Play Genie's HiLo Video Poker Online at UK

We know we have the greatest players here in our Online Casino, and so we want to make their wishes come true – that’s why we’ve rubbed every lamp and bottle we can find in the search for a genie who can grant our three wishes – we want a game that’s fast, we want a game that’s easy, and we want a game that’s great fun to play. And we’ve finally found it – Genie’s HiLo is a fantastic mix of Arcade and Video Poker gameplay styles which is ideal for rapid play or for brand new players.

Enjoy quick and simple gameplay with this great game

Like many of our Online Casino Games, Genie’s HiLo is free to play with no deposit, so it’s straightforward for you to get used to the rules and the playing style. But we don’t think that will take long – it’s a classic higher or lower style game with a couple of new twists. Cards are drawn from a regular 52 card deck, and you’re playing with twelve of them. You can choose your stakes and set your initial bet with the on-screen arrows before you choose your first card. Or if you don’t want the hassle of selecting one from the hand, then you can choose the “Autopick” option for super fast play. At this point you can select whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one, or, in an exciting addition to this type of game, you can choose whether you think the next card will be red or black. Even better than that, you can make things extra interesting by choosing any combination – a lower black card? A higher red card? Or vice versa? Every step of the way the possible winnings are clearly shown to you, since these vary with each card and depending on what you think will be coming next. If you’re successful then you get to play on, until all 12 cards are exhausted and you’ve completely filled all of the slots on the left of the screen with correct selections. And remember – Aces are always low in this game!

Did any of our new players wish for a £100 (plus 200 spins) Bonus?

If you’re a new player of our Online Video Poker games, then our genie has granted you an extra special wish – there’s an exclusive bonus on offer, and it could be worth 100% up to £100 (plus 200 spins). It’s a fantastic proposition and we can’t wait for you to claim it and start playing our fantastic games!