Online French Roulette

Play one of the most popular online roulette games in the world, French Roulette, here at! French Roulette is the classic roulette game, with the single zero (0) space, unlike the American Roulette wheel which has a single zero and a double zero (00). This classic game has been around for centuries and has a rather interesting history.

How Does French Roulette Differ from Classic Roulette?

French Roulette is similar to American Roulette and European Roulette, though some purists believe it is superior to the others, perhaps because historians speculate that roulette was first played in France. What sets French Roulette apart from its cousins is the single zero rule, the La Partage rule, and the Call Bets, which are described below. Also, and this should come as no surprise, the French Roulette Table is in French.

How to Play Online French Roulette

French Roulette is played using the same rules as other roulette games. Firstly, you'll place your bets and spin the wheel. If the ball falls on one of your bets, you'll win.

As mentioned above, one of the differences of French Roulette is the rule of La Partage. This rule provides an advantage over other variations, in that if you make an even bet and the ball falls on the zero, you will lose only half of your initial bet.

Call Bets, another special feature of the French game, include the following extra bets: Neighbors of Zero (Voisins du Zero), Orphans (Orphelins), Third of the Wheel (Tiers du Cylindre), Finales a Cheval and Finales en Plein.

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