Play French Roulette Online at NZ

Play like a Parisian when you select French Roulette on New Zealand’s premiere online gaming site, New Zealand. Similar to European Roulette and also called Classic Roulette, this famous online roulette game dates back centuries to France, where the spinning of the wheel all began.

What Makes French Roulette Different?

Even though French Roulette is similar to European Roulette, there are some slight differences. Since the game originated in France, it is often referred to as the original version of the popular game. The language on the table is in French and the cloth on the table is a traditional red, rather than blue or green. French Roulette offers a single-zero rule, or the La Partage rule, which allows you to keep half of your bet if you place your bet on even and the ball lands on zero. French Roulette also adds Call Bets, which allows you more chances to win more money. With La Partage and Call Bets, the odds are even more in your favor when you play French Roulette at our casino online.

Place Your Bets In French Roulette

Similar to other roulette online casino games on New Zealand, you start the game by placing your bets. Like all other online roulette games, this version offers a wide variety of betting combinations, each with varying payouts. You can bet on anything from a single number, to a color, a corner, or a row. Make sure you read through How to Play Roulette, History of Roulette, and Roulette Rules for a complete list of betting combinations. Once you have placed your bet, click “Spin” and let the wheel do the work. Hopefully the ball lands in your favor and you win big playing French Roulette.