Play Hot Gems Slots Online at India

If you have ever dreamed of striking it rich from all your mining efforts, then you are going to really relate to this next online casino games option. Hot Gems features a snaggle-toothed, bushy bearded miner who’s looking to make some cash in the depths of an underground cavern. As he swings his pickaxe, the rock gives way, and a flood of sparkling jewels comes cascading out. Well, we can’t promise that this exact scenario will play out, but we are pretty sure that you will be entertained by the humourous antics of the dancing miner, and you might even win a hefty haul of your own.

Hot Gems Unique Features

As the game finishes loading, you will already be regaled by this quirky little character as the overall-clad miner dances out onto the screen. He’ll do a little jig across the reels, and then leave you amused and ready to begin playing. Enjoy the brightly coloured jewels in every shade of the rainbow from shining reds, oranges and yellows to cool blues, greens and purples. These are the basic reel images, but there are plenty of other ones to also pine for. Aside from the familiar face that you’ve seen so much of already, all of the miner’s gear is accompanying him along these reels. Find lanterns, pickaxes, and barrels filled with jewels lining the rows to make up each round.

There are also the standard types of specialty symbols. A fire-crackling wild symbol will help you make more matches than you were able to previously, just don’t try to pair it up with the scatter or freebie icons. The scatter symbol is the Hot Gems logo, and it’s a great image to find because it multiplies your earnings with each appearance it makes on the screen. Finally, you’ll find a bonus option when you get three free games symbols to appear on the odd numbered reels. When this happens, 15 free spins will be put onto the screen, and each round will be accompanied by the collapsing reels multiplier feature. This is a wild feature that you are really going to love seeing in action at our online casino. Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Hot Gems Collapsing Reels

  • Each time you make a winning combo in online slots, the collapsing reels feature pops up.
  • The symbols that were part of the combo will explode in a spray of rock. This will leave room for new gems to fall into their places.
  • That’s just what happens; new gems fall down from the top of the screen, filling in the spots that were recently vacated.
  • Any new winning combinations results in the same chain reaction, and the wins are calculated accordingly.
  • It’s basically like getting a second chance at winning, again and again!