Play Live Blackjack Online at India

Sitting down at a table to play a game of cards with friends is about as timeless as time itself (or at least as old as cards are!) But what eventually ends up happening is, as you and your friends get older, these daily or weekly meetings get fewer and farther apart. This guy’s got a kid, that one moves too far away, and the other friend receives a great promotion at work and has suddenly got the weight of the world on his shoulders. So where does that leave you and your fabulous stress outlet? Out in the wind that’s where. Wait! Before you decide to go find the tallest building in your neighborhood, we just might have a solution for you. While we cant replace your friends, convince them to work less, move back or take a little time away from diaper changing, what we can do is offer you a terrific alternative. Our online casino is loaded up with all your favourite online casino games being played constantly. The tables are always ready for you to join, and when you play Live Casino, it’s just like you are sitting around the table with friends; just like in the old days! Interested in a game or two of Blackjack? Then let us show you what we’ve got in store for tonight!

How to Play Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack at India isn’t just another card game; it’s wildly popular because it lets you combine strategy with fun and convenience with interaction. If you aren’t familiar with the classic card game, then you should read the rules before you start:

  • Placing bets can be done by clicking on the circle that says “Place Your Bet”. You’ll notice that there are multiple circles like this, and that is because you can play numerous hands at one time for a fast-paced thrill.
  • Now the dealer automatically deals cards to each player open. If you bet on three hands, three sets of cards will be dealt. Each hand and the dealer will receive two cards each.
  • The goal is to reach 21 without going over 21. You have three options: hit, double or stand. If you stand, then the round is over, and the dealer gets a chance to beat your hand. If you hit, you’ll receive another card. If you double, you wager is doubled, and you receive another card.
  • The Live Blackjack table is the same thing, you are just playing with real people, a real dealer and real tables and cards instead of virtual ones.

The Rules of Live Blackjack

The rules states that anything over 21 loses, but there are loads of combinations that don’t cut that close. So good luck, and don’t forget to call your friends once in awhile, even if they aren’t around for a good game of cards!