Play 4-Line Deuces Wild Video Poker Online at UK

Deuces Wild Video Poker is already one of the most fun and popular games which we have here at UK - but we decided to improve on perfection! How? By multiplying the number of hands which you're playing with. That's right - as you've probably guessed from the name, 4-Line Deuces Wild gives you the chance to play four different hands, all at the same time. It’s the kind of game which you’re only likely to find in an Online Casino and we think you’re going to go wild for it.

Find those wild cards in this 4-line gameplay challenge

Regular Online Video Poker games are great, and they give you the chance to practice your skills and tactics in pursuit of the winning hands. But if you're the kind of adventurous and demanding player for whom a traditional game with 'just' five cards isn't enough, then UK has you covered with this great twist on Deuces Wild, where a total of 20 cards are in play across a four different hands. The underlying principles of the game are simple, because we've maintained the deep yet flexible gameplay of regular Deuces Wild, but the fun's been multiplied by four! The rules are the same but with four hands and four decks in play, there's much more excitement to be had. This game keeps the main differentiating factor that you might be familiar with from the original Deuces Wild, where the Two in the pack, or in this case, in the multiple decks, is given wild card status. So if you're lucky enough to be dealt a Two in your starting hand then be sure to keep hold of it! It can substitute for any other card so that you can put together the highest possible winning combination. So for example, a pair of Twos would immediately become a winning three-of-a-kind in conjunction with any other card. And we've gone the extra mile to help you out when it comes to these valuable cards - they're always clearly marked as 'Wild', and they're automatically set to be held if they come up in your playing hand. And all the other rules of regular Deuces Wild are in place, including the minimum viable winning hand being three of a kind.

More lines mean more fun, and so does the £100 bonus (plus 200 spins)

4-Line Deuces Wild is the ideal game for everyone, from inexperienced players who want to learn quickly, to regular Online Casino Games players who are looking for a different kind of challenge. But for anyone who’s playing with us for the first time, regardless of experience, we’ve got a special bonus which you can claim, and it could be worth 100% up to £100 (plus 200 spins)! It’s a fantastic offer, so come and join us for a game as soon as you like!