Payment Methods: Deposits and Withdrawals

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Deposits and withdrawals are one of the most important aspects of playing at an online casino. That’s why here at CA, we take the subject very seriously. We attempt to offer our players many options so that they feel comfortable choosing their favourite method for transactions.

We ensure that the payment methods we offer are amongst the safest on the market. We not only utilise a secure socket layer to ensure utmost safety at our end, but we also use providers who can guarantee that they take similar precautions to give our customers the security that they deserve.

Because all of the providers we use offer similar levels of security, you can be sure that they are trustworthy and that your information is at safe hands.


Our deposit method choices on offer are highly diverse. We give you as much choice as we can to make complicated matters easy for you while also making sure that our casino payment methods are safe and secure.

Our deposit methods are split up into a number of different categories. This allows you to choose from our range of methods and make sure that you pick the right one for you. We offer customers the ability to make transaction via:

  • Card payments.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Wallets.
  • Prepaid cards.

These are all of the different options that we offer to our customers:

Visa - the second-largest card payment company in the world. Their network for payments is one of the most advanced in the world and are able to carry out more than 100 billion transactions a year. The fraud detection in place on Visa cards is the most advanced in the world with more than 500 different aspects checked on every transaction. They offer our customers the ability to use a credit card, debit card or prepaid card which gives a huge amount of flexibility. Deposits are made almost instantly using Visa.

Mastercard - one of the oldest card companies on the market. They have a market share that is comparable to Visa, coming to a close second. Mastercard offers high levels of security to customers and deposits are usually processed within an hour. There are both debit and credit card options available to customers as well as the ability to load a prepaid card with funds to use.

Maestro – is a debit card that has been around since 1991. It is owned by MasterCard, which should give players peace of mind knowing all transactions are completely secure. Maestro is connected to the card holder’s bank account and can be used at the point of sale (POS). One of the main advantages of using Maestro at CA is that, unlike a credit card, you can’t deposit money that isn’t in your account. This is helpful for budgeting and preventing payers from depositing more money than they can afford.

Bank Transfers - were originally the most popular way to make deposits to casinos. However, due to some recent changes, it is no longer an available deposit method. It is a viable withdrawal method, with a $35,000 maximum limit. This will transfer funds directly from your bank account into your CA account. It is usually processed within an hour and guarantees maximum levels of security. Banks always have a number of protocols in place to ensure that only you can use your bank account.

Citadel Instant Payments - offers customers the ability to make a deposit to their CA account without directly going through your bank account. It doesn’t even require an account with Citadel to carry out the transactions. As long as you have an account with one of the supported 300+ financial institutions, you will be able to use Citadel Instant Payments to make a deposit. Their levels of security are extremely high, especially as they do not store any login information related to your bank account. This means that once you have logged into your Citadel Instant Payments account, it makes your transactions highly secure.

ecoPayz - one of the most popular payment methods for Canadian players. ecoPayz works more as a prepaid card than an e-wallet for customers. If you want to make a payment using your ecoPayz account, make sure that it is funded. This means that on top of the security that they have in place, the limit to how much money is placed in there makes them even safer. Deposits are made at a high speed, however it can sometimes take some time for your bank to clear the deposit made to your ecoPayz account.

iDebit - offer their customers security on a par with a bank. They use 2048-bit encryption to ensure that their web traffic cannot be intercepted. iDebit work as an intermediary between CA and your bank when you make a deposit. iDebit is recognised by all major Canadian banks which makes it a great choice for Canadian players. Deposits are processed within an hour when using iDebit.

Instadebit - a transfer method that allows you to access your bank account and make a payment from it. All you need is to sign up for Instadebit and enter your bank account information. This is a secure method of payment because it adds an additional layer of security between your bank and where you make payments. You don’t need to be signed up to a specific bank to use Instadebit, you just create your own Instadebit account and then link it to your bank account to start making payments.

PaySafeCard - isn’t just one of the most popular payment methods for Canadian players, but also across the whole world. A PaySafeCard works just like a prepaid debit card. Customers can buy a card that has one large value on it or can split it up into a number of different values if they like. This means that there is no link to your bank account when using a PaySafeCard. There is also a wide range of security protocols in place which makes PaySafeCard one of the most secure payment methods on the market. You will need a “My PaySafeCard” email account if you want to make a withdrawal back to your card. However, any deposit that uses the PaySafeCard PIN, as opposed to the emails, can’t be withdrawn, and you will need to make a bank transfer withdrawal.

Interac – is the national debit card network for Canada. For this reason, many Canadian players will use Interac over Visa or Mastercard for their debit card. Interac has a high level of security in place which makes them highly trustworthy and reliable. Interac also offers an online service along with debit card services. This will allow you to make a deposit either with your debit card or through an e-wallet when using Interac.

MuchBetter - is one of the newest payment methods to hit the market. It allows customers to download an app to their smartphone which can be used to make payments through either a prepaid card or an e-wallet. The account can be funded through a variety of different methods which is why it’s extremely simple to use as well as safe and secure.

The deposit limit for each method varies depending on a number of different factors. Some will be limited by what your bank allows while others will need to build up a history of usage before higher payments can be made. If you would like to discover more about these payment limits or our casino payment methods in general, please give our Help and Support section a read.

Flykk – is a new way to quickly transfer money, and now you can use it to make deposits at CA. It uses direct debit funding, which means that you can connect to your bank account and securely deposit between $10 and $25,000.

No Deposit Options

There are a number of different no deposit options available to players at CA. This will allow you to play on the variety of casino games that we offer without making a deposit. All you need to do is register an account with us for free.

Unfortunately, these offers are seasonal and they are currently not available at

For more information about the bonuses and any free spins, visit our promotions page.


The withdrawal methods that we offer to players are almost the same as our casino payment methods. The only difference is that some of the prepaid card options, will not allow you to make a withdrawal. Because our usual policy is to make a withdrawal to the same method that was used for payment, in this case, we would need to have an alternative payment method available in order for you to make a withdrawal.

There may also be an individual withdrawal limit applied to each payment method that differs from our own withdrawal limit. In this case, whichever amount is lowest would supersede the other limit.

For more information about withdrawals please look through our Withdrawal Policy. If that doesn’t give you the help you need, check out the Help and Support section below.

Payment Method Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal
Visa $10 $25,000 $5 $25,000
INTERAC $25 $25,000 $25 $9,999
MasterCard $10 $25,000 N/A N/A
InstaDebit $25 $15,000 $25 $15,000
PaySafeCard $10 $400 $10 $3,500
MuchBetter $15 $15,000 $15 $15,000
iDebit $20 $15,000 $20 $15,000
Citadel Instant Payments $20 $15,000 $20 $4,999
ecoPayz $25 $15,000 $5 $15,000
Maestro $10 $25,000 $5 $25,000
Flykk $10 $25,000 N/A N/A
Bank Transfer N/A N/A $50 $35,000


If there are any other issues that may pop up, our customer support team are always happy to help. We are on hand to solve any issues that you may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our support team can be contacted through our website contact form or live chat. We can also be contacted via email or via telephone (international number). This will allow us to help you to resolve all issues in the fastest manner possible.

Payment Method FAQ

What is important when selecting a payment method? CA only works with secure payment methods that are available in Canada. That being said, there are a few important factors to look at when choosing which one is best for you. While CA doesn’t charge any transaction fees, the payment processor might have some added costs for deposits and withdrawals. It’s also a good idea to look at the minimum and maximum limits and find one that fits within your budget.

What is the safest online payment method?

All of the financial transactions at CA are encrypted using state of the art technology. The different payment methods are all backed by major financial institutions and have their own security in place as well. Visa and MasterCard have the benefit of being global brands with powerful anti-fraud and anti-theft measures to offer added protection to their users.

How long do withdrawals generally take? CA processes all withdrawals instantly. However, the actual time it can take to see the money back in your account will vary based on how you withdraw the money. There are some who process it instantly while others take up to 5 business days.

I am having issues depositing money, what's the best way to contact

If you’re having trouble making a deposit, you can reach out to the CA customer support team via our 24/7 live chat. There is also a detailed FAQ section that might be able to provide a reason as to why your deposits aren’t going through.