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Life was complicated in ancient Greece. There wasn’t just one god to worship; there were hundreds of them and of course they loved nothing more than interfering in the lives of simple folk and playing naughty tricks on unsuspecting mortals. Fortunately, we have just four to contend with in our great online casino slot the Age of Gods - Apollo, Hephaestus, Atlas and Pandora being the Furious Four in question. Pandora isn’t really a goddess because she was a human created by the gods and unleashed all the evil in the world when she opened her magic box. Oops! Luckily, this Pandora only has good things to offer, like glistening gold and cash prizes!

Win cash in the myths of time

The legacy of the ancient Greeks is still felt today in the fields of politics, the arts, science and sport and although the gods may no longer be relevant, they still inspire contemporary writers in literature and are perfect as symbols in online casino games. It’s always great to see the mighty Atlas, one of the Titan gods, balancing the world on his shoulders or Hephaestus working hard at his anvil, but the real magic happens when three golden throne scatter symbols appear on screen, because that means it’s free spin time! And just as there are 12 great Olympian gods, players also receive a dozen free games with the promise of cash prizes! Activate one of the four features - Age of Light, Fire, Endurance or Curiosity - when one of the main gods appears stacked in the third reel and you are well on your way to untold treasures and maybe a spot on the table at Mount Olympus!

Turn on the power in jackpot heaven

Age of Gods: Furious Four is special for another reason. Gods being gods they love to help out humans when they feel like it, which is why there are four jackpots in this mythical online slots game. And the great thing is they appear randomly so you never know when you’re going to land one of the four mystery progressive jackpots. Once the game starts you’ll be taken to a grid in which the aim is to match three identical coins to win the jackpot. The gods are truly smiling on us!