Play Funky Monkeys Slots Online at South Africa

Funky Monkey is a really cool, calm and collected primate who wants to take you back to where it all began.

Before the technology evolution, all the slots machines were pretty much like this version. – 3 reels, one payline, spin and win. Simple, primal playing.

Funky Monkey takes slots online back to basics because sometimes all we really want and need is to add credit, bet and see what fate has in store.

Funky Monkey 3 Reel Online Slots Game

We have so many versions these days, that we almost forget what the classic slots were like. Funky Monkey reminds us of the days when 3 reels, 1 line was more than enough, more than we would ever need.

You’ll go bananas over this one. The fun theme and cute symbols will make you smile and when you hit a winning combination you’ll be swinging from the trees with excitement.

The paytable is so easy to understand too with very few symbols and possible winning combos. There are very few buttons on this version, no wild or scatter symbols to watch out for, no hidden bonuses, so you’ll really sit back and relax with this one. Exactly what you’ll feel like after a long, busy day. It’s a jungle out there!

Funky Monkey For Free

Funky Monkey is so much fun that we’ve added it to our free slots online casino games repertoire. That’s right, you can have some fun with this cheeky primate without giving him a cent. It’ll be just you and him, some friendly animations and cool sound effects and some pretend money. Great way to unwind!

At our online casino in South Africa, we have something for everyone. We are all such different creatures and we all need different things at different times. This version will appeal to your fun and playful side, and we have so many other choices for when you want a bit more of a challenge. Check it out for yourself at South Africa today!