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On the surface, American Roulette is like any other game of roulette, but once you start playing, you begin to realize that this is not exactly the case. You see, there are a few important differences that make you have a totally new experience when playing this version, and it is these differences that gives you a greater challenge and a more exciting gaming session. Want to know what those small but integral changes to the classic version are? Find out when you spin this terrific American Roulette wheel!


As we mentioned, American Roulette looks a lot like any other version that you are used to playing. You get to put a wager onto the betting table; you can mix and match your wagers as you see fit; you have a spinning wheel, the same white ball and a win just like you are used to. Look a little closer, though, and you might notice a minor difference. You found it; the wheel has an additional slot on it that wasn’t there in the original version. The double zero space makes things work out a lot differently than you are used to, and that is the essence of the gambling challenge for this game.

Playing American Roulette Right

What’s the big deal about adding another number to the wheel, though? Is it really going to change the way you play? If you are a smart gambler, then it certainly will. For one thing, once you change the number of spots on the wheel, your whole strategy that is based on probability and odds will no longer be a valid play. Instead, you will have to recalculate, reconfigure and reassess your moves so that your new betting strategy works along with this new setup. For another thing, since the extra space is a double zero, there is a different house edge on these rounds.


Recently, IN decided to remove American Roulette from our extensive casino game library. Whilst it wasn’t an easy decision, it was done in the best interest of our players.

There are still many different online Roulette variations available at IN that use the European wheel. These games are more popular around the world for a variety of reasons. The biggest advantage these games have over the American game is the wheel consists of 36 pockets, with a single zero, instead of the 37 pockets and double-zero found on the American wheel. While it may not seem like a big difference, the extra zero pocket significantly changes the odds in the casino favour.

European and French Roulette variants are more popular with Indian players for many reasons. For starters, they give better odds for the players, which not only means increased odds of winning but increasing the size of your bankroll as well. Most of the popular Roulette strategies are based on even money bets, and the second zero in the American game destroys those odds.

There are also some side bets, like ‘La Partage,’ which lowers the House edge even more since it pays out half the bet when the ball lands in the 0 pocket, and ‘En Prison’ which allows a player to recoup a loss on the spin after a 0. These options are common in French and European Roulette and non-existent in the American Roulette variant.

Take advantage of the better odds offered in the European and French Roulette games, and register your account at IN to play for real money. In addition to great odds, you will also be eligible to claim a Welcome Package when your registration is complete, with excellent bonuses for online Roulette.