Raja Bets
150% Welcome Casino Bonus up to ₹100,000
150% Welcome Casino Bonus up to ₹100,000

RajaBets - Expert Casino Review Updated for 2024

By:Sourav Singh

From the comfort of my own home, I clicked my way into a new world of excitement at RajaBets casino. Known for its vibrant interface and a vast variety of gaming options, RajaBets had always been a name among online gaming circles. As the homepage loaded, I was greeted by a burst of color and energy. The layout is sleek and intuitive with a promise of excitement.

What caught my eye first was the incredible variety of online casino games. It covers traditional favorites like Blackjack and Roulette to an array of slots with themes ranging from historical adventures to futuristic explorations. I was particularly impressed by their live dealer games where you can actually chat with live players and dealers.

What sets RajaBets apart is not only its gaming variety but also its commitment to security. The casino ensures a safe, secure environment for every player. With promotions and bonus offers tailored to suit every player, it's clear that RajaBets understands and values its community.

Let’s dive deep into this comprehensive RajaBets casino review to find more details.

Founding year: 2019

Headquarters: Heelsumstraat 51 unit B-03 Curacao

License: Curacao eGaming License

Mobile casino option: Yes (covers all casino games)

Benefits of RajaBets Casino

  1. Extensive Game Selection
  2. Advanced Security Measures
  3. Attractive Bonus Offers
  4. User-Friendly Interface
  5. Live Dealer Options

Downsides of RajaBets Casino

  1. Limited Payment Methods
  2. Geographic Restrictions
  3. Accepts payment in INR only

Top 6 RajaBets Casino Game Categories

Today in our RajaBets Casino review, I will focus on the six most popular casino game categories. Let’s start.

Popular Casino Games

RajaBets casino's 'Popular Games' section has 128 unique games for players seeking diverse entertainment. This category features games that have won players' hearts, like 'Mad Hit', 'Juicy Win', 'Money Pipe', and 'Cash 20x'. Each game in this collection stands out for its engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and the potential for substantial wins. These games are a blend of classic charm and modern gaming innovation. This makes them a top pick for both new and seasoned players.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick, exhilarating slot experience or a more strategic, immersive game, this category has something for everyone. The games are designed to be intuitive and engaging. This ensures that every session is filled with excitement and fun.

Provably Fair Games

In the realm of fairness and transparency, RajaBets casino excels with its 'Provably Fair' games category with 169 games. This section includes unique titles like 'Aviatrix', 'Goal', 'CricketX', and 'Lucky Clover', each offering a fair and transparent gaming experience. Provably Fair games at RajaBets use cryptographic algorithms to ensure that the outcomes are entirely random and tamper-proof. Therefore, it provides players with an added layer of trust and security.

What makes the Provably Fair games a standout choice is the assurance they offer. Players can enjoy their gaming experience knowing that each spin, roll, or draw is completely random and unbiased. This category is perfect for those who value fairness and integrity in their gaming experience. In short, RajaBets is a trusted destination for ethical and enjoyable gaming.

Indian Games

RajaBets Casino pays homage to traditional Indian gaming culture with its 'Indian Games' category, featuring 67 games. This unique selection includes cultural favorites like 'Jhandi Munda', 'Teen Patti', and 'Vikram Betal'. These games resonate deeply with Indian players, offering a digital rendition of classic games that have been enjoyed for generations. It's a combination of nostalgia and modern technology.

For players looking to explore games with a local flavor, the Indian Games category at RajaBets is a perfect choice. These games are about connecting with an experience that goes beyond the usual casino offerings. Whether you're familiar with these traditional games or eager to try something new, this category offers an authentic taste of Indian gaming culture.

Megaways Games

The 'Megaways' section at RajaBets Casino has a stunning collection of 214 games. It is a paradise for players who love dynamic and innovative slot experiences. This category includes captivating titles like 'JackPotter', 'Immortal Ways Diamond', 'Book of Gods', and '10,000 Nights'. Megaways games are renowned for their changing reels and massive ways to win, offering an unpredictable and thrilling gaming experience with every spin.

What sets the Megaways games apart at RajaBets is their ability to constantly surprise and excite players. With thousands of potential winning combinations, each game promises a unique adventure. This category is ideal for players who seek high-energy, action-packed gaming sessions where anything can happen with each spin.

Jackpot Games

The 'Jackpot' category at RajaBets casino is where dreams can become a reality. It has an impressive collection of 649 games that includes thrilling titles like 'Joker Coins', 'Book of Dead', 'Thunderstruck', and 'Bull Fiesta'. Jackpot games are the go-to for players chasing life-changing wins, offering substantial payouts and the excitement of the unknown.

Jackpot games at RajaBets stand out for their exhilarating potential and diverse themes. Each game is an opportunity to hit a significant payout, making every moment spent playing charged with anticipation and excitement. This category is perfect for those who aim for the stars and dare to dream big.

Fishing & Hunting Games

For those who enjoy thematic and immersive experiences, the 'Fishing & Hunting' category at RajaBets casino is a must to watch out. With 125 games, it offers a unique gaming adventure. This section includes engaging titles like 'Big Bass', 'Alien Hunter', 'Fishing War', and 'Buffalo Hunter'. These games are designed for players who love outdoor themes and enjoy a gaming experience that's both entertaining and visually appealing.

The Fishing & Hunting games at RajaBets are about more than just spinning reels; they're about going on an adventure. With each game, players are transported to different landscapes and scenarios, making for a refreshingly varied gaming experience. This category is ideal for players looking for a gaming session that's both relaxing and engaging.

Top 5 RajaBets Promotions: Unbeatable Bonuses for Indian Players

  • 150% Welcome Casino Bonus

This promotional offer is designed to welcome all new members at RajaBets. Deposit and receive an additional 150% bonus, up to 100,000 INR.

For instance, a deposit of 1,000 INR earns you an extra 1,500 INR, multiplying your play potential exponentially.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This exclusive offer applies to your first deposit on your RajaBets account.
  2. To make the most of it, the minimum deposit is a mere 200 INR.
  3. The bonus and deposit amount come with a 30x wagering requirement, setting a clear and achievable path to maximize your winnings.

Start your RajaBets journey with this remarkable welcome gift today.

  • Registration Bonus

RajaBets Casino elevates the experience of new users with a versatile Registration Bonus. Casino players can revel in the thrill of 20 Aviator Free Bets.

To claim this bonus offer, a simple engagement is required – follow RajaBets on Telegram and Instagram, then reach out to their live support. This straightforward process ensures you can swiftly enjoy your bonus, whether it's soaring high with Aviator or placing strategic sports bets.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The 20 Free Bets are exclusively for Aviator, with winnings from these spins applicable across various games and sections.
  2. The maximum withdrawal from Aviator Free Bet winnings is 1,000 INR, offering a no-risk free bet experience.

Your journey at RajaBets begins on a high note with this one time registration bonus.

  • Free Spins on Every Deposit

At RajaBets Casino, every deposit you make is a gateway to more fun and chances to win with the 'Every Deposit Free Spins' promotion. Elevate each deposit with up to 200 Free Spins, adding more excitement to your gaming sessions. Not just that, but you can also instantly claim cashback on your losses, making every moment at RajaBets a rewarding experience.

To get started, simply make a deposit and create your free spins request. The number of Free Spins scales with your deposit, starting from 20 Free Spins for deposits between 2,000 INR to 4,999 INR, and reaching a high of 200 Free Spins for deposits of 30,000 INR or more.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion is open to every user for every deposit, with a minimum eligible deposit of 2,000 INR.
  2. The Free Spins are available on selected games, providing a thrilling opportunity to try new titles.
  3. After using all your Free Spins, the winning amount is added to your main balance, ready for withdrawal.
  4. The wagering requirements must be met within 7 days.

This offer is perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of slots and want to maximize their deposit potential.

  • Instant Cashback on Casino Games

RajaBets Casino elevates your gaming experience with a rewarding Instant Cashback offer so that every player has a chance to regain some of their stakes. With up to 20% Instant Cashback based on your last deposit, this feature stands out as a generous way to enhance your playing time.

The cashback percentage scales with your deposit, starting at 10% for amounts between 200 INR to 49,999 INR, increasing to 15% for deposits from 50,000 INR to 89,999 INR, and reaching an impressive 20% for deposits of 90,000 INR or above. This structure ensures that players of all levels can benefit from the offer.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. There are no daily or weekly limits. To claim, simply make a deposit, and click the ‘Request Cashback’ button if your luck doesn’t hold.
  2. With a minimum requirement of 200 INR in deposits and losses in the last 24 hours, and a balance of 20 INR or less, claiming your cashback is straightforward and user-friendly.

This Instant Cashback offer is an exceptional way for players to get extra value from their gaming at RajaBets.

  • VIP Platinum Wheel of Fortune

Elevate your midweek excitement with the VIP Platinum Wheel of Fortune at RajaBets, a weekly highlight offering a plethora of valuable gifts for the dedicated players. By making a minimum deposit of 50,000 INR weekly, you unlock the opportunity to claim amazing rewards from this exclusive wheel, transforming every Wednesday into a day of potential surprises.

To participate, simply deposit a minimum of 50,000 INR from Wednesday 19:30 (GMT+5:30) to the following Wednesday 19:30 (GMT+5:30). Upon meeting this criterion, the "Wheel of Fortune" becomes accessible via the top left menu on your main page.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The prizes range from high-value items like a Tata Punch Adventure AMT to exciting bonuses. For instance, the 10,000 INR Casino Bonus requires a single wager in the Casino section.
  2. This VIP Platinum Wheel of Fortune is available every Wednesday.
  3. Prizes will expire after 7 days.

Step-by-Step Guide to Signing Up at RajaBets

Creating an account at RajaBets is a swift and straightforward process that takes less than two minutes. Let's walk through how you can set up your account and start enjoying your gaming journey.

1. Start the Process: Navigate to the official RajaBets website and click on the "Join Now" button located at the top right side of the screen. This is your first step towards a thrilling gaming experience.

2. Enter Your Details: A new page will open where you'll be prompted to provide essential details. This includes your name, email, phone number, date of birth, gender, country, and preferred currency. It's also here that you'll create a unique username and set a strong password to ensure the security of your account. Once you've filled in all the necessary information, click on "Join Now" to proceed.

3. Account Creation Complete: Voila! Your RajaBets account is now successfully created. You're all set to explore the exciting world of online gaming that RajaBets offers, with a variety of games and betting options at your fingertips.

Guide to Depositing Funds at RajaBets: Quick and Easy Steps

Depositing money into your RajaBets account is a hassle-free process. Here's how you can add funds to your account:

1. Initiate the Deposit: Begin by clicking on the 'Deposit' option, which you'll find at the top right side of the RajaBets screen. This is your first step towards funding your account for an exciting gaming session.

2. Choose Your Payment Method: Once you've clicked on deposit, you'll be presented with a variety of payment methods. RajaBets offers a range of convenient options, including UPI, PhonePe, G Pay, IMPS, PayTM, and various other wallets. Feel free to choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Enter Deposit Amount: After selecting your preferred payment method, enter the amount you wish to deposit. Ensure you've entered the correct amount before proceeding.

4. Complete the Payment Process: Click on the 'Deposit' button to proceed. If you're using UPI, you'll be asked to provide the 12-digit UTR number to complete the transaction. This number is crucial for verifying and processing your deposit.

And that's it! Following these simple steps will have your RajaBets account funded in no time.

Here’s a quick table showing the various payment methods and the minimum deposit required for each.

Payment MethodMinimum DepositProcessing TimeMinimum Withdrawal
UPI200 INRInstant500 INR
PhonePe200 INR5-15 minutes500 INR
Google Pay200 INR5-15 minutes500 INR
IMPS500 INR2 hours1000 INR
PayTM200 INR5-15 minutes500 INR
Minimum Deposit
200 INR
Processing Time
Minimum Withdrawal
500 INR
Minimum Deposit
200 INR
Processing Time
5-15 minutes
Minimum Withdrawal
500 INR
Google Pay
Minimum Deposit
200 INR
Processing Time
5-15 minutes
Minimum Withdrawal
500 INR
Minimum Deposit
500 INR
Processing Time
2 hours
Minimum Withdrawal
1000 INR
Minimum Deposit
200 INR
Processing Time
5-15 minutes
Minimum Withdrawal
500 INR

RajaBets Customer Support: Your Gateway to Seamless Assistance

My recent encounter with RajaBets' customer support was nothing short of exceptional. During the deposit process, I found myself a bit puzzled about the payment steps. In need of guidance, I decided to reach out to their customer support team for assistance.

RajaBets offers several convenient ways to connect with their support team, including live chat, Telegram support, and email assistance at support@rajabets.com. I opted for the live chat feature, hoping for a quick response. To my delight, the support team was not only readily available but also incredibly helpful.

The live chat connected me with a knowledgeable representative who provided clear, step-by-step instructions on completing the payment process. The response was prompt and precise, demonstrating a deep understanding of their systems and user needs. It was reassuring to know that the support team was equipped to handle any query with such efficiency and accuracy.

What stood out was the representative's courteous and patient demeanor, ensuring that all my concerns were addressed thoroughly. My issue was resolved swiftly, allowing me to continue my gaming without any further hitches. This interaction with RajaBets' customer support left a lasting impression of professionalism and reliability.


RajaBets stands out as a robust and engaging online casino platform providing a satisfying experience to its users. From its wide array of games across various categories to its lucrative promotions and bonuses, RajaBets ensures that every aspect of online gaming is covered with finesse. The platform's user-friendly interface and seamless deposit / withdrawal processes, marks it as a top choice for players.

Moreover, the exceptional customer support at RajaBets deserves special mention. Their prompt and knowledgeable assistance, available through multiple channels, significantly enhances the user experience. Whether you're in it for the thrill of the games or the allure of potential winnings, RajaBets offers a well-rounded, secure, and exciting gaming environment.


The minimum deposit at RajaBets is 200 INR, making it accessible for a wide range of players.

Yes, RajaBets offers a mobile-friendly platform, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games on the go.

Yes, bonuses at RajaBets come with wagering requirements, which vary depending on the specific promotion or bonus.

Withdrawals at RajaBets can be made through various methods, ensuring a convenient and secure process for players.

RajaBets provides customer support via live chat, Telegram, and email, offering timely assistance for any queries or issues.