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Roulette is one of the oldest known casino games, although gambling was far from its original intent. Most historians agree that Blaise Pascal developed the first roulette wheel in an attempt to create a perpetual motion device.

The roulette wheel has evolved over the past few hundred years, and it’s now one of the most popular casino games, both at the online casino and Live Casino.

Indian players are drawn to Roulette mainly due to its low house edge and wide range of betting options. While the standard European Roulette game is the most popular version, you can also find French and American Roulette tables. IN is the best destination in India for Live Roulette games thanks to a wide variety of exciting games, betting options for all players, regardless of the size of the bankroll, and the best Roulette bonuses.

It’s easy to register your account, and the deposits and withdrawal options are straightforward and fast. We’re regulated by multiple gambling commissions and have built a solid reputation in the industry for over 15 years. Enough about us – find out everything you need to know about Live Roulette and start playing for real money today.


After you log in to your IN account, head over to the casino game lobby. You can either search for a specific Live Roulette Game or click on the Live Casino tab to see the complete list of Live Casino games.

  • Choose a table: While the Live Casino is open 24/7, some tables may not be active, as the dealer is on a break.
  • Place Your Bets: If you enter the Roulette game in the middle of a game, you will have to wait for it to end to place your first bet. Click on the chip or chips you wish to wager and then place them on the betting table.
    All the betting options, including inside and outside bets, and the racetrack bets, are available. If you aren’t sure about what a bet is, move your mouse over one of the options, all the possible winning numbers will be highlighted on the betting table.
    You have to have your bets in before the countdown clock reaches “0”, and then all bets are closed. Once the Roulette ball lands in one of the numbered pockets, if you picked a winner, you’ll receive your payouts.
  • Your Next Bet: Win or lose, you have a few options for starting your next turn. If you’re happy with your previous bets, click the “Rebet” button, and your chips will automatically be placed on the same spots. You can also double your previous wager, which is common for Indian players using any of the betting strategies we’ll discuss below. If you want to create a new set of bets, click on your chips and find a new location on the betting table for them.


There are three main types of Roulette wheels:

  • European Roulette: This is the standard wheel. It has 36 red and black numbered pockets and a single green pocket with the number 0.
  • American Roulette: Instead of a single green 0 pocket, there are two of them. This changes the odds and increases the house edge slightly.
  • French Roulette: Using the European Roulette wheel, the French version of the game includes special bets and some French words on the table.

Regardless of which type of Live Roulette you play, the rules are the same and extremely easy to learn. You can place multiple bets on the table, and each one can be a different denomination. For example, you can place a £3 chip on all red numbers, a £5 chip on numbers 1-12, and a 50p chip on your favourite number. If one of the numbers you bet on is the winning number, only the chip used for that specific bet will pay out. So, in the example above, if the winning number is a Red 19 – You’ll win even money for that wager, a £6 payout, but lose the bet on numbers 1-12 and your favourite number.

Each table has minimum and maximum betting limits, so make sure that your choice of bets falls within the accepted range.

There are three main types of bets in Live Roulette, and within each type are many different options.

  • Outside Bets: These bets are low risk/low reward, with several options coming close to 50%. These are the red or black, odds or evens, and choosing numbers 1-18 or 19-36. There are also some outside betting options with slightly lower odds as well. These bets are found on the betting table, just next to the three rows of numbers.
  • Inside Bets: There are six different inside bets. Some of the more popular inside bets are picking a specific number, betting on two numbers adjacent to each other on the table, also known as a split. The street bet encapsulates three consecutive numbers on the row, and a four-number bet is known as the corner.
  • Callouts: These are also called Announced Bets, and they are most common on French Roulette, although they’re being used more and more with European Roulette. The biggest difference with these bets is that the groups of numbers you can use are based on their location on the roulette wheel and not the betting table. The four bets are called Neighbours of Zero, Third of the Wheel, Zero Game, and the Orphans.


One of the reasons that Indian players favour Roulette is because there is the belief that you can beat the game with the right strategy. The problem with the strategies is that they are mathematical calculations based on 50% odds of winning, and in European Roulette, the odds are 48.60%.

  • Martingale: Players who use the martingale strategy will have to double their bets after every loss. The logic behind this is that since the odds are 50/50, at some point, you’ll have to win back all the money that you lost. The danger with the martingale is that unless you’re playing with an unlimited bankroll and no maximum bet, at some point, you might not be able to double your wager.
  • Paroli: This system uses the same idea as martingale, doubling your bets, but instead of doubling after a loss, you do it after a win. This gives the player the advantage of only doubling with money they have instead of hoping for a win to recoup losses.
  • D’Alembart: The D’Alembart is a low-risk/low-reward system. Here, you’re not doubling your bet but rather adding or removing a chip of the same size each time. After a win, you add a chip, and after a loss, you remove one chip. The advantage is that with consecutive wins, you’ll see increasingly larger payouts, and there’s no overreaction after a loss to try and recoup your chips.
  • Fibonacci: This is another low-risk strategy that works only with 50/50 outside bets. To play with this system, you will need to add up your previous bets after any loss. For example, if you make a £1 bet and lose, the following bet will also be £1 since the previous two bets were 0 and 1. The next loss, the bet will be £2, adding up the previous two £1 bets, and after the next loss, it will be £3 (2+1 ). This continues until you bet on a winner, and then you can reset your wager and start the sequence over.
  • Constant Bet: This strategy is ideal for players who aren’t looking to win a lot of money but rather want to sit at the table for an extended period and play. The bet stays constant, and since the odds are close to 50 percent, you’ll win about as often as you lose.

No matter which money management or betting strategy you use, it’s essential that you set yourself a budget and stick with it. Don’t forget, the odds are slightly in the house’s favour, and a few bad spins can eat through your entire bankroll if you aren’t careful.


Online Roulette uses a computer-generated Roulette wheel. While the winning numbers are completely random, the biggest difference is that the wheel itself is perfect and doesn’t favour any specific numbers. This isn’t the case with an actual Roulette wheel at a Live Casino, which is proven to favor certain numbers over time. This can give players a small advantage.

There are also two betting features that are only available in Live Roulette.

  • Bet Creator: You can create your betting pattern, even while a game is in progress, and when you’re ready, insert it into your game. This is helpful if it takes you a while to come up with all your bets, or you want to plan ahead.
  • Lucky Dip: Choose between 5, 7, or 8 straight bets you want to place, and let the system randomly place your chips on the betting table.

In addition to these features, there’s just something nice about playing with a real Live Dealer that you can chat with and watch as the roulette ball spins around the reel from multiple angles.


There are plenty of different variants of Live Roulette. Here are some of the most popular Live Roulette tables in India.

Live Roulette GameOverview
Live RoulettePlayed on a standard European Roulette wheel, you can chat with the dealer and enjoy multiple camera angles.
Live Football RouletteThere is a special Goal Bet that you wager on, and if the ball lands on a number that has a football jersey on it, you can win up to a 100x multiplier.
Age of the Gods RouletteAny bet will make you eligible for the four progressive jackpots. There is also a special Bonus that you can bet on for a chance at spinning a three-reel slot for a chance at 300x payout.
Spread Bet RouletteWith an extra golden wheel, Spread Bet Roulette gives you an additional chance at winning, 
Quantum RouletteMake a straight bet, and the Quantum multiplier can increase your win by up to 500x.
American RouletteA second zero pocket is added to the reel, giving you additional betting options.
Prestige RouletteEnter the VIP room and play a high-stakes game of Live Roulette.
UK RouletteThe Live Dealer is a British native and will remain standing the entire time.
Slingshot RouletteThere is no dealer in this Roulette variant. Instead, the game is played on an automatic European Roulette wheel.
Prime Slingshot RouletteThe automatic Roulette wheel has a golden rim to add to the ambiance.
Speed RouletteWith less than 10 seconds to place your bet, Speed Roulette is for players who prefer to play at a fast pace.


The odds of winning in Roulette and the payouts are based on your specific bet. The 50/50 outside bets in European Roulette have a 48.60% percent of winning and pay out even money. On the other extreme is a straight bet, which has just a 2.70% chance of winning but comes with a 35:1 payout.

Here are the odds and payouts for the most popular bets in Live Roulette among Indian players. 

BetPayout RatioOdds in European RouletteOdds in American Roulette
Even Number (18 numbers)1:148.60%47.40%
Column (12 numbers)2:132.40%31.60%
Dozens (12 numbers)2:132.40%31.60%
Corner (4 numbers)8:110.80%10.50%
Street (3 numbers)11:18.10%7.90%
Two Numbers17:15.40%5.30%
Straight Bet (1 number)35:12.70%2.60%

CLAIM YOUR ROULETTE BONUS AND BEAT THE DEALER IN has excellent bonuses that can be used while playing Live Roulette. It starts with an exciting Welcome Package that you get with your first deposit, and continues as you make additional deposits, collect casino bonus codes, and eventually reach the VIP member status. We’re frequently updating the bonus offers, so check out the Promotions page for the latest information.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP IN is dedicated to providing all our players with the best possible experience at our online casino. If you ever need any help, there are several ways to find the answers you need.

  • In-Game Help Menu: Each game, both in the online casino and Live Casino, has a detailed help menu that can answer most questions that are game-specific. You can also find paytable, odds, betting history, and more.
  • Customer Support: For questions that are about your account, making deposits and withdrawals, payment methods, technical issues, and more, you can reach out to the Customer Support team 24/7 via live chat, telephone, and email.


Register your IN account today and visit the live casino lobby and check out all the different Live Roulette variants for real money. Whether you try the strategies posted above or find a different betting strategy, it’s important to bet responsibly and have fun.