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According to most historians, Baccarat was invented by Felix Falguiere in Italy during the 1400s. The name Baccarat comes from the Italian word "Baccara" which means Zero. This is because in Baccarat, all picture cards are worth zero points. 

The game was originally considered to be just for the high-rollers and wasn't available everywhere. However, as online casinos grew in popularity, so did Baccarat. Casino players realized that the game has a simple premise and is very easy to play.

This how online Baccarat grew into one of the most popular real money card games in India. IN has several different Baccarat variants, including a Live Casino game, which means that you'll be playing with real cards, and watching the dealer through HD streaming cameras. IN is one of the most recognized names In the online casino industry and has won several awards over the past couple of years. IN is a top choice for Indian players thanks to the wide selection of payment methods and a deposit and withdrawal process that is streamlined and efficient.


The great thing about Live Baccarat is that you don't need to know the rules to play the game. As long as you understand the betting options, you can play and  possibly win real money. This is because once you make your bet, all moves are dictated by the cards. Unlike Blackjack, where you play against the house, in Live Baccarat you're betting on which hand will win.

The three main bets:

  • Player's Hand
  • Banker's Hand
  • Tie

There are also several side bets, which can increase the action.

  • Player Pair
  • Banker Pair
  • Big
  • Small

You'll have to place your bets before the dealer closes off betting and begins to deal the cards.


To win Baccarat, you have to place a bet on the hand with the closest to 9 points. The exception to this is if you bet on the Tie, in which case, if both hands have equal point total, you'll win.

Baccarat has a unique way of counting points.

  • 10, J, Q, and K are worth 0 points
  • A is worth 1 point
  • 2 – 9 are worth their value
  • Add up the cards in the hand; if they go over 9, the count starts back at 0. For example, if one hand has a 7 and 4 – the point total is 1. A pair of Kings is worth 0 points, an 8, 9 is worth 7 points.

At the start of each round, both hands receive two face-up cards. Whether either hand receives a third card depends on the points in each hand.

The rules for the third card are as follows: 

  • If either hand has 8 or 9 points, no one gets a third card. This is called a Natural.
  • If the Banker has 7, 8, or 9 points, it won't get a 3rd
  • If the Player has 6, 7, 8, or 9 points, it won't get a 3rd
  • The player hand receives a 3rd card if it has 0 – 5 points, only if the Banker doesn't have an 8/9.  
  • When the player hand has 6 or 7 points, and the Banker hand has up to 5, it will receive a 3rd card.

Banker's hands are also dictated by the player hand.

  • Banker will get a 3rd card if it has 3 points or less unless the Player hand has 8/9
  • When the Banker has 4 points, it only receives a 3rd card if the Player has 0, 1, 8, or 9 points. 
  • When the Banker has 5 points, it only receives a 3rd card if the Player has 4, 5, 6, or 7 points.
  • When the Banker has 6 points, it only receives a 3rd card if the Player has 6 or 7 points. 
  • The dealer will always stand if it has 7, 8, or 9 points, regardless of what the Player has.


With low house edges and close to 50% odds of winning when betting on the Player or Banker hands, there are several betting  strategies or systems that are often used in Live Baccarat,

  • The one-sided betting strategy: Pick one bet, either Player or Banker, and stick to it. Don't change your wager, and you'll be able to last for a while at the table without blowing through your chips. This is a low-risk/low reward strategy and is ideal if you want to play for a while but aren't looking for a big win.
  • Martingale: To employ this strategy, you will need to double your wager after each loss. The downside to this strategy is that if you go on an extended losing streak, the doubled stakes will quickly add up. However, all it takes is one win to recoup your losses.
  • Fibonacci: Add up your previous two wagers after any loss to use this system. For example, if you start with a £1 wager and lose, your next bet will also be £1 (0+1). Your next bet will be £2 (1+1), then £3 (2+1), £5 (3+2), £8(5+3), £13 (8+5), and so on.
  • Labouchere: To use this system, you will have to write down a sequence of numbers, and each number represents the chip sizes that you'll be betting. Then, add the first and last digit to come up with your bet. If you win, remove those numbers from your sequence and move on to the next two numbers. If you lose, the total bet is added to the end of the list. For example, take a sequence of 1,2,3,4,5,6. Your first bet is 1+6 for a £7 bet. If you win, the next bet will be 2+5 for another £7 bet. However, if you lose, your new sequence is 1 – 7. And your next bet will be £8. This continues until you finish off your sequence.
  • D'Alembert System: To use this strategy, you will have to increase your bet by one chip after each loss and decrease the bet by one chip after each win. It is very low-risk, but you shouldn't expect big wins.

Regardless of what Baccarat betting strategy you use, if any, it's always important to set a budget and stick to it.


The Live Dealer is more than just a clever marketing gimmick. The game is played with an eight-deck shoe instead of the virtual cards used in the online casino version of the game. Since cards are shuffled once they reach the marker in the shoe, players can have a sense as to which cards have already been played and what cards remain.

Another benefit that you get when playing Live Dealer Baccarat is that you can see how much money is being wagered on each betting position. You can either go with the majority or try and be different. While you're waiting for the game to begin, feel free to chat with the dealers. You can talk about anything on your mind, creating the most authentic casino experience, without having to get dressed up and go to the actual casino.


There are two types of Live Baccarat games available at IN; Commission and No Commission. In the Commission games, the house takes a 5% on all Banker bet wins. This is because the odds are slightly in the Player's favour. You can avoid this by playing at the No Commission table. However, if the Banker hand wins with a 6, it will only pay out half the bet.

Live Baccarat GameOverview
Grand BaccaratComplete with golden curtains, giving off a VIP room's feeling, Grand Baccarat is the most popular Live Baccarat table in India. The table is open 24/7 and has betting limits from £2 – 5,000.
Baccarat Live LobbyYou can find all the available Live Baccarat games in the Live Lobby, such as Grand Baccarat, Soho Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Tiger Baccarat, and more.  You can see how many players are sitting at each table, the minimum and maximum betting limits, and who the dealer is.


The best odds in Live Baccarat are on the Banker bet, with a low house edge of just 1.17%. The Player bet has slightly lower odds, with the house edge increasing to 1.36%, and the tie bet is the riskiest of all, with the house edge set at 14.4%.

The payouts for the main bets and most popular side bets are as follows

  • Banker: 1:1 (house takes a 5% commission unless you're playing a Non-Commission table)
  • Player: 1:1
  • Tie: 8:1. You can also bet on the tie number, which can pay out as much as 200:1.
  • Big: 0.54:1 – This is a bet that at least five cards will be dealt.
  • Smaller: 2:1 – To win this bet, only 4 cards can be dealt.
  • Player or Banker Pair: 11:1. You have to choose which hand will have the pair.
  • Perfect Pair: 25:1


Getting free bonus money is an excellent way to make real money bets on Live Baccarat.  When you register your IN account and make a deposit, you'll receive your Welcome Package, which often can be built specifically for Live Table games like Baccarat. As a member, you'll frequently be able to claim additional bonuses. Make sure to check out the Promotions page for the latest bonus information.


There's no need to get frustrated when things are not working out just right. Our goal is that all our Indian players have an excellent time while playing Live Baccarat or any other online casino game. We've set up several ways for players to get the help or answers they need quickly.

  • In-Game Help Menu: If you're having trouble with a specific game, such as not understanding the rules, game flow, or odds, click on the menu button on the game board. This will open up a menu bar with all types of information you can read without leaving the game page.
  • Customer Support: If your issue or question is related to your account information, making deposits and withdrawals, or technical information, our dedicated Customer Support team is available for you 24/7 via Live Chat, telephone, or email.


It's time to do away with the notion that Live Baccarat is too confusing or just for high-rollers. It's an incredibly easy game to play, with a very low house edge. Sign up, visit the IN Live Casino, and bet on the Banker, Player or Tie and see if you can win real money.