Play online video poker at UK

An exciting mix of poker and slots – online video poker is a fun and easy-to-learn strategy game that provides a traditional online casino experience. Based on standard Texas Hold ‘Em rules, this game offers you plenty of fast-paced action with straightforward rules, lots of special features and plenty of choice. Each variation on the game follows the same basic principal and rules, but many offer extras such as bonus features and progressive jackpots, as well as features that may let you double your money.

Before you begin learning how to play, decide whether you want to play for free using virtual chips in Practice Mode (no registration needed) or for real money. Next, choose whether you wish to try our games on at home on desktop or on the move using your mobile device. Once you have made these decisions, you’re ready to hit the lobby and see what fun we have available for your entertainment!

Whatever option you choose, we offer our UK players a quality online video poker gaming experience, with round the clock accessibility, every day of the year. Boasting state of the art graphics, excellent software functionality and lots of special features, our games are specially designed with the player in mind. To enhance your experience further as you learn how to play, you can also take advantage of a variety of special bonuses – check out our promotions page for further details.



History of video poker

Video poker is a popular game on the UK casino scene, and did not exist until technology reached the point where a game could be linked to a TV monitor. Video poker started out as a simplistic computer game, but a game played for money was introduced in 1979. Since then its popularity has only increased!

Many people began trying video poker as an alternative to slot machines in casinos. It was, perhaps, less intimidating than the table and poker options. But it used poker elements to decide the outcome of the game, and this appealed to an audience that was looking for something a bit different. When video poker reached Vegas, its popularity exploded and, in many casinos, these new machines matched the number of slot machines on the floor.

The internet provided even more bonuses, with games including no-registration practice options that were free to access from the comfort of a player’s home, as well as actual cash payout options – with each open around the clock. The technological advances of the online world enabled things to evolve and improve, with extra features that were previously unheard of, such as bonus features and progressive jackpots. And each came with a guide on rules and how to play. Stakes were also reduced to the absolute minimum, so online video poker suddenly suited all kinds of players, opening up even more possibilities for casino fans.

Video poker odds

When it comes to understanding your odds of winning at online video poker, there are various considerations to take into account. There is no way to make sure you can secure a win, but you can enhance your overall experience by understanding certain elements, including payouts, strategy, the number of winning combinations available and what extra features the game has.

A general rule of thumb is that the higher the payout for a winning combination, the more difficult it is to achieve – so remember this and let it guide you as you play. The payout table is a good indicator of how frequently a winning combination is hit, and this can vary from game to game.

Each online video poker game offers its own benefits in relation to its special in-game features, so make sure you maximise your enjoyment by being aware of these and choosing your game accordingly.

For instance, Deuces Wild has a high payout for four of a kind, even though all 2 cards act as wild. Wild cards increase your overall winning potential as they substitute for any other card in the game to complete winning combinations. In this way, you are not restricted to the standard deck when it comes to the odds of your hand winning. Meanwhile, Joker Wilds offer an additional payout for five of a kind, so you have an extra potential hand to utilise.

Game rules

To try any of our online video poker variants, select your game of choice and set your coin level using the + and – buttons or arrows. Hit Deal and see what cards you are dealt. Hold any cards that you want to keep – our software will highlight any winning card combinations to help you – and then hit Deal a second time to receive the final round of cards.

If you want, you can also use the Autoplay feature to schedule a set number of rounds at a specified cost. You can activate up to 50 rounds in a row using this feature, and you can stop them at any time by clicking the Stop button on your screen.

Whenever a game ends, any winning bets are highlighted on the screen. Only the highest hand showing is paid if there are multiple possibilities. If you use the Autoplay feature, your winnings will automatically accumulate in your casino bankroll.

Popular games

We have a wide variety of online video poker options to choose from, so here’s an overview of some of our most popular variants to help you get started.

Jacks or Better: This draw poker-style game pays out for a pair of jacks or above using a standard Texas Hold ‘Em hierarchy. Hit a full house to receive a payout of 9x your coin amount, or a flush for 6x your coin amount.

Double Bonus: A game that’s very similar to Jacks or Better, Double Bonus boasts an additional payout for four aces.

Deuces Wild: All 2 cards in this game act as a wild, increasing your chances of completing winning combinations.

Aces & Faces: A game that boasts an extra winning hand that is not part of a standard poker hand hierarchy, as well as an optional ‘double your winnings’ feature game.

Tens or Better: Another draw poker-style game, but with payouts starting for a pair of 10s. The extra payout reduces the payout for a full house and a flush.

Joker’s Wild: Boasting a joker card which acts as wild, this game gives you more chances to complete a winning combination. The joker also enables an extra payout, as you can make five of a kind.

Game buttons

Use this summary of our video poker software buttons to help you understand your game and the in-game features before you get started.

Bet Max: This activates all possible bets and deals the cards in a single move. You set your coin-level and then hit Bet Max to activate all possible bets and deal the cards.

Bet One: Bet on a single payline using this button.

Collect: This button appears when you win. Click to collect your winnings and move them to your casino bankroll.

Deal: Click this to deal the cards and receive your hand.

Double: This gambling feature gives you the option to try and double your winnings. If you choose to activate the Double feature, click on the cards that show in the next round to opt in to the gambling game.

Double half: This gambling option offers you the chance to gamble half of your winnings with the aim of doubling them. Half of your winnings go directly to your casino bankroll, while the other half are put into this extra bet.

Hold: Click this to keep your best cards and deal the final round of cards.

Glossary and terms

The following terms are commonly used in relation to online video poker machines. Learning what they mean will assist you while you enjoy your time playing, helping you to understand various aspects of the game, as well as our online casino services.

Cashier: Go here to cash out your winnings and deposit money into your account.

Multi-hand: If you select a multi-hand game, you can activate more than one hand.

Payline: You can activate multiple lines during most video poker variants, and payouts are only awarded to winning combinations on activated paylines.

Paytable: This table displays each possible winning combination and how much each pays out.

Progressive jackpot: An accumulative jackpot that is linked to other video poker machines. Its jackpot amount increases whenever the side bet is played on one of those linked machines, and the jackpot is randomly triggered with no maximum upper limit.

Reload Bonus: This is awarded to players making a repeat deposit – specific terms and conditions will apply, so read them before you agree.

Wild: A specified card (e.g. a 2 on Deuces Wild) that acts as a substitute for any other card, giving you more chances to complete a winning combination.

Withdrawal: This is when you take your winnings from your account and place them into your bank account.

Open an account and play for real money

To create an account to play for real money, click on the ‘Play For Real’ button on a game or the ‘Join Now’ button at the top of the page. Then simply enter the required details and click Create. Your account will be instantly activated once you have read and accepted the terms and conditions, but you will need to make a deposit before you can play for actual cash payouts.

Deposit methods we offer include debit card and online e-wallets. Choose the method you like the best, specify how much you would like to deposit and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your deposit is verified, you can play any of our online casino games. If you are a new player, you can also claim a 100% up to £100 (plus 200 spins) Bonus.