Play Progressive Blackjack Online at NZ

If you are tired of playing your standard version of blackjack, try out progressive blackjack online at New Zealand. This game offers you the potential to score big by placing larger bets on each hand. Thus, you will walk away with more money in your wallet.

How to Play Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack is so similar to traditional online blackjack that the entire game is played the same way. The only difference is that you bet in an additional side bet that can increase your winnings. Once you have made your bets in the same way you would a normal game of blackjack, the cards are dealt by the Dealer. Like other blackjack casino games, you have the option of playing one hand or multiple hands during each turn. Each hand that has been dealt is played out, and the Dealer hands you the money you deserve for each hand you have won.

Here is where the good part comes in. In a side pot, you can bet on your own hand and win even more money. During the betting process, you can add $1 to the progressive jackpot and win money based on what cards are in your hand. Basically, you can win double with only one hand!

The Blackjack Rules and History information pages will shed more light on this topic and help you create a winning strategy for each time you play!

Progressive Blackjack Payouts

Below is a list of payouts for the progressive jackpot on our online casino.

1 ace = $1

2 aces = $5

2 aces, same color = $10

2 aces, same suit = $50

3 aces = $100

3 aces, same color = $250

4 aces = $1400

3 aces, same suit = $2500

4 aces, same suit = You win the ENTIRE JACKPOT!