Hand: Beating the dealer with a regular hand pays 1:1. A $10 wager earns you $10, plus your original wager.

Tie: In Blackjack, a Tie is called a Push, and when it happens, the dealer returns your wager.

Insurance: Think of Insurance as betting on the dealer having a Blackjack. You’ll receive a payout of 2:1, or $20 for a $10 bet, plus your wager.

Winning HandPays$1 Bet Pays
Blackjack3:2$2.5 ($1+$1.5)
Regular Hand1:1$2 ($1+$1)
Insurance2:1$3 ($1+$2)


To help boost your Blackjack skill, use these basic strategies and tips, which when used can help reduce the house edge and increase your odds.


To optimize your chances with a pair of Aces always split them. And experts agree that you should always split a pair of eights, as 16 is a weak starting hand.

Your HandWhen to Split VS. the Dealer
2's, 3's4 through 7
4’s, 5’s, 10’sNever
6’s3 through 6
7’s2 through 7
9’s2 through 6 and 8 or 9

Double Down

Doubling your wager to receive one last card is a risky move unless you know the optimal strategy. Doubling down when your hand is a 9, 10, or 11 and the dealer’s face-up card is 9 or lower is the best strategy. And don’t forget that Aces count as 1 or 11.

Your HandDouble if Dealers face-up card is:
93 to 6
102 to 9
112 to 10
A and 25, 6
A and 35, 6
A and 4, 54, 5, 6
A and 63 to 6
A and 72 to 6
A and 86


You can only choose the surrender option at the start of your turn, but when used correctly it can help to reduce your losses. Remember that surrendering returns half your bet and not the entire amount.

  • The best strategy is to surrender if your starting hand is a 9+7 or, 10+6, and when the dealer’s face-up card is a 9,10 or Ace.
  • You can also surrender when the dealer’s face-up card is 10 and you have a hand totalling 15.


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Winning at Blackjack is more than just getting close to 21. You need to beat the dealer by having a higher card total which doesn’t exceed 21, or when the dealer busts during his turn.

The short answer is no. The digital cards are reshuffled after every round, which means it’s impossible to count cards to try and gain an advantage. IN offers a large variety of Live Dealer Blackjack games, using Playtech’s amazing Eurolive platform. In the Casino lobby or menu bar at the top of the page, click on Live Casino.

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There are two ways you can find help and support when playing at IN.

In-Game Help Menu: In the game window, click on the ‘Options Cog’ visible in the top left-hand corner and then select ‘Help’. Here you’ll find all the game’s rules as well as a complete paytable for all regular payouts and side bets.

Customer Support: You can contact our award-winning Customer Support Team 24/7 via Live Chat, telephone and email. Our professional staff are always more than happy to assist you.


Online Blackjack is the best casino game for amateurs and pro players. It’s easy to pick up and if you use our tips and strategies, you’ll become a master in no time. There’s only one place to go for the best online Blackjack experience, and that’s at IN. You’ll find the best range of Blackjack games and variations available anywhere on the market.

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