Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch at UK

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The Egypt of pyramids, hieroglyphs, and ancient Gods is the theme for online scratch card Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch. The game is a match style card that gives you six chances to win, every time you play it.

The cards come in five cash denominations: 50c, $1, $2, $5, and $10. The value of the card comes with a corresponding jackpot: a 50c card will win you $5,000, a $10 card will unearth a Tutankhamen-sized jackpot worth $100,000.

Pyramid Scheme? Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch at UK

When you hit play, a canopic jar reveals a symbol. You now have six chances to match the symbol. Only when you discover a duplicate – winning - icon is its value revealed. Symbols in play include the ankh, eye of Horus, scarab beetle, Bastet cat, Queen Nefertiti, scorpion, hieroglyphic scroll and pyramid. The value of all icons varies with each game.

Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch has an autoplay feature which allows you to play up to 50 games automatically. There is also a shuffle button which allows you to switch your card three times. The music is stereotypical ancient Egypt (via Hollywood) and the graphics are bright and fun.

PPharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch is one of scores of fantastic scratch cards you can enjoy at UK.

When you do decide to dive in and risk real money, there is a welcome bonus waiting for you worth 100% up to £100 (plus 200 spins). Just use any one of our recommended payment options to credit your account and the bonus will be automatically added to your account.

Don’t Sphinx About It – Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch at UK

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