Play European Roulette at Ireland

Beginning in France more than 200 years ago completely by accident and now present in virtually every entertainment establishment across the globe, European Roulette has been a favourite pastime for centuries. The premier pastime of French nobility has grown and developed into one of the most beloved casino games online of all times.

The classic play, as we know it, has been pretty much consistent throughout time. Once the rules were firmly established, the only changes which have occurred happened upon arrival on the American shores. The classic version has, as always, only one zero pocket on the wheel and is sometimes known as single zero online roulette. It should be noted that the French version is essentially the same as European Roulette. It is only the American version which has the dramatic differences, primarily an additional pocket labeled with a double zero, “00”.

European Roulette at Ireland

The guidelines for play are really quite simple whether in a land based operation or an online casino. The player places his bet and the ball and wheel spin until the ball lands in one of 37 individually numbered pockets. Once the ball stops in a packet, wins are made and losses are collected. But there are multiple options for choosing a bet, so it’s not a bad idea to become familiar with the various betting options on the table and their odds.

The standard bets consist of Even/Odd and Rouge/Noir (Red/Black) which payout 1:1. A column bet, of twelve numbers and Le Douze, a group of twelve numbers designated by their allotted space, payout 2:1. A 6:1 payout is given on a set of 6 numbers in a bet, which is declared by placing the chip on the end of two rows containing three numbers each. Carre en Pleine is a set of four numbers which pays out 9:1. The bet is marked by placing the chip at the meeting point of the four numbers. 12:1 is the payout of Carre Simple, a bet on a row of three numbers which is declared by simply plcing the chip at the end of the row. En Chaval the two number bet pays 18:1. And, finally, the highest payout is reserved for the single number bet at 35:1.

The Best Reasons to Play European Roulette

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