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Do you fancy getting stuck into an all-time classic casino game? Here at UK you can try "All American" - the Online Video Poker game which understands its place in tradition. If you're familiar with some of our other games like Aces and Faces then you'll probably be right at home with this game: The main differences are to be found in the paytable, with some changes which expert players can take advantage of by adjusting their playing style and strategy.

Live the American Dream with our game at UK

There's nothing complicated about this game - it's as straight-up as they come. No multiple decks, there's just a single standard 52 card pack in play. And there are definitely no wild cards - with All American, what you see is what you get. The player gets five cards from the dealer and can choose what to keep and what to exchange, in order to end up with the best hand when the cards are re-dealt. There are also some maximum bet and payout limits which can help to keep the hands flowing quickly across a longer play session. Like many of our Online Casino Games, All American has feature which allows you to 'Double' or 'Double Half' if you're in possession of a winning hand. After putting together such a hand you can choose to collect your winnings right away, or you can choose to double up. The bonus round follows where the dealer draws a card from the deck and then you draw from a choice of four. If your card is worth more than his, then your winnings are doubled. ‘Double Half’ is a similar option, but only half of the winnings are in play and you can only double up that amount.

Land of the Free and Home of the £100 (plus 200 spins) exclusive bonus

All American may seem like the standard video poker experience, but it wouldn't be right to play it like just any other game - the differences in the paytable do open up new strategic options which need to be considered at all times. But if you want to take it slowly and get used to a new strategy, then All American offers you the option to play for free, with no deposit. And once you've found your feet in the Land of the Free, then you can switch to a real money game at any time. And there’s one final thing which we’ve done to make sure that new players in our Online Casino feel extra welcome, and that’s to put in place an exclusive bonus worth 100% up to £100 (plus 200 spins). So set sail for the land of opportunity and have a game with us today!