Play Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw Game Show

Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular TV game shows in the world. Playtech has adapted the game for the Live Casino by combining it with Bingo, giving everyone a chance at winning real money.

Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw looks just like the TV show, with a live host keeping the game moving. Instead of the player choosing cases to eliminate, the host will draw 20 bingo balls. Any case that matches the number on the ball will be removed. At the end of the round, the Banker will make an offer to all qualified players.

Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw is a Live Game Show. You can stream all the action in real-time, chat with your host, and bring the Live Casino to your home, like never before.


  • Game Type: Live Game Show, Bingo
  • Provider: Playtech
  • Min Bet $:10
  • Max Bet $: 100
  • RTP: 95.28%
  • Multipliers: 2x -25x
  • Theme: Deal or No Deal Game Show


After buying a ticket and boosting the prizes, the player will be shown to the main Live Game Show floor. The live host will display 16 locked briefcases and a case of bingo balls. At the start of the game, the live host will release 20 bingo. If the bingo ball number matches a number on the case, that case will be opened and the prize eliminated from the game.

To qualify for the Banker's offer, you must open at least 7 cases. After the initial 20 balls drop, the dealer will offer to sell you six additional balls. Once you open 8 cases, a multiplier boosts the prize total in each case. You can buy a second set of six balls for a total of 32 balls.

At the end of each round of bingo balls, the Banker will make you an offer. You can accept it, refuse it and open your case, or switch cases and take one of the cases off the board.

Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw has a side game you can activate during the prize boost at the beginning of the game, called the Mini Draw. This is a classic 3x3 bingo game, and you can buy multiple tickets for additional chances of winning real money. The Mini Draw game ends with the first 20 balls.


There are 3 phases to playing Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw:

Phase 1: Buying tickets and boosting the prizes

You must buy a ticket to play Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw. Ticket prices range from $0.10 minimum bet to $100 max bet. Once you buy your ticket, you'll see the 16 prizes that will be locked away in silver cases. You have the option to boost the size of one or more of the cases. Choose your boost price between $0.01 and $100 per boost. Then, click on a prize you want to boost, and five closed cases will appear on your screen. Open a case, and it will reveal the prize boost. You can continue boosting prizes until the timer reaches 0 and the game starts.

Phase 2: The first 20 balls

The 16 prizes are placed in randomly numbered cases. The live host will start the bingo ball machine, sending out 20 balls. Any case with a matching number to the bingo ball will be eliminated from the game. You need to eliminate at least 7 seven cases to qualify for the Banker's offer. If you didn't reach the 7 case limit, the dealer will offer to sell you an additional 6 balls. The price depends on the prizes remaining in the cases. If you remove 8 or more cases, a multiplier ranging from 2x – 25x will be applied to your cases.

Phase 3: Banker Offer

If you qualify for the Banker offer, you will receive the option to accept the cash offer, refuse the deal, and continue trying to remove more cases, increase your multiplier, or switch cases. If you switch cases, select one of the remaining cases on the board and open it to discover if you made a good deal.


The main Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw game has an estimated RTP of 95.28%, while the Mini Draw side game is slightly higher at 95.28%.

The payouts depend on many different factors, such as the prize boost and the luck of the bingo balls. If you have multiple high-value cases remaining when the Banker makes an offer, you can expect a higher offer. However, if your cases are mixed or primarily low-value prizes, you will get low-balled by the Banker.

You can increase your payout when you unlock the multipliers after the 8th case is opened. With a 25x maximum multiplier, you can have the chance of winning a prize. 

The 16 base prizes are:

0.1x0. 2x0. 3x0. 4x
0. 5x0. 6x0. 7x0. 8x
0. 9x1x1.5x2x

If you choose the boost the prizes, the five cases hold the following prize boosts:



Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw gives the player the power to make decisions that can help determine whether you win or lose. After the first 20 balls are completed, you have to decide whether it's worth buying the next set of 6 balls or folding and waiting for the next round to begin.

If the Banker's offer is more than you've bet on the game, the smart move is to take the win. The Banker will always show you the maximum possible win, based on the top prize remaining on the board and applying the 25x multiplier. The odds of winning that prize are pretty low, so the smart move is to take the sure win.

While the game is a Live Game Show, only the Bingo balls are live. The Banker is powered by RNG software, and the payouts are based on a calculation of the top possible prize and the remaining prizes in the cases.


Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw is a Live Game Show that brings all the popular TV show and Bingo elements. Player's will have a decision to make – take the Banker's offer or take a gamble and try and find a case with a bigger prize. The only way to play is to register an account on a legal CA casino that supports this game  and make a deposit. Then, claim your exclusive Welcome Package, head to the Live Casino Lobby, and play Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw for real money.

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