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Feeling a little crazy? Well then you are just in time for the best slots machine experience for you because Crazy 7 is rolling in from our gaming lobby right now! You can play this old school style option for a taste of some authentic online casino games fun that’s just a bit on the zany side. Find out what’s making everyone go mad about this version today!

Crazy 7 – A Classic Single Line Version

If you are looking for intense action, out of this world graphics and whirlwind bonus features, then check out one of our other slots machines. Crazy 7 is actually not that kind of lunacy, but, rather, it’s got a kind of twitch that is all its own. So what makes this one stand out in a crowd? Well, the bright colors, the flashing lights and the stupendous odds are all possibilities, and you can take your pick the next time you load up your favorite single line option.

Crazy 7 Crazy 7 Crazy 7

How to Play Crazy 7 Slots

Need to learn the basics before you can begin having some fun around here? No problem; we’ve got the breakdown right here. Playing online slots at our online casino is simple, and the classic single line options are even more rudimentary, so you’ll pick it up in a snap. When the game loads, you will notice a few things. For starters, there are an awful lot of sevens floating around the screen. From the logo to the paytable and the reels, you just can’t escape this symbol that is emblazoned every which where. That’s okay, though, because once you learn how to play, you’ll be wishing for that lucky number all the time!

To start playing, you have to chance a bet. The amount varies from a mere pittance to three units, so you can choose a bet that will fit comfortably in your purse. Once you’ve set the wager amount (indicated by the field to the left of the reels that says BET above it), you can choose if you want to play a single, double or triple wager. This brings us to the paytable that we mentioned earlier. Notice how there are three columns with an arrow above each one. These columns tell you how much each winning combination will earn for you if you are lucky enough to strike it during the round. If you bet a single line, for example, and you hit any seven combination, you will be rewarded with five units. If you would bet the same but wager a triple wager, then you would walk away with triple that amount as your earnings. Also notice that different coloured sevens award different prize values. The red is the most profitable, so if you are keeping your fingers crossed, it may as well be for that one to show up in triplicate. Now just press spin, and you are on your way to victory!