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Multitasking in your day to day life is tricky, but nothing can beat the sense of accomplishment when you’ve managed to dust off several pressing commitments at the same time. So imagine how it would feel if you could be practising the same skilful juggling act while doing something which was already fun and exciting – something like, for example, Online Casino Games! Well, there’s no need to imagine any more, because we’ve got a game which is easy to pick up, thanks to its variable difficulty, but which is challenging to master thanks to its multiple, simultaneous layers of gameplay. We’re talking about Multi Wheel Roulette; the sensational twist on the standard roulette game which is here at UK.

Multi Wheel excitement at UK

The differences between this game and a standard game of roulette are obvious as soon as you start playing – Multi Wheel Roulette is played with up to six different wheels at the same time! That’s the kind of complex and challenging gameplay which you’re only likely to find in an Online Casino. There’s only one table which covers all six wheels, however, which lends a whole new level of strategy – do you try to win by concentrating on just one area, or do you take advantage of the multiple wheels to spread your wagers out over the table? If you prefer to go with the latter then you have handy access to some additional wagers by opening the ‘Racetrack’ menu where you can automatically select some classic bets – The "Voisins du zéro", the "Tier", the "Orphelins", or the “Neighbour” bets for all of the different numbers. But don’t worry if this is all sounding very complicated – the genius of this game lies in how you can adjust the difficulty at any time by selecting how many wheels you want to play with. You can even drop it down to just one wheel if you want, and play a few rounds as if you’re playing normal, one-wheel roulette. But as soon as you’re ready to make things more interesting, you can start those extra wheels spinning with just one click!

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