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Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot arcade game is almost identical to its non-jackpot sibling. The game play is identical but there is one big difference: a progressive jackpot, if you make it all the way to the top of the tree.

Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot is a guessing game. Your job is to correctly guess what each sequential card will be. You start with 12 cards. The first card is revealed and you must then choose whether the next card will be either higher or lower, or black or red.

Obviously, if you draw an ace, you opt for the ‘higher’ option. Aces are low in Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot. When you draw a mid-deck number, like a 9, perhaps your safest option is a colour. If you have already picked six red cards, maybe black is the way forward.

Don’t Stop Til You Reach The Top: Play Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot at UK

In Genie’s Hi Lo jackpot, you can cash out at any stage. The difficulty of each bet is represented on screen. You can see the odds you face. For example: if you bet 10p and draw a black queen, you will win £2.47 if the next card is a higher black (it can only be a black king). Bet on just a lower card (red or black) and you win just 11p.

Of course, this is the jackpot edition of this game which makes the goal slightly different. Make it all the way to the top of the ladder, and guess all 11 cards correctly, and you stand to win the game’s progressive jackpot. To win the entire pot, you must wager at least £5. Smaller amounts will result in a smaller share of the jackpot.

Genie’s Hi Lo is just one of dozens of interactive arcade games you can enjoy at UK. You can play its twin game for free, in practice mode, but the progressive game is real money only. Simply because a share of every penny wagered goes into the jackpot.

Will You Make It To The Top? Enjoy Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot at UK

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