Play Kong Scratch at UK

Peter Jackson’s blockbusting monster movie gets a scratch card remix with Kong The 8th Wonder of the World Scratch. It also wins a prize for having the longest name of any betting game at UK.

Featuring the cast of the 2005 movie, Kong Scratch is a match style scratch game. When the action starts, your first decision is how much to wager. Cards range in price from 50 cents to $10. As with nearly all the scratch cards, the jackpot prize is relative to the card cost. A 50c card could win you $5K, Spend $10 and a King Kong-sized jackpot of $100K could be yours.

Money Makin’ Monkey Business… Play Kong Scratch at UK

After you have decided what value card to play, you must now choose what to reveal first. Do you unveil the card prize value and hope that you will get a match or do you just hit reveal all and hope for the best.

The soundtrack is beating drums and jungle vibes. Icons in play feature the movie’s cast: Jack Black, Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, Jamie Bell, Kong, and assorted dinosaurs all put in an appearance. There are brief animations to keep the action rolling along. To win, you must reveal an icon that matches the one in the prize box. It could be any one. You then pocket the value of the prize.

Kong Scratch is both fun and very easy to play. It’s one of several online scratch cards with a movie theme at UK. You can also enjoy a little time with Rocky, Gladiator, and many others.

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