Play Deuces Wild Multi Hand Video Poker at UK Today

If you’ve played 5 card poker, then the transition to video poker shouldn’t be that much of a change. The concept is the same, but there is no need to bluff your buddies or keep a straight poker face.

During each game, you are dealt 5 face up cards, and you have to decide which, if any, of the cards you want to hold. Click on the cards to hold onto them, and hit the deal button again, the trash cards will go away and new cards will be dealt in their place.

The winning combinations from traditional poker are in play, starting with 3 of a kind and going all the way to royal flush.

When you play Deuces Wild Multi Hand video poker at UK, you can significantly increase your odds of winning thanks to all the extra wild cards that are in play.

Deuces are Wild at UK

When you play Deuces Wild Multi Hand video poker, every “2” card is counted as wild. Before the cards are dealt you can choose how many hands you wish to play. Then you’ll be dealt five cards to your main hand, and you’ll make your decision on which cards to hold onto.

The held cards will automatically be displayed on all the remaining hands that you are playing, and when you click on the “deal” button all your hands will be dealt cards to fill in the empty spaces around the held cards.

To help guide you in which cards to hold or get rid of, take a look at the winning combinations and their corresponding pay outs, and decide which cards have the best chance at making you a winner. Thanks to all the wild deuces, the most common winning combination is 3 of a kind while the Royal Flush is still the toughest, and therefore highest paying, winning combination.

How Many Wild Deuces Will You Have at UK?

One of the advantages of playing at a casino online, as opposed to going to a brick and mortar casino, is the option to play for free. This is a great way to practice your strategy, play a few hands until you feel comfortable with video poker and have an idea of what kind of winning combination you’ll be trying to get.

In order to play for, and possibly win real money, you’ll need to make a deposit into your UK account. You’ll receive a Welcome Bonus offer of up to £100 that can be used when playing Deuces Wild Multi Hand, or any of our other exciting online casino games.

Deuces Wild Multi Hand video poker is optimized for play on both your mobile device and desktop computers. You can download our state of the art online casino software and login to play direct from your computer.

Playing Deuces Wild Multi Hand video poker at UK has never been easier, the time to start playing is now!