Play Funky Fruits Slots Online at India

If you are tired of the typical gambling experience, then we have got a remedy for your morose expression for sure. Funky Fruits is an exciting online slots machine that is unlike anything you have ever played. Don’t believe us? Then step inside our fabulous online casino, and take it for a test drive. You’ll quickly see that this game lives up to its expectations and beyond!

Funky Fruits Settings

Funky Fruits has a fruity flavour that is certainly funky, so you can safely say that the designers were spot on when they named this online casino game! just imagine you have been transported to a beach with the softest sand under your toes and the clearest water stretched out for miles and miles before you. You are lounging in the shade of a colorful umbrella, and in your hand is the most delicious fruit cocktail you have ever tasted. This is the setting for Funky Fruits, and, now that the stage has been set, you can enter in full character.

Funky Fruits, as one would imagine, likes to change things up a bit. You are probably used to playing slots machines that require you to find three or more of the same symbol in order to collect the cash. That’s because 99% of the slots out there are designed this way, but, like we said, this version likes to shake it up. So instead of looking for three, you are going to be trying for five of the same symbol! Relax, it’s not as hard as it sounds because you get to find combos in any direction, up and down, right to left, left to right. It doesn’t matter, just so long as it’s all five.

Funky Fruits Collapsing Reels

Another cool feature that makes this game different from so many others is the way the round progresses. Normally, after the reels finish spinning, the round is over, and things are reset for a new one to take place. Not so here under the sun. Instead, when you hit a win, the items will burst into pieces, leaving space for new symbols to fall in their place. The more often this happens, the bigger your overall win will be!

Funky Fruits Symbols

So what are the icons that will be on the reels today? Well, we’ve got a few of your favorite produce selections among the mix for sure. Look out for oranges, lemons, cherries, plums, watermelons, and pineapples. Unlike other fruit-based diets or games, though, these tree-picked delights have unique personalities that will come out during each round. What’s that all about? Well, you’ll just have to play a few rounds to find out! Load up the Funky Fruits beach scene now from our online casino games lobby, and see why so many people are playing at India today!