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A progressive jackpot is one of the most sought-after prizes in the world of online casinos. It’s a jackpot that is accumulated from tiny contributions from all the wagers, from all players playing the game in real time. The jackpot will keep growing until it is activated by one lucky player (who will win an enormous pay out, often well into the millions) at which point it will start accumulating again.

Still curious about progressive jackpots? Then you can check out this guide that we have put together for players who want to know more about these high-paying, high-adrenaline games.


The Top 10 Progressive Jackpot Slots which are some of the biggest and most lucrative in the South African market can be found on online casinos recommended by ZA. There are huge prizes on offer, but also some absolutely fantastic gameplay. Here is a small overview of the 10 that we feel represent the best the market has to offer right now:

  1. Gold Rally: Gold Rally might seem like a standard video slot at first glance, but it offers a great progressive jackpot while playing. It’s won by filling up all of the reels with the “scales” symbol. While this is difficult, it is possible and will kick off a huge win and fill your account to bursting.
  2. Justice League: This is a video slot that’s based on the world-famous characters from DC Comics. There are FOUR progressive jackpots up for grabs and they are activated completely at random. On a winning spin, the grid will fill up with matching symbols and when you fill up the right bar, the relevant jackpot will be awarded.
  3. Great Blue Jackpot: Great Blue Jackpot would be a great slot even without the blockbuster jackpot. However, there is a blockbuster jackpot and we’re happy to see it! Once triggered, you’re guaranteed to win one of the 4 jackpots that are available.
  4. Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters: This is one of the famous titles in the Age of the Gods series. You will see a fair few of these on this list because of just how popular they are. This version features the monstrous gorgon, Medusa, and the progressive jackpot is awarded randomly. Note: the higher your stake, the better odds you have of triggering the jackpot!
  5. Gladiator Jackpot: This title is based on the film of the same name that won a number of Oscars and made a superstar of Russell Crowe. When the middle 3 reels land a helmet, then the progressive jackpot round will begin. It’s a picking game where successfully selecting 9 golden helmets will trigger the top prize.
  6. Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom: This is the second Age of the Gods title here, this time it’s based around Athena. Just like the other Age of the Gods games, the progressive jackpot is awarded randomly with higher stakes increasing your chances.
  7. Age of the Gods: Furious Four: This title is based around 4 of the Ancient Greek Gods: Atlas, Apollo, Prometheus and Pandora. These “Furious Four” can lead players to the game’s spectacular jackpot, activated at random.
  8. Age of the GodsThe original version of the Age of the Gods series is still a massively popular hit with players. The progressive jackpot can appear at any time, but the general gameplay is also much-adored by players.
  9. Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas: This update in the series is based around the legendary King Midas. He is the perfect character for a video slot because everything he touches turns to gold - including your bankroll if you activate the progressive jackpot!
  10. Age of the Gods: God of Storms: Here Poseidon is front and centre. The wins can come thick and fast for players and the sea God can fire up the progressive jackpot “picking game” at any moment.


The record for the biggest ever win from progressive jackpots has consistently grown over the years. With so many large progressive slots on the market, and with the number of active players continuing to grow, it’s almost inevitable!

As of today, the current record holder is Mega Moolah, produced by Microgaming. In late 2018 the previous record was broken by Mega Moolah when it paid out a win of €18,915,872. This was a huge prize which without doubt transformed the winner’s life. It was also the latest in a long line of historic pay outs that had come from Mega Moolah. With how popular the game is, it’s only a matter of time before the record is broken again.

Mega Moolah hasn’t always been the record holder, however. Before Mega Moolah broke the record, it was held by Mega Fortune from NetEnt. The pay out from Mega Fortune had exceeded €17,861,000 and while that’s not quite at the level of the Mega Moolah pay out, it’s still one that will have forever changed the life of the player that managed to win it.


A progressive jackpot is different to a “normal” video slots jackpot. A standard jackpot will offer players a set amount (usually quite a large one!) but never a penny more. A progressive jackpot, however, will give players the chance to win the largest pay outs possible at any online casino. What is the reason for this though?

The reason is that this jackpot is linked to every iteration of the game across the world. This means that every player wagering on, let’s say, Mega Moolah, has a tiny portion of every wager taken away and added to the cumulative jackpot total. So, when you play a progressive jackpot title at any casino on ZA, you will be helping to increase the value of the jackpot, along with every other of the millions of players also playing the game.

And there’s no limit to how much players can win.

Because the pay outs get so high, many players see the progressive jackpots as the best type of slot to play. Not only do they offer the opportunity to win regularly pay outs like a traditional video slot, a progressive slot will also offer the potential for a life-changing pay out.

One of the best progressive slots available to players from South Africa is the Age of the Gods series. Because all of these games are linked to the same network, every player who plays one of these games is contributing to the progressive jackpot - and they also have the chance to win it. This means the jackpot can grow incredibly high, incredibly fast, making it one of the most lucrative games imaginable.


Put simply, the answer to this question is no. This is because you can play a progressive slot game and win the normal prizes that the base game and bonus features have to offer, and never get anywhere close to the progressive jackpot. However, by the same token, you could also play it and have the worst run of luck ever on the base game and then randomly trigger the progressive jackpot and grab the biggest win of your life.

Progressive jackpots aren’t tied into the mechanics of the base game in general. They are more often than not randomly triggered and nothing to do with what’s happening on the reels.

That said, there are some games that include a trigger on the reels - but these games still don’t have an impact on the base gameplay since the regular pay outs will still be made, regardless of whether the progressive jackpot is activated.


The main difference between the two types of video slot is how the pay out is calculated. With a progressive jackpot, the total pay out can in theory climb to an unlimited amount, since it is made up from tiny contributions from players all over the world. For a non-progressive jackpot, however, the maximum pay out is fixed at a certain level at all times. A standard video slot will just use your stake to calculate your proportional winnings based on the paylines and the symbols making up the win.

This means that although at first glance the differences between the two types of slots is just the prize that’s on offer, there is actually quite a lot going on “under the hood” that makes the two games fundamentally quite different.

Progressive SlotNon-Progressive Slot
Maximum win isn’t fixed at a certain amount.Maximum win is fixed at a certain amount.
Small portion of every stake goes towards the jackpot.Stake is used only to calculate wins and no contribution is made towards the jackpot.
The jackpot can sometimes be activated randomly, without the reels playing a part.Jackpots can only be triggered by landing a specific set of symbols on specific reels.
A progressive jackpot slot is linked to players around the world to make the payout bigger.Non-progressive slots are totally independent, and all users’ wins are independent of other users’ activities.


The great thing about progressive slots at casinos on ZA is that you can still access them on your smartphone or tablet! This makes it easy to play progressive slots on the move.

South African players might notice that the buttons are in slightly different positions, but otherwise the mobile game is well laid out and easy to use. The visuals on the screen are also very well optimised (usually with HD resolution) and the exact same monster pay outs are still available on mobile. If you like to play on the go (or simply prefer gaming on a mobile rather than a chunky computer) then a trip to some of the best casino mobile platforms on ZA is the right choice for you.


There are a lot of different ways to get support when playing progressive slots at any of the casinos at ZA. Our casinos do the utmost to make sure that players are always well informed and that issues are resolved as quickly as possible. We’ve detailed the two best ways for you to get help if you ever have an issue at any of our casinos.

  • In game help menu: Every progressive slot has a help menu built into the game. This makes it easy to find out the rules of the game and to see exactly what needs to be done in order to play the game properly. Just click on the menu button and you will be given access to all the information that you need.
  • Customer Support: The casinos we recommend at ZA offer some of the best customer support in the business. They allow players to get in touch with the support team through phone, email, and integrated live chat on their website. All of these support options are usually available 24/7 so no matter when you have an issue, one of the expert support staff will be on hand to help resolve your problem.


Particularly among new players, there are often a lot of questions about progressive jackpot slots. To make things easier for our players, we’ve answered some of the most common questions right here:

Progressive jackpot games are all linked together over a network. Whenever a wager is made, a small portion of the stake is put towards the progressive jackpot total. Then when certain conditions within the game are met, that jackpot will be awarded to one lucky player.

Progressive jackpots are paid out as single payments by the software developer. This means that any withdrawal restrictions in place are overlooked in order to pay out a progressive jackpot win with no hassle.

There is no secret recipe to winning progressive jackpots, unfortunately. For some games, wagering higher amounts does physically improve your odds, but for other games it’s just a matter of playing sensibly and managing your bankroll - so you don’t run out of cash - and crossing your fingers!

You can find our progressive jackpot games right here.

There is a large range of different progressive slot games on the market. Almost every genre is covered, so it might be worth looking through the titles that are available at some of our top online casinos at ZA.


Progressive slots are the games that really grab a player’s attention. With the biggest wins in the entire industry, and the potential to trigger them at any moment, they offer more cash and more excitement than any other game on the market. If your goal is to win big - and we mean big - then take a trip to our best sites here at ZA in order to find the best selection of progressive slots available to South African players!