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Online casino bonuses and promotions are one of the most significant factors for many punters when choosing with which casino to sign-up and make a deposit. After all, the games are, for the most part, the same. You have your slots, table and dice games, but the added incentive is the bonuses and giveaways that can draw in both new and experienced punters.

This is why Casino.com UK strives to be the best and to offer the top online casinos with the  finest online casino bonuses available for UK players.


There are several different kinds of bonuses. These range from Welcome Package Bonuses, which incentivize punters to sign-up at the casino, to reload bonuses that reward players for making additional deposits.

The most common bonuses are:

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is one of the most sought-after bonuses, for obvious reasons, but it is tough to find. This type of bonus can be used to either greet new players, by requiring them to register for an account or as part of a loyalty program that rewards active players.

In addition to a monetary no deposit bonus, at times you will also find a no deposit bonus in the form of spins for a particular game, or group of games.

When you can get a no deposit bonus, you will have complete access to all the real money games, but you will need to fulfil the wagering requirements before you can make any withdrawals. Most of the time there is either a time limit or a minimum number of bets that must be played to qualify for a withdrawal. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions when you claim the no deposit bonus.

Deposit Required Bonus (Reload Bonus)

Receiving a bonus with a deposit, whether it’s the first deposit or the tenth, has become pretty standard in the online casino industry.

Casino.com UK stands apart from the competition in this regard as it has one of the biggest and most rewarding Welcome Package Bonus offers.

Generally speaking, the Welcome Package Bonus is the most significant bonus offer, often matching your first deposit with bonus money. The way these match bonuses work is, let’s say for example, that you make a £100 deposit. You then receive an additional £100 as your reload bonus.

Now you have £200 with which to bet, but you won’t be able to withdraw the money until you fulfil the wagering requirement. This will be discussed in greater detail down below.

It is essential to check out the current bonus offers to make sure you get the best possible deal. For example, sometimes there is an extra bonus for punters depositing on a specific day of the week or when playing a particular game.

Pre-Wager Bonuses

There are two types of Pre-Wager bonuses:

  • No-Deposit.
  • Reload.

In both of cases, the money is credited to the account instantly but it will have to fulfil the wagering requirements before it can be moved over to a real money balance.

Until the wagering requirements have been met, the bonus money and any money that is won while betting with it, will be credited to a bonus account. In general, only after the correct amount of betting has been done will the funds be transferred to the real money balance and be available for real money betting or withdrawal.

If the Pre-Wager bonus came in the form of a non-redeemable bonus, only the winnings will become available while the actual bonus itself will remain in the bonus account.

After-Wager Bonuses

An after-wager bonus (also known as post-wager bonus) avoids the punter having to worry about meeting wagering requirements because it will only be transferred into the account after the conditions have been met.

The biggest advantage here is that once the bonus is transferred into your account, it is no longer treated as bonus money and can be withdrawn, or used how you see fit.

Punters can have different types of bonuses in their account at the same time, but only one of them will be active at a time. The punter doesn’t have the option of how and when to use each bonus, instead they are activated in the order with which they were received. The post-wager bonus is the exception to this rule, and can’t be activated while there are pre-wager bonuses in play.

Casino Bonus Codes

Casino bonus codes can be found either on the Casino.com UK promotions page or they can be sent via SMS/email. (Pro-tip – Make sure to opt-in to receiving promotional messages, so as not to miss out on special codes).

These codes can unlock special bonuses that range from spins, additional bonus money, no deposit bonuses, and more. These codes are only available for a limited time, and usually built around a promotion or upcoming holiday so if you see one, make sure to claim it right away.

Cash and Cashback

Cash and Cashback bonuses are a decent insurance plan for some punters. For those who qualify, the player will get a refund back for a percentage of their net losses. Check the Terms and Conditions for updated information as to when the Cashback bonus takes place, and how much a player would have to lose to qualify.

When it comes as a cash bonus, this is a straight cash bonus, with no wager requirements.

Golden Chips

Golden Chips are treated almost like real chips (for table and card games), meaning they can be mixed and matched to increase the bet size; however, only one Golden Chip may be used per bet. Punters may use a combination of a Golden Chip and a regular chip, but any money won during that bet will be considered as a bonus win. Meaning, it won’t be redeemable until the betting requirements have been met.

Slot Machines

Online slot games are among the most popular casino games at Casino.com UK. One of the reasons for this is all the in-game bonus features that they come with.

Usually, it takes a combination of specific symbols to land on the reels on a single spin, and you can win additional spins or other cash bonuses.

Every game has a unique set of rules when it comes to the number of bonus rounds, or how that number is determined. Be sure to check out the game's paytable before playing for a complete set of rules.

For more information on the online slot game options, features, or to play for real money, visit our dedicated Slots page.

Bonus Spins

There are a variety of ways to get bonus spins. As mentioned above, you can win them during regular gameplay in many online slot games. Another way to get awarded with spins is as a part of the Welcome Package Bonuses or Reload Bonuses. These spins are typically restricted to specific games and have wagering requirements that need to be met to be redeemed.

For a complete breakdown of this great type of bonus, check out the bonus spins page.


Not all bonuses are created equal. To make sure that you claim the best bonus, pay attention to the following four main factors to help determine its quality:

  • Bonus Amount.
  • Game Context.
  • Redeemable or Non-Redeemable.
  • Wagering Requirements.


Understand the total value of the bonus and what it includes. It is important to read the Terms and Conditions, and understand the type of bonus and whether or not a deposit is required.

Game Context

Some bonuses are restricted to a specific game or games, makes sure to read the Terms and Conditions so as not to claim a bonus for a game that you won’t play.

Redeemable or Non-Redeemable

  • Redeemable Bonus: Welcome Package Bonuses are usually an excellent example of a redeemable bonus. The money is added into the player’s bonus account and can be used when wagering on casino games. However, this money can only be redeemed once the wagering requirements are fulfilled. Then the money is added to the player's overall account balance.
  • Non-Redeemable Bonus: When you play casino games with a non-redeemable bonus, you will only be able to withdraw money that you won playing the casino games. However, the bonus money must remain in your account.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements, also known as playthrough and rollover, require a punter to use the bonus money a certain amount of times before the money is available for withdrawal. As an example, if you receive a £30 Welcome Package Bonus with a 15x multiplier, it means that you have to make £450 worth of bets.

There are three main types of wagering requirements at Casino.com UK:

  • Multipliers of the deposit.
  • Multipliers of the bonus.
  • Multipliers of the sum of the deposit and bonus.

Every bonus at Casino.com UK comes with a different set of wagering requirements, so it is of the utmost importance that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions for each bonus.

Wager Percent Contribution

The games that you play and the bets that you lay will also have a different impact on the wagering requirements. Using the example above, if you have a £450 playthrough a £1 bet on a slot game will often be valued at £1. But, a bet at the roulette table is worth much less. Additionally, if you make a high percentage roulette bet or a bet that covers most of the table, that money won’t be counted towards your wager requirements. Game wager percent contribution can be found here.

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