Play French Roulette at Ireland

French Roulette has been a traditional pastime, on the Continent and beyond for centuries. Beginning in the 17th century the royalty and nobility of Europe had spread their love of the wheel throughout the region and as far away as Russia.

The fun that was once reserved exclusively for the elite had become available to the masses by the end of the 19th century and is now available to everyone through our online casino. The wheel has not changed much since then. It had one zero and red and black slots just as it does today. Similarly the betting system has not changed very much either.

The wheel is the center of play, the focus of the table and the heart of the action. The French Roulette wheel itself has a different layout than the Premium American Roulette wheel. The numbers are arranged in two sequences, from the left of zero and the other from the right of the zero. To the right of zero the red numbers are high and the low numbers are black. Alternatively, to the left of the zero the black numbers are high and the red numbers are low.

French Roulette at Ireland

One of the most unique aspects of online roulette is the differences on the wheel between French Roulette and its alternative. The numbers on the wheel of the original game face inward, whilst facing outward on the newer wheel. Even with these differences the wheel is still spun counterclockwise with the ball being set in motion clockwise. Another physical difference setting the two games apart is the red coloured traditional table as opposed to the new green table of the alternatives

Many betting strategies have been created to assist the players. The best rule and the strongest advice state not to bet on a single number. The lowest winning probability occurs when betting solely on one number. Additional advice suggests reserving winnings and only betting from your intended wagering, this allows for longer play and a more effective earning strategy.

The Widest Selection of French Roulette

If French Roulette is exciting and intriguing, try Premium French Roulette as well. You’ll enjoy the same single zero play with its higher payouts. But also you will enjoy the La Partage rule, where the even-money bets are divided and the house keeps half if the ball lands on zero.

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