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Live Baccarat is similar to other popular card games like Live Blackjack and Live Casino Hold’em in three ways: All are attractive to high and low rollers; they each have a central dealer role; and they are all more fun to play with lots of people.

Baccarat was the first live dealer casino game to be created. It is a simple game to learn how to play and a lot of fun to play live with other people and a live dealer.

You play live dealer baccarat in the same manner that you play traditional off-line baccarat. The dealer deals the cards to the player hand and to the banker hand. The players (live and online) bet as to whether they think the banker or player hand will win. Two more cards are dealt each to the player and banker hands. Whichever hand is closest to 9 is the winning hand. You win based on which hand you bet on.

To count up the value of the cards in each hand, the following attributions are given: Aces equal 1 point each; 10s and face cards equal zero points; and all other number cards equal their numbered value.

The Benefits of Playing Live Baccarat

The main advantage of playing live baccarat, as you’ll soon see, is that it’s simply more fun to play certain online casino games with other people rather than alone. By playing baccarat at our live casino, players get the opportunity to mix face time and socializing with otherwise solo game play, making the experience more vibrant, more alive, and more fun.

To play live baccarat, you must download our easy-to-install software and open a real money account. You must also have high speed internet to access the live stream with our partner casino. Download our software now and read through our live casino rules and history pages for not-to-be-missed tips and information.

We look forward to seeing you at online casino South Africa's live dealer baccarat table today!