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Spin A Win is a colourful and entertaining Live Casino title brought to us by the creative Playtech development team. It’s simple, straightforward, and very easy to learn, but once the wheel starts spinning and you get the hang of things, it will quickly become your favourite game!

Spin a Win Game ShowSpin a Win Game Show   Spin a Win Game Show

Spin A Win Key Features

What’s the RTP of Spin A Win, who developed it, and are there any multipliers to unlock? Let’s take a look at these questions and more.


The RTP range goes from a low of 90.81% (the number 40) to a high of 97.22% (the odd side bet). See the table below for a full list of RTPs on this game.

The Bet The RTP
1 95.34%
2 95.51%
5 91.24%
10 96.58%
20 92.74%
40 90.81%
Odd 97.22%
Even 91.67%
Multiplier 96.30%

Game Provider

Spin A Win was developed by Playtech and is part of the massive and ever-growing Playtech Live Casino platform. Playtech is responsible for some of the most popular games in the online casino sector, including the exceptional Age of the Gods™ series, and all of these are available at

Game Type

Spin A Win is part of the Live Game Show category. It revolves around a single centrepiece and a presenter. In this case, that centrepiece is a wheel.


Two of the spaces on the Spin A Win wheel are occupied by multipliers: one for a 2x and one for a 7x. You can wager on these using the relevant side bet options, but they also play a role elsewhere. If you bet on the number 1 and one of the multipliers appears first, it will increase your payout if the proceeding result is the number 1.

Multipliers can also be stacked, so if they keep appearing spin after spin, and then you hit your number, you’ll get a massive payout.

Min Bet

The lowest possible bet on a game of Spin A Win is $0.10.

Max Bet

By adding multiple chips together, you can wager up to $5.000 on a game of Spin A Win.

How to Play Spin A Win

Do you have funds in your account? If so, then you’re ready to play Spin A Win.

Firstly, choose your budget and familiarize yourself with the chip denominations. These vary quite considerably, and you must take your time when making your decision lest you mistakenly gamble more than you can afford.

To make a wager, just click the right chip amount and then click the corresponding bet. Multiple clicks will place multiple chips.

Spin A Win has a total of 53 spaces on the wheel, but these are dominated by just 8 possible outcomes:

  • 23 Times for the Number 1
  • 15 Times for the Number 2
  • 7 Times for the Number 5
  • 3 Times for the Number 10
  • 2 Times for the Number 20
  • Once for the Number 40
  • Once for the 2x Multiplier
  • Once for the 7x Multiplier

As Spin A Win is a Live Casino game, you need to wait for an allotted time period before the game begins. You have 18 seconds to make a wager and when this time limit has expired, your bets will lock-in, and the wheel will spin. As a result, you’ll need to be careful when making your wager.

Bonus and Promotions

All new players at are entitled to a Welcome Package, and the funds from this bonus can be used to play Live Game Show titles like Spin A Win. That’s not all, either, as we have regular spins, bonuses, and Golden Chips that you can use to spin our slots, play our Live Casino games, and more. Check our promotions page for up to date information.

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Payouts and Side Bets

There are two main bets two consider on Spin A Win.

The main bets are the numbers and are straightforward—just wager on the number you think will appear. If you put your chips on number 1 and the wheel stops on 1, you’ll win money.

It’s as simple as that.

The other bets are the side bets. These include “multipliers”, whereby you’re wagering on either the 2x or 7x space, and “odd” and “even”, which cover all of the numbers (but not the multipliers).

The “odd” and “even” bets refer to whether the result will be odd or even. There are more even numbers (2, 10, 20, 40) than odd numbers (1 and 5) at play, but as number 1 is the most common (23 appearances) and 5 is the third-most common (7 appearances) the probability of an “odd” outcome is much greater.

Bet Type/Wheel Position Odds/Payout
Side Bet for Odd 0.75x
Side Bet for Even 1.25x
Side Bet for Multiplier 25/1
1 (Yellow) Evens
2 (Blue) 2/1
5 (Green) 5/1
10 (Purple) 10/1
20 (Orange) 20/1
40 (Red) 40/1

Betting and Playing Strategies

Spin A Win is a game of chance, and it has a house edge, which means the casino has an edge over the player. As a result, there are no ways to guarantee success and no strategies that will keep the payouts coming spin after spin.

To increase your chances of succeeding with this game, you need to collect whatever bonuses you can get your hands on, learn all the game’s rules, and stick with the high-RTP wagers.

Strategies like the Martingale strategy have also been discussed as possible solutions for beating this game. The idea behind this strategy is that you double your wager when you lose and reduce it when you win. However, it only works with balanced 50/50 wagers, and there are no such wagers on Spin A Win.

Technically, it could be used for bets of odd and even, but they are not balanced as odd is much more likely to appear than even and it also triggers a smaller payout.

Just remember—there is no easy way to win. Set a budget, stick to it, play safe, and try to keep the odds in your favor where possible.


1. Is there a strategy to win the game?

If you’re looking for a game where you can win consistently with a little forethought and strategy, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Spin A Win is a game of chance and while some players have proposed certain betting strategies, none of them are guaranteed and there is a risk involved with all Spin A Win wagers.

2. What multipliers does Spin A Win have?

Spin A Win has two multipliers, and these occupy one space each on the wheel. The multipliers come into play when you have a number bet, as they can boost your winnings by 2x or 7x. You can also bet on these multipliers using the side bet option.

3. Are there similar games to Spin A Win?

Money Drop Live offers a similar level of entertainment and simplicity as Spin A Win, and there are many other games like it, including Deal or No Deal Live. As a member, you can play all these game shows and more.

4. Can I play Spin A Win on my mobile?

Of course! All games are mobile-friendly, and that’s true whether you’re spinning the latest Playtech jackpot slot game or enjoying one of our Live Game Shows.

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