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Table of Contents:

Live Blackjack Games | Live Dealer | Rules | Odds and Payouts | Strategies | Software | Help | Bonuses and Promotions | Play Now


Enjoy the very best Live Blackjack action at Ireland. Our professional dealers are waiting for you to take your seat and place your first bet.

By streaming the action straight to your screen you can enjoy authentic Blackjack gameplay no matter where you at any time, night or day.

Main Features

  • Number of Live Dealer Blackjack Games Available: 30+
  • Platform: Playtech.
  • Min-Max Bet Limits: €1 -€10,000.
  • Watching Mode: Yes, some of the games allow you to join as a live watcher.

Available Live Blackjack Games to Play

To play your first Blackjack hand for real money you need to sign up at Ireland. Then, you’ll need to visit the cashier to make a deposit before you can place any chips on the table.

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See our full Live Blackjack li-neup in the table below, ranging from classic Blackjack tables to intimate boutique tables offering unparalleled VIP service. The minimum bet limit starts at €1 and reaches a maximum bet limit of €10,000.

Live Blackjack Game Name Bet Limits (Min-Max) RTP % Description
Quantum Blackjack Live €1-€400 99.46% The seat can host an unlimited number of players. You can place any bets, but the multiplier affects only the main bet and your payout if you win with a hand that contains multiplier card(s). Live Blackjack €5-€5,000 99.46% Seats a max of 7 players. Allows for side bets beyond the main bet. VIP Blackjack €10-€5,000 99.46% The exclusive VIP version of the table with eight deck and potential to host up to 7 players.
All Bets Blackjack €1-€1,000 99.46% Available to an unlimited number of players. Features a series of side bet options for a varied and exciting experience.
Unlimited Blackjack €5-€5,000 99.5% FOffers exciting side bets and unlimited participants can take a seat.
Soiree Blackjack €50-€5,000 99.52% For high-rollers, dealers draw to 16 and stand on 17.
Grand Blackjack €50-€5,000 99.46% Features 7 available spots and Bet behind.
Royal Blackjack €5-€5,000 99.46% Side bets and multi-seat options available.
Blackjack Lounge €5-€5,000 99.46% Set in a luxurious studio with a unique Purple design.

Why Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack puts the Las Vegas experience in the palm of your hand. Choose the table that fits your style and betting range, then build your hand to beat the dealer.

The game is streamed via high-definition cameras from the casino floor which let you watch the action as it unfolds. All of our dealers are highly trained to give the best service possible and you can chat with everyone at the table. Real card decks are used - removing the need for a random number generator and creating a realistic Blackjack experience

The tables are open to all players, and if you’re a beginner you can easily access the in-game help guide that will show you to how to play.


The rules for Blackjack Live are easy to get to grips with. The main idea is to build your hand of cards as close to 21 without going bust while having a higher total than the dealer. Going bust is when your total hand value exceeds 21.

Card Values: The number cards are equal to their face value, and face cards are worth 10 each. Aces can be either 1 or 11. The best hand you can be dealt is Blackjack – an Ace and a ten or an Ace and a face card - which win the round automatically.

How to Play:  At the beginning of each round you’ll be dealt two cards and you can either

  • Stand – Keep your current hand which will end your turn.
  • Hit – Receive another card from the dealer. If you go bust your turn will end automatically.

When all players have completed their turn, the dealer will play his hand and the winner(s) will be determined. 

There are two different card dealing styles that can be used at the Blackjack tables:

  1. The EU style is when the dealer receives their second card only after all players have finished their turn.
  2. The US style is slightly different because the dealer receives the second card after all players have been dealt their starting hand.

Special Features: Our Blackjack Live tables add even more exhilaration to the game by including exciting special features that are typically found in land-based casinos. From Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, Blackjack tables will often have these extra betting options available:


If the dealer receives an Ace as their face up card you can opt to take insurance against the dealer. You won’t lose your bet if the dealer has Blackjack.

Side Bets

Some Live Blackjack tables offer side bets as an extra chance to earn more or bigger payouts. 21 + 3 lets you bet on the chance of a 3-hand poker combination occurring such as three of a kind or a flush. You can also bet on a perfect pair where you can try and match same colour, same suit or a normal pair with the dealer.


Allows you occupy more than one seat at the table, letting you play more than one hand each round. Usually the maximum is 5 hands per round but it may be less.

Every Live Blackjack game has a detailed “help” menu that includes the game rules and guide on how to play.

Odds and Payouts

As you immerse yourself at the tables it’s important to know how the odds and payouts work in Blackjack.

A winning hand pays 1:1 which means you’ll receive the same amount as your bet in winnings. So if you bet €5 you’d receive an additional €5 from the dealer. A winning Blackjack hand (10 value card + Ace Card) pays 3:2, which means if you bet €10 you’ll receive €15 from the dealer. A push is when you and the dealer have the same card value, in which case your bet is returned.

Live Blackjack has some of the best odds out of all online casino games. Use the below table to help your game and learn the odds when taking an extra card. Should you Stand or Hit? As you can see in the table, your chance to bust is higher when your total hand value is higher.

Top 3 Strategies

There are several alternatives available that will help lower the house edge in your favour. Before you decide to hit or stand, first think if one of the below strategies should be your first choice.


If you’re dealt two cards with the same value you can choose to split them into two separate hands and play them separately. This can be a great option in certain situations, for example when you are dealt a pair of 8s or Aces.

Double Down Feature

If you think the next card will allow you to win, this feature will double your bet and receive the final card, but no more cards can be received afterwards. This strategy should only be used if you think you have a clear advantage or that the dealer is likely to bust.


This move allows you to surrender your hand and keep half your bet. You may want to use this if the dealer’s face up card is an Ace. It could mean there’s a high chance the dealer will have a perfect hand of Blackjack (A + 10).

Software (Playtech’s Live Blackjack Platform)

Did you know all of our Live Blackjack tables are provided by Playtech’s award-winning Eurolive platform? It was built from the ground up to be safe, secure and well trusted. With studios across the world, the Live Blackjack tables are available 24/7, 365 days a week for you to enjoy.

State-of-the-art cameras are used to live stream the action and all of our dealers are highly-trained to ensure the best possible service. You won’t be disappointed when you take a seat at our Blackjack tables.


If you need any help playing Live Blackjack or you need to know how the interesting Blackjack Variety games work, there’s always help at hand. Remember, only make your first bet when you’re truly ready to play.

  • Customer Support: You’ll find our specialised Customer Support team are always on hand to help you with any questions or difficulties you may have. Available 24 hours a day via Live Chat, email and telephone from Ireland.
  • In-Game Help Menu: To find specific game help, first open your selected game and then click on the menu in the top-left corner. Here you will find all of the game’s information such as how to play, rules, payouts and more.

Bonuses and Promotions

To get the most out of your Live Blackjack experience we have plenty of bonuses and promotions available for you to boost your balance before starting to play. And we provide specialised bonuses for Live blackjack to ensure you get the best treatment that are updated constantly.

Don’t have an account at Ireland yet? Click on the banner below to sign up and claim your Welcome Bonus Package. Visit our bonus page to see all the options and key bonus information.

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Additional Live Dealer Games

Don’t forget we have more than just Live Blackjack tables available at You’ll also find plenty of Live Roulette tables where you can spin the wheel with plenty of variations that pack a serious punch. These include the popular Spread Roulette game, which has a second golden wheel allowing for even more bets and can pay out as high as 400x your stake.

For Baccarat fans we have multiple Live Baccarat tables so you can bet on the cards against the dealer, including a dedicated squeeze table for fans of the slower, nail biting on.

You’ll also find other popular live dealer casino games such as Live Hold’em, Hi Low, Spin a Win, 3 Card Brag and more. And all come with a wide range of betting limits and top-class dealers to provide a premium gaming service to our Irish players.


Whether you’re an advanced pro, a beginner or just looking for a relaxing time, you’ll enjoy the choice of live Blackjack games on offer. Sign up and take a seat at one of our many Blackjack tables, select your chip size and place your bet as you take your gaming to new heights. Make your first deposit and claim your Welcome Bonus Package to start with a bigger bankroll.

Enjoy your Live Blackjack experience now at Ireland!