Play Live Casino Hold’em Online at India

Live Casino Hold’em is a call out to all the poker fans out there. This is one exciting version that you don’t want to miss out on. There is everything you could hope for packed into this game, and you can have a blast playing around with this technology-driven gambling frenzy. Dive right in, and see what it’s all about now!

Live Casino Hold’em – A Spectacular Option

Live Casino Hold’em is similar to the computerized or brick and mortar versions of this five-card poker game, but it has a lot more to offer you. As with all of our online casino games, you are getting a great value for you money since you don’t have to leave the house, travel anywhere or spend a load of cash on expenses. What’s more exciting than ever about this version, though, is the fact that you get a live dealer experience on top of all of that! You are taking part in a real poker game that is going on at a real table and with real people. You aren’t just working against a random number generator that can’t interact with you to save its nuts and bolts. Instead, you really have other players there, and a flesh and blood dealer to boot. It’s the best possible set up you can imagine, so settle down for a few fantastic hands at our online casino in India.

How to Play Live Casino Hold’em

Want to know how to play Live Casino Hold’em? Let’s show you the ropes. The goal is to make the highest value hand using your two cards that you receive initially and the three cards at the centre of the table (known as the community cards). There are a few unusual quirks about the Live Casino Hold’em if you have never played any poker hands before. Study these anomalies, and you’ll have an easier time following along for your first few hands:

  • If the dealer doesn’t have at least a pair of fours, he is disqualified automatically. That means you win without having to do any work! You also win if your hand is better than the dealer’s, but that isn’t unusual at all.
  • Bear in mind that you lose both the call and the ante bet if the dealer wins. Nothing personal; it’s just part of the game.
  • If there is a tie to the game, that is, both you and the dealer have the same hand value, then there is a push. A push gives you back your bets, and a new game is started. It is not considered a tie, though, if it is the same type of hand with different valued cards. For example, if you both have a three of a kind, but you have three Queens and the dealer has three fours, you win.
  • Work your way through the five cards available to you to create the highest five-card poker hand possible. Use the poker hierarchy to help you determine the best hand to make.