Best $5 Deposit Casinos in Canada

A $5 minimum deposit casino is a great way to get started with gambling. You can try games in a low-risk environment with an even lower barrier to entry. Come see why a $5 deposit casino could be right for you!

New and veteran players alike are drawn to $5 minimum deposit casinos for their low deposits. Getting to sample a casino for only $5 is a great bargain, so you can just dip your toes in the water. If the casino or its games aren’t to your liking, you can easily switch to something new—you’ve only spent $5 after all.

Due to these advantages, 5 dollar deposit casinos are a growing trend in the casino industry. Our experts have collected our favourite $5 minimum deposit casinos for you to check out, so let’s take a look!

Best $5 Deposit Casinos

If you’re looking to dive into gambling at a safe, reputable $5 deposit casino with a suite of premium features for you to enjoy, here are our top-ranking picks!

CasinoMinimum DepositWelcome Bonus
Jackpot City$5.00100% Deposit Matching up to $1,600.00
Spin Casino$5.00100% Deposit Matching up to $1,000.00
Ruby Fortune$5.00100% Deposit Matching up to $750.00
Royal Vegas$5.00100% Deposit Matching up to $1,200.00

Advantages and Disadvantages of $5 Deposit Casinos

Unsure if a $5 deposit casino is the right choice for you? Here are the pros and cons you should take into consideration when deciding whether to take these casinos for a spin.

✔ What We Love: A $5 deposit casino makes gambling accessible to more than just wealthy high-rollers. Being able to try out real money casinos for cheap lets you explore new options and helps get new people into the hobby when they otherwise might not be able to save up for a big deposit.

And by investing only $5 at a casino, should anything go wrong, the risk stays low. Plus, with a $5 deposit bonus, you can still get plenty of playtime out of a single deposit!

✘ What We Dislike: The best $5 deposit casinos offer a well-rounded experience, but still fall short in a few places. Chief among these is high wagering requirements, where the casino lets you play for less upfront but tries to squeeze extra cash out of you over time.

A $5 minimum deposit casino can also restrict what games are available unless you put down a larger deposit. Most often you’ll be limited to games with poor Return To Player (RTP) which makes it harder to earn winnings at a $5 deposit casino.

The Bottom Line: Like any business, a $5 deposit casino still wants to turn a profit, and if they’re not making money off deposits, be wary of how else they’ll try to shake you down for cash. But if you play at a reputable, well-reviewed $5 deposit casino, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of a luxurious casino experience with none of the expenses!

How We Rank $5 Deposit Casinos

When we rank and review casinos, we act like players ourselves. We open new accounts, weigh up the banking options, try some games, and more. Here are the top criteria we look for in outstanding five dollar deposit casinos:

  • Variety of $5 Deposit Methods: A casino may offer $5 deposits, but only on niche banking methods. If a casino allows $5 minimum deposits with several fast, low-fee banking methods, that allows players to pay however is most convenient for them without sacrificing their low deposit.
  • Accessibility: The best minimum deposit casinos make it easy for new players to get started, both via low deposits but also via a user-friendly site and a straightforward sign up process.
  • Great Player Value: You want to see value for your money at a $5 deposit casino. The very best casinos will host lots of high payout casino games with low minimum bets to maximize your winnings.
  • No-Deposit Bonuses: We want to see bonuses that reward players with free spins or free credit to extend their play sessions at no added cost. This means the bonuses shouldn’t need any deposits to redeem, or at least stick to the $5 minimum deposit.
  • Flexible Banking: Aside from making deposits, you’ll also need to cash out your winnings. The casino’s variety of payment options should offer something for every type of player so nobody has to pay fees or wait weeks for their withdrawals.

There’s a lot that can help a $5 deposit casino stand out from the competition. The average casino might meet one or two of these criteria, but our recommended casinos excel in all five, earning them out seal of approval.

Top $5 Deposit Casinos

The best $5 minimum deposit casinos are all about variety. Even for a low deposit, they offer a mix of games, bonuses, banking options, and more to cater to all types of players. Without further ado, here are the reasons you should check out our favourite Canadian $5 deposit casinos!

Jackpot City


Jackpot City is an appealing option for first-time gamblers thanks to its high RTP and generous welcome offer. With a user-friendly site and a high payout, newbies can get off to a strong start, though watch out for the high wagering requirements. The casino also offers one of the better casino apps available, so you can take your gaming on the go!

C$1,600 Deposit Bonus + 10 Free Shots To Win C$1,000,000 Daily

Spin Casino

Spin Casino

Between Spin Casino’s bonus wheel for extra daily promotions and their games collection featuring penny slots, you’ll find tons of value here! Expect your money to go a long way as you enjoy hours of fun for just $5. Withdrawals can take a while to process however, so be patient.

C$1,000 Deposit Bonus

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune

For budget-conscious banking, Ruby Fortune is the place to play. They pay out quickly and with low-to-zero fees on transactions, via a great selection of banking options. Ruby Fortune also hosts several high RTP table games in their live casino, as well as classic slots fare. However, wagering requirements can be steep, so be careful when claiming bonuses.

C$750 Bonus Over 450 Casino Games

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas

You’ll be treated to a premium casino customer experience at Royal Vegas despite the fact it’s a $5 minimum deposit casino. There’s a VIP program to climb, 24/7 top-notch support, and a number of high-value games including progressive jackpots. Sadly, the casino doesn’t accept crypto for extra-low deposits, but with Interac, you can still play for just $5.

C$1,200 Deposit Bonus
CasinoRTPFree Spins?Recommended $5 Deposit GamesBanking Methods For $5 Deposits
Jackpot City97.77%9 Masks of Fire, Fortunium, Masters of ValhallaInterac
Spin Casino96.95%Fintastic Fishing, Day of the Dinero, Amazing Link ZeusInterac
Ruby Fortune96.61%Assassin Moon, Maple Moolah, Dragon ShardInterac
Royal Vegas96.14%Book of Atem, Stallion Kingdom, Riptide PiratesInterac

As you can see, at a $5 deposit casino in Canada, Interac should be your go-to payment method to get the lowest available deposits. But these casinos also offer solid payouts—96% RTP and up is nothing to scoff at—so you can expect a great return on your investment!

How to Get Started at $5 Deposit Casinos

When you’re ready to start playing, it’s easy to get signed up at a $5 minimum deposit casino. After you open an account, you can place your first deposit and give yourself some cash to wager. Getting started can be intimidating for players new to online casinos, so let’s go over the process step-by-step.

Signing Up

Registering a new account is your first priority at a new $5 deposit casino. Here’s how to get started:

  • Find the Sign Up Page: Casinos make it easy to open a new account with lots of buttons on the site to direct you to the sign up page. Look for buttons labeled “Register” or “Sign Up”, often paired with bright colours or banner ads for the welcome bonus.
  • Enter Your Info: You’ll be presented with a form to enter your personal info. An average $5 minimum deposit casino will ask for your full name, age, street address, email, and cell number. Always provide accurate info to avoid any account disputes in the future!
  • Submit and Play: Hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form, and your account will be set up. You may also need to verify your account through an email from the casino (check your spam filter). Now you can make a deposit and hit the slots!

Making a Deposit

With an open account, you can make your $5 deposit to start making your first wagers. Here’s how to add money to your new account:

  • View Your Account: The first step is opening up your Account Overview. You can navigate here through a button labeled “Profile” or “Account” or “Wallet”. Once you see a list of banking options, you’re in the right place.
  • Choose a Deposit Method: Now you need to decide what banking method to use. Not all of them will allow a $5 minimum deposit, so read through them carefully. Also consider if any options don’t offer instant deposits, or if they charge fees.
  • Pick an Amount: With your deposit method of choice, type in how much you’d like to deposit. Of course, $5 will be the minimum, but you can add as much as you’d like. Check if you want to redeem any bonuses as you deposit, then hit “Submit” to process the transaction.
  • Start Playing: Your money will be en route to your account, and as soon as it arrives you can put it towards your first wagers! Have fun!

Naturally, casinos will offer as much guidance as possible on their site to steer you through the registration process. If you get stuck along the way, look for big, obvious buttons, or try the casino’s help section for advice.

After sign up, making a deposit should be straightforward. Just browse through your account to find the “Deposit” option. And watch for how to redeem deposit bonuses along the way!

Tips For Playing at $5 Deposit Casinos

Any of the best $5 deposit casinos will cater to your needs so you can have fun, fulfilling play sessions without any unreasonable costs. The trick is finding the perfect balance for value. Try to play it too budget-conscious and you might end up sticking to poor payout games or bonuses that reduce your overall winnings. But take too many risks and your costs could suddenly jump.

At 5 dollar deposit casinos, you should focus on casino games with low minimum bets and high RTP, for the least money in relative to the most money out. Slots have tons of low minimum bet options, particularly if a $5 deposit casino features so-called penny slots. However, slots trend toward poor RTP rates, so you’ll have to be picky.

On the other hand, table games like Blackjack and Roulette have excellent RTP that make it difficult to lose money on them over the course of a play session. But their minimum bets will be higher than on slots.

Also look to leverage bonuses for better value. Bonuses cut down on your cost-per-game via free spins or deposit matching for bonus credit. Should you spend your bonuses on high-return games, your profit margin can soar!

It is also essential to budget strategically. Trying to overcome a losing streak by pouring money into a casino defeats the point of budget-conscious gambling. Set personal limits on how much you’ll deposit each day, week, or month. Some casinos have budgeting options built in, where you can set limits in your account overview that the casino will hold you to.

Terms & Conditions

Before depositing money at any casino, you should read up on the Terms & Conditions to know what you’re getting into. By being informed, you can avoid pitfalls that might actually inflate the cost of your play session, which would be counterproductive to playing at a low deposit casino.

First off is wagering requirements, which can be phenomenally high at 5 dollar deposit casinos. These requirements prevent you from cashing out any winnings earned with casino bonuses until you wager a certain amount of real money. They can quickly turn a big win into a money pit.

As well, a $5 deposit bonus can come with a hidden time limit, or restrictions on games it can be redeemed with. These caveats are designed to cut down your winnings, and while the best payout casinos are generous with these rules, cheaper casinos may not be.

You should also be aware of what payment methods a casino accepts. $5 deposit casinos may only have one or two banking options with such low minimums. Always be sure there’s a banking method that works for you subject to the $5 minimum!

Banking Options

With so many ways to pay online, the flexibility to make deposits however you like is a boon for a $5 deposit casino. The more options, the better, since that allows you to pick the payment method that will net you the least fees, the lowest deposits, and the fastest transactions.

E-wallets and prepaid cards are perfect for 5 dollar deposit casinos. Many of the fastest payout casinos offer instant withdrawals using these methods, though some can take a few days. But low minimum deposits and zero fees make for an attractive bargain!

You can also use traditional banking methods like bank transfers or credit cards in low deposit casinos, though you often won’t be able to take advantage of the lowest possible deposit. And while these methods are very secure, they are slow and carry lots of fees.

However, if you use Interac for bank transactions, all these problems go away. At any given $5 deposit casino in Canada, Interac will offer the lowest minimum deposit with no fees and instant transfers!

But by far the best option for 5 dollar deposit casinos is cryptocurrency. Nearly all crypto allows you to make very small deposits, down to a couple cents in some casinos! Transactions are instantaneous, and you’ll enjoy low-to-zero fees.

Overall, modern and digitized banking methods like Interac and crypto tend to reign supreme for making the lowest possible deposits. And no matter what, you want to avoid fees to keep your expenses low.

$5 Deposit Bonuses

Even for a small deposit, online casinos are game to offer you splendid bonuses to kickstart your play sessions. Here are the most common bonuses at $5 deposit casinos:

  • Free Spins: These are free one-time passes to play your favourite slots! Free spins offer great value, and are often awarded in welcome bonuses or as occasional prize drops.
  • Deposit Matching: When you deposit while claiming this bonus, the casino will give you bonus credit equal to a percentage of your deposit. It’s easy to double or triple your deposit with a strong bonus to top up your balance.
  • Reload Bonuses: After a long play session, reload bonuses serve to refill your wallet. They award credit equal to a percent of your deposit, but often only match around 50%. Reload bonuses are also usually time sensitive, so you have to claim them on a certain day.
  • VIP Program: While rarer at low deposit casinos, some allow loyal players to rack up points by placing wagers and playing games. In return, the casino offers fabulous prizes like exclusive promos, tournament invites, cashback, and premium customer service!

Claiming Bonuses

Where you claim bonuses varies from casino-to-casino, but there are a few go-to places to look. First is the “Promotions” section of the casino site. This area should list all bonuses, plus their Terms & Conditions, as well as a means to redeem the offer.

Other casinos may include a list of promo codes for you to browse, which you can then input from your Account Overview. By submitting the respective code, you can claim the bonus. 

Always read up on the Terms & Conditions before claiming a bonus! Some might have prerequisites you must fulfill before redeeming them, like deposits or other opt-in requirements.

Free Spin Strategies

Redeeming free spins means you won’t pay for a given round of slots. With no upfront cost, if you can maximize your winnings, you can make a solid profit.

Look for slots with high RTP for the best return on your free spins. Also search out slots with favourable mechanics, like lots of paylines, bonus rounds, or huge potential jackpots!

Best Games to Play With $5 Deposits

High payout casino games can net you plenty of winnings, but low bet games offer better value. With the minimum bet, you deposit will go a long way. If you’re budget-conscious, better to get a nice, lengthy play session instead of blowing your money on one big bet.

Here are some of the games you’ll see all over the best $5 deposit casinos, and how to get your money’s worth while playing them.

Video Slots

Online Slots

In slots, you spin a number of reels to line up a set of symbols along a payline. There are many variants on slots, changing the number of reels, orientation of paylines, or offering different bonus mechanics.

Every self-respecting $5 deposit casino will include slots. Thanks to the abundance of slots bonuses like free spins, they’re perfect for budget-conscious players. Keep your minimum bets low for longer play sessions, but beyond that, winning is down to sheer luck!

To try slots, we recommend Gold Rush Express at Spin Casino or Agent Jane Blonde at Ruby Fortune!


Online Baccarat

The star of the show in Macau casinos, Baccarat challenges players to bet on whether the player or banker will assemble a higher-value hand. If a hand hits double digits, the tens column is ignored (e.g. a score of 12 would be worth 2 points).

Baccarat offers an extremely high RTP of around 99%. Typical strategies are based around how to bet, with the classic Martingale system suggesting you double your bets every time you lose, to make up for past losses.

To try Baccarat, we recommend Live Baccarat at Jackpot City or Real Baccarat at Royal Vegas!


Online Blackjack

One of the most classic casino games in history, Blackjack pits players against the dealer to get as close to a total of 21 without exceeding it by dealing out cards.

Almost all $5 deposit casinos will feature Blackjack—if they don’t, it’s honestly a red flag. Blackjack is the perfect game for value-centric players with its excellent RTP averaging 99%.

Basic Blackjack strategy involves standing above 16 and hitting below 12. But what to do if you’re in the middle depends on the dealer’s hand: if they’re showing a low card, stand and play it safe, otherwise hit and take the risk.

To try Blackjack, we recommend Redeal Blackjack at Jackpot City or High Streak Blackjack at Spin Casino!


Playing at low deposit casinos offers all the excitement of high-roller gambling without the cost. You can win big without having to put down huge deposits. This makes them great for new players or for veterans looking for low-stakes fun.

We recommend Jackpot City—it offers a great Return To Player of 97.77%, awards a big welcome bonus on sign up, and has a very strong library of casino games with wonderful variety!

Absolutely! Free spins are a common bonus given out readily to all kinds of players, no matter the size of deposits they make. It’s also an excellent idea to redeem free spin bonuses alongside $5 deposits for extra fun on a budget.

In Canada, Interac is a reliable deposit method that offers $5 deposits at most casinos. Cryptocurrency is another great option, as they allow for very small transactions.

Other Low Deposit Options

A “low deposit casino” is generally accepted to be any online casino accepting minimum deposits of $20 or less. That means beyond $5 deposit casinos, you have many other options to gamble without breaking the bank! However, the more you pay for your deposit, the higher-quality features you’ll gain access to.

  • $1 Deposit Casinos: You can’t beat these casinos for value! Expect a lot of generic games without much variety, but for budget-conscious players, you can have tons of fun for cheap. But these casinos can struggle to meet their profit margins through fair means, so do your research before making a deposit.
  • $10 Deposit Casinos: These casinos are quite common as they balance price with quality. You’ll see many familiar slots brands from a large mix of development studios, as well as table games. For a $10 deposit, you’ll also start to get really high-value bonuses and a glut of banking options.
  • $20 Deposit Casinos: For this price point, you’ll get thousands of the most popular casino games, many free bonuses, exceptional customer service, and more. If you want to be immersed in the excitement of casino life from the comfort of your home, this is the way to go.

What casino experience is right for your budget will be up to you. Some premium features are great to have for extra value, but if you’re happy with a simple, straightforward experience, saving your money may be worthwhile.


With our expert advice on your side, you can see just how viable a $5 deposit casino is—for one low, accessible cost, you’ll enjoy all the thrills of gambling! Thanks to thesmall upfront investment, you can try out several casinos to find the perfect one for you, or can jump between casino games to find which one is hot before upping your wagers. It’s a great low-risk high-reward deal!

Some of the best online casinos are affordable $5 minimum deposit casinos. If you’re ready to play, pick out one of our recommended casinos, grab a spare $5 bill, and get started today!

With a finger on the pulse of the iGaming industry and a knack for game analysis, Liam is an expert casino reviewer. Based in Toronto, he has watched Canada step up and join the online gambling industry with gusto. He is excited to be writing for an authoritative industry voice like and to help players enjoy the thrill of iGaming!