Best Online Casino Bonuses in Canada - Top Offers in 2024

CA casinos provides a huge selection of casino bonuses for Canadian players and prides itself on being transparent when it comes to wagering requirements and other terms. In this guide we’ll take a closer look at the bonuses available on the site, giving you the knowledge you need in order to use casino bonuses properly.


Unless otherwise stated, only one casino bonus can be active on a player’s account at any given time. However, you can queue bonuses up if you meet the criteria, in which case they will become active in the order that they were issued to you (with the exception of after-wager bonuses, which only be-come active when wagering requirements are met).

The types of casino bonuses available on  CA Casinos are:

No Deposit Bonus (Free Bonus)

The no deposit bonus, as its name suggests, does not require a deposit, but players will still be required to register. This is one of the most sought-after bonuses in the online gambling sector, and it is particularly popular with small-to-medium stake players.

No deposit bonuses give players a feel for the casino without needing to spend real money. These bo-nuses always come with a wagering requirement, which is also known as a play-through rate. This means that the players will be required to wager their bonus money a set number of times before they can withdraw it via their chosen payment method.

Deposit Required Bonus (Reload Bonus)

By far the most common type of casino bonus, the deposit bonus comes in several forms. The most common of these is the matched deposit bonus, which rewards players with a set amount based on how much money they deposit.

Typically awarded to first-time depositors, , this bonus is often displayed as a percentage amount, with the percentage referring to the amount of bonus credits the player will receive in relation to their deposit.

A 100% matched deposit bonus, for instance, will add $10 in bonus credits to a $10 deposit, effectively doubling the player’s deposit; a 50% matched deposit bonus will add $5 to a $10 bonus. These bonuses always come with limits, but this refers to the amount received as opposed to the amount deposited.

For example, a 100% matched deposit bonus up to $500 returns $500 in bonus credits whether the player deposits $500, $1,000 or $10,000.

Reload bonuses, are also a form of deposit bonus and they work in the same way. The difference is that reload bonuses are offered to loyal players as an incentive to make a further deposit.

All deposit bonuses, are tied to a wagering requirement that differs from casino to casino and bonus to bonus.

Pre-Wager Bonuses

A pre-wager bonus can be either a reload bonus or a no deposit bonus as it refers to the time that the bonus is paid out and not the method. Simply put, a pre-wager bonus is paid to players as soon as they meet the requirements (such as making a deposit or registering an ac-count), but the bonus only becomes real, transferable money when the wagering requirement is met.

Until the wagering requirements are met in full, the “money” remains in a bonus balance and may be subject to limitations on how it can be used and when it needs to be used by.

After-Wager Bonuses

This bonus can include a no deposit or deposit bonus but unlike pre-wager bonuses it is only released after the wagering requirements have been met.

Also known as a post-wager bonus, the credits may remain “pending” in a player’s account until the requirements have been met, at which point they are released and the players are often free to do with them as they please.

Casino Bonus Codes

Some bonuses are unlocked automatically or after the player clicks on a link, others require the player to input a specific code:

Casino bonus codes are used by the casino to provide players with multiple options and to keep sev-eral bonuses active across the site. This means that players can choose whether to use a code that will grant them a no-deposit bonus or a code that will give them a matched deposit bonus, for instance.

Codes and other details can be found on the  promotions page. One of the best ways to ensure you stay in the loop and get access to the best new bonuses as and when they appear is to sign up to the casino’s  newsletter and other promotional materials. By opting-in you can stay on top of the latest changes and gain access to the latest bonuses.

VIP Program

VIP bonuses are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and include everything from reload bonuses and exclusive promotions to a dedicated VIP account manager and cash-back.

If you meet the criteria, then you will be contacted by a VIP account manager who will discuss the pro-cess with you.

Players in the VIP program are provided with access to a host of additional bonuses and benefits and are also given a chance to become a VIP Elite, which comes with special gifts, cash-back, invitations to exclusive events and much more.

Cash and Cash-Back

A cash-back bonus is rare and is typically reserved for specific prize tiers in the VIP Program. A cash-back bonus gives players cash, often in the form of a partial refund of net losses. These bonuses rarely require any form of wagering requirement, so the cash amount is made available for immediate with-drawal.

Golden Chips

A Golden Chip is a unique type of bonus somewhat similar to the free spins available on slot machines. A Golden Chip gives you a free play of your chosen casino game, such as a free hand of Blackjack, or a free spin of Roulette.

You will see all available Golden Chips alongside your table chip balance and can use these just like normal chips. Money won via a Golden Chip bet is either paid out as cash or as bonus credits.

Slot Machines

The “bonuses” on a slot machine are a little different to the standard bonuses that you’ll find in a casi-no.

These bonuses are either unlocked completely at random or when the player reveals a set amount of Scatter symbols (usually three to six). Players are then taken to a bonus round where they can boost their winnings with free spins, money wheels, and other games of chance.

Slot machine bonuses typically fall into one of two categories: free spins, where players are given a set amount of spins that don’t require an additional bet, or interactive games, where players are tasked with spinning wheels, choosing items, or even playing a 3D game.

Free Spins

There are two types of free spins available on online casinos:

  1. The first awards players a set number of plays on a specific game. These bonuses are often included as part of welcome bonuses, but can also be used as reload bonuses and loyalty programs.
  2. The second type of free spin bonus is found within the slot itself and is unlocked as part of normal play. Check out our free spins page to learn more.


Not all casino bonuses are alike. There are many different qualities to consider, and while they are all desirable to an extent, the type of player you are will dictate what type of bonus is best for you.

As an example, a small stakes player will be content with a no deposit bonus as it will allow them to sample the casino at a stake level they are familiar with.

However, a high-stakes player may find a no deposit bonus limiting and will no doubt prefer a com-prehensive VIP program and a large deposit bonus.

Luckily, CA casinos have a little something for everyone, so when making your choice make sure you look out for the following:

  1. Bonus Amount.
  2. Game Context.
  3. Redeemable or Non-Redeemable.
  4. Wagering Requirements.


Pay close attention to the size of the bonus and whether or not it requires you to make a deposit. Does it fit within your usual limits, is it too big, is it too small?

Game Context

Is the bonus limited to a particular game and if so, is it a game that you even want to play? 100 free spins sound great to anyone’s ears, but what if those spins are only available on a video slot that you don’t like? What if you have lots of Golden Chips but you can only use them on games you don’t know how to play?

Pay close attention to the terms of the bonus to understand how it can be used.


  1. Redeemable Bonus: Welcome Package Bonuses are often the perfect example of a redeemable bonus. The bonus money is added to your balance and you can use it to wager on casino games before with-drawing it when you meet the wagering requirements.
  2. Non-Redeemable Bonus: Only the money that you win with the bonus can be redeemed and not the bonus itself.

Wagering Requirements

Finally, it’s important to consider the bonus’s wagering requirements (also known as “rollover" and “play-through rate”) as these can differ greatly from one bonus to the next and there may be specific terms that you need to pay close attention to.

A wagering requirement is used on the vast majority of casino bonuses, especially those aimed at new players. It may be calculated based on one of the following:

  • Multipliers of the deposit.
  • Multipliers of the bonus.
  • Multipliers of the sum of the deposit and bonus.

You can find the exact method, along with other details, in the Terms and Conditions of the bonus.

Wager Percent Contribution

Not all bets contribute 100% to the wagering requirement and you should check the exact contribution percentages before you play.

As an example, a bonus that has a 20x wagering requirement means you need to wager your bonus 20 times over (staking $200 for a $10 bonus, for instance) before the terms are met.

However, some games, such as roulette, contribute much less to the total, which means a $1 bet may only contribute $0.25.

Game wager percent contributions can be found here.


Top online casinos in Canada go above and beyond to provide the very best casino bonuses and to ensure these meet the needs of every player, regardless of their stake or their gaming preferences. That’s why you’ll find bonuses for new members and loyal members; bonuses for casual players and high rollers; and bonuses for slot fans and card game players.

There is a little something for everyone, so make sure you drop by the promotions page of your preferred casino  today and get the one that best suits you.