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Spin A Win is a visually striking wheel-based Live Casino game that was developed by Playtech. It’s one of many Live Casino games available at right now and it’s the one that everyone is talking about!

The game revolves around a single wheel and a charming presenter. As a player, you just need to watch, wager, and enjoy the show! It’s like being a contestant on a game show, one where it’s possible to win hundreds of times your stake thanks to the inclusion of big payouts and huge multipliers.

Spin a Win Game ShowSpin a Win Game Show   Spin a Win Game Show

Spin a Win Features

Spin A Win launched in 2018 and was an instant hit. One of the great benefits of this Live Game Show is its simplicity—once you get to grips with its basic rules and features, you’re good to go.


The RTP on Spin a Win ranges from a low of 90.67% to a high of 97.22%. At the higher end of this RTP, Spin a Win offers a similar RTP to European Roulette and a better RTP from the one you will find on American Roulette variants.

The lowest RTP is returned on the number 40 while the highest is offered for all odd side bets.

Bet Type RTP
1 95.34%
2 95.51%
5 91.24%
10 96.58%
20 92.74%
40 90.81%
Odd 97.22%
Even 91.67%
Multiplier 96.30%

Game Provider

Playtech is arguably the biggest developer in the world, one responsible for award-winning series such as Kingdoms Rise and Age of the Gods, as well as a slew of other top slot games and Live Casino games. Spin A Win is in good company here, and if you’re looking for more top titles, you can find them all at

Game Type

Ever wondered what it would be like to step up to the stage on a Saturday night game show? That’s what Spin A Win offers, and it’s part of a wider category that includes both licensed and original game shows.


Spin A Win has both a 2x and a 7x multiplier, and they each occupy a segment of the wheel. You can wager on both with one of the game’s side bets, and they will also boost your payout by 2x or 7x if they appear on the spin before your chosen number.

Min Bet

The smallest chip is just $/£/€ 0.10, and you can wager one of these per bet and 1 bet per spin.

Max Bet

The betting range goes as high as  $/£/€ 5,000.

How to Play Spin A Win

The purpose of Spin A Win is to wager where you think the wheel will stop. Simply choose your chips, stack them on your desired bets, and then wait for the game to stop. You can place up to 9 bets, after which the game starts, the wheel spins, and the bets are settled based on where it stops.

The wheel has 53 spaces and 8 different outcomes. You can wager on all of these and there are different payouts and probabilities for each one:

  • The Number 1 Has 23 Spaces
  • The Number 2 has 15 Spaces
  • The Number 5 Has 7 Spaces
  • The Number 10 Has 3 Spaces
  • The Number 20 Has 2 Spaces
  • The Number 40 Has 1 Space
  • The 2x Multiplier Has 1 Space
  • The 7x Multiplier Has 1 Space

Unlike virtual table games, where you instruct the dealer to “deal” or the wheel to “spin”, Spin A Win is a Live Casino game, which means that all players enter the betting round simultaneously and have the same amount of time (18 seconds) to place their bets. If you’re not sure how the game works and want to take your time, we recommend watching a few games unfold before you make your first wager.

Bonus and Promotions

Spin A Win is one of many Live Game Show titles available at, and you can play it as part of your new player Welcome Package. This bonus typically offers credits and/or  spins (for slot games), but it changes all of the time, so be sure to check out our Promotions page before you join.

Other bonuses are available, as well, and if you join our email newsletter, you will get access to these bonuses before anyone else while also learning about events, tournaments, and new releases.

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Payouts and side Bets

There are two main bets on Spin A Win: main game bets and side bets.

The former are the number bets and are displayed in the center of the betting screen with a different color representing each number. The latter are the side bets shown in black down the right-hand side.

The payouts vary from 0.75x (a  $/£/€ 1 stake returns a  $/£/€ 0.75 profit) to 40/1 (a  $/£/€ 1 stake returns a  $/£/€ 40 profit). You can see a complete list of all bets and payouts in the table below.

Bet Type/Wheel Position Odds/Payout
Odd (Side Bet, Right) 0.75x
Even (Side Bet, Right) 1.25x
Multiplier (Side Bet, Right) 25/1
1 (Main Bet, Yellow) Evens
2 (Main Bet, Blue) 2/1
5 (Main Bet, Green) 5/1
10 (Main Bet, Purple) 10/1
20 (Main Bet, Orange) 20/1
40 (Main Bet, Red) 40/1

Betting and Playing Strategies

Although there is no guaranteed way to beat Spin A Win, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of success.

Firstly, make sure you check the latest promotions and collect whatever offers you are entitled to. As noted above, some of these can be used to play Live Casino games like Spin A Win, and if you’re playing with money that isn’t your own, you’ll have a greater chance of success.

Secondly, you need to understand all the game’s rules, and that’s true even with relatively simple games like Spin A Win. After all, the quickest way to lose money is to start making wagers that you’re not sure about and taking risks that you shouldn’t be taking. The more you know, the fewer costly mistakes you will make.

Last but not least, stick with the bets that offer the highest chance of winning. In this case, that bet is the odd side bet, but you’ll also get decent odds when betting on the multiplier, as well as the numbers 1, 2, and 10.


  1. Is there a strategy to win the game?

    Unfortunately, there are no assurances when playing Spin A Win—no strategies that will guarantee success. You just need to learn the game, collect the bonuses, and stick with the highest RTPs. By placing bets on the outcomes that offer the highest RTPs, you will greatly increase your chances of getting a return.

  2. What multipliers Spin A Win have?

    Two of the spaces on the Spin A Win wheel are reserved for multipliers: 2x and 7x. You can wager on them and win when they appear, or you can use them to boost your other number wins.

  3. Are there similar games to Spin A Win?

    Money Drop Live Game Show is very similar to Spin A Win, but there are many more games that fit the bill, as well. Other Live Game Shows include Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Deal or No Deal The Big Show, and Buffalo Blitz Live.

  4. Can I play Spin A Win on my mobile?

    All members can play Spin A Win on their mobile devices, and we have support for most platforms.

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