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European Roulette is the ultimate game of chance, and there is no better place to play for real money for UK players than Casino.com. While there are many different types of European Roulette, the one constant is the single zero pocket on the wheel. This keeps the increases the player’s edge when compared to other kinds of online Roulette. Learn about the different types of European Roulette at Casino.com, the odds, betting options, and more in this ultimate guide to European Roulette.


Before you can spin the online European Roulette wheel, you have to decide which bet or bets you want to place. Click on the chip that you want to wager and then choose the section of the betting table that you want to place your bet. You can place multiple bets for each spin if you wish.

Once the chips have been placed on the table, click on the spin button and watch as the Roulette pill goes around the wheel until it finally lands in one of the numbered pockets. If the number on the pocket matches a number you bet on, the money will automatically be added to your bankroll.

At the end of each round, you will have three options:

  1. Re-Bet – This places the same amount of chips on the same spots on the betting table as the previous round.
  2. Double – You can double all your previous wagers. This is a common tactic used by some UK players, which will be discussed later in this article.
  3. Clear Bets – Remove all chips from the betting table.

There are two main sections on the betting table, inside bets and outside bets. The outside bets are usually large groups of numbers like the even money bets, such as red or black, high/low, and odds or evens.

The inside bets consist of 7 possible wagers. Here you can bet on your lucky number or small group of numbers. The inside bets have lower odds and higher payouts than outside bets. You can see a rundown of the most common types of inside and outside bets further down in this article. If you have any questions, check out the help section by clicking on the “hamburger” menu button located on the game’s sidebar. Here you will find rules, odds, payouts betting history, and more.


While most casino games have set odds for the entire game, with one or two exceptions, online Roulette has different odds and payouts for each bet. On a standard online Roulette table, the bet with the highest payout is a single number wager. This has a 1:36 payout, which means if you place a £1 chip on the number 7 and the ball lands on the 7 pocket, you’ll win £36. On the other end of the spectrum are the even money bets that payout 1:1. If you bet £1 on red and win, the payout is £1. There are dozens of possible bets, and each has its own odds and payouts.

The odds and payouts vary based on the specific online variation that you’re playing. For example, in Mini Roulette, the odds of hitting on a specific number are much higher; therefore, the payout is 36:1. However, the 50% bets will still payout at the same 1:1 ratio. It’s recommended that you check out the paytable for each game before placing your bets. 


If you’ve been playing or reading about online casinos, you’ve probably come across the term RTP or Return to Player. This refers to the percentage of money a player can win at a given game over time. In other words, if a game has a 97% RTP, a player who makes £100 worth of bets should end up with £97. A game that has a higher RTP will typically pay out more frequently than a low RTP game.

It’s important to note that the RTP is calculated based on hundreds of thousands of games. In the case of online Roulette, it doesn’t differentiate between even money bets and high stakes bets either. It’s just a general number based on the average UK player. The RTP shouldn’t be used to factor how often you will win any given bet. For that, the odds are a better indicator. For example, if the game has a 97.30%, and you place a bet on black, your odds of winning are much higher than if you bet on a single number or a group of numbers.

The primary value that RTP provides is based on the long-term implication of playing online roulette games, not individual hands. Generally speaking, the European Roulette house edge is closely related to the RTP. Casino.com has a 2.70% house edge, and the RTP of a standard European Roulette game is 97.30%.Each European Roulette variant has a unique RTP, which you can see by clicking on the “hamburger” help menu and then clicking on the rules section. The RTP is listed at the bottom of that section.


Inside Bets:

  • Straight-Up Bet – Bet on any number on the wheel.
  • Split Bet – Place your chip on the line between 2 numbers, and if either number win, you’ll win a 17:1 payout.
  • Street Bet – This is a bet on 3 numbers in a row on the betting table. Place your chip on the outside edge of the column to make a bet; it pays out 11 to 1 in a standard game,
  • Corner Bet – This bet contains 4 numbers that make up a square on the betting table.
  • Line Bet –  There are 6 numbers in a line bet. Place your chip in between two lines on the table, and that will include all 6 numbers in the section. 

Outside Bets:

  • Column Bet – The betting table has three columns with 12 each. Choose one of the columns by placing your chips on the line before the first number. 
  • Dozen Bet – Similar to the column bet, this includes 12 numbers. However, you don’t have to choose a column; you can also bet on a square of 12 numbers.
  • Bet on Colour – Perhaps the most well-known bet in Roulette, choose to bet on either red or black.
  • Bet on Odd/Even – Bet on whether the winning number will be an odd or even number.
  • Bet on Low/High – Another bet with nearly 50% odds, low numbers are 1-18, and high numbers are 19-36.


When it comes to developing European Roulette games, Playtech is the best software provider. The company has created several exciting variants, such as Mini Roulette, multi-wheel, progressive, and more.

In addition to creating exciting games, with first-class graphics and animations, Playtech has an excellent reputation when it comes to fairness. All games have been tested by third-party auditors to ensure fair play.


While European Roulette is a game of chance, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of winning.

  1. Play within your budget: There are some “strategies” that include doubling your bet after a win or loss. This can get pretty expensive, and with a few turns, you might overextend on your budget. It’s much better to control your bets and get a feel for when to raise or decrease a bet based on how you feel it’s going.
  2. Find the right game for you: There are plenty of European Roulette games at Casino.com. Some, like Penny Roulette, have very low minimum bets that are suitable for all UK players. Other games, like Premium Roulette, are for more experienced players, who are comfortable making larger bets. It’s not only the betting options that vary based on the game, but some variants also have multiple wheels, big jackpots, and side bets.
  3. Find online Roulette bonuses: Using a bonus when playing at Casino.com is great to minimise your risk while playing and learning different Roulette games.


From the time a player makes their first deposit at Casino.com, they become eligible to collect a Welcome Package. While the offers change every few months, it usually includes bonus money that can be used while playing online Roulette. For the latest Welcome Package offers, visit the Promotions page today.

Of course, there are more bonus offers than just the Welcome Package. Throughout the year, you’ll receive casino bonus codes to your email, reload bonuses for some additional deposits and more. Check out the bonus page for a complete of the different types of bonus offers and wager requirements for online Roulette players at Casino.com.


Betting on casino games is constantly evolving, from land-based casinos to playing your favourite casino games at home, and now, you can play from anywhere on your mobile device. All online Roulette games are optimised to work perfectly on Android and iOS devices.

Bet on red or black while waiting on lime at the grocery store or bet on your lucky number while watching football. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, all you need is a stable internet connection to log onto the mobile casino site and start playing. Everything is touch-friendly, making it simple to place the wagers that you want. Once you place your bets, the betting table will fall to the background, allowing you a good view of the Roulette wheel as spins.


Roulette is one of the oldest known casino games, but with the modern twists from online variants, even veteran players can have questions now and then. Casino.com prides itself on providing several easy ways for all players to answers quickly to all questions

  • In-Game Help Menu: Each game includes a detailed help menu that can be accessed by clicking on the “hamburger” on the top left and select “help”. You’ll find odds, payouts, rules, RTP, the recent numbers that came up on the Roulette wheel, betting history, and more.
  • Customer Support: For questions that are related to your account, collecting bonuses, making deposits, withdrawals, or technical issues while playing online Roulette, reach out to our dedicated Customer Support team 24/7. They can be reached via email, Live Chat, or telephone.


How is European Roulette played?

European Roulette is played a “single zero” Roulette wheel. Start the game by placing your bet or bets. Then click on the spin button, and the Roulette wheel will begin to spin. If the Roulette ball lands on a number that you bet on, you’re a winner.

What is the house edge in European Roulette?

Thanks to the single zero, the house edge for European Roulette is just 2.70%.

Is European Roulette completely random?

Yes, and this is especially true at an online casino, where the wheel won’t have a favourite number. There is a program built into the software the ensures randomness for fair play.

Do many British people play European Roulette online?

Of course! European Roulette is the most popular version of Roulette in the world.

How does European Roulette differ from French Roulette?

French Roulette is actually played on a European Roulette wheel, meaning there is just a single 0 pocket. However, French Roulette does have some unique bets that you won’t find in a typical European Roulette game.

Can I play European Roulette on my smartphone?

At Casino.com UK, all European Roulette games have been optimised to work on the smaller mobile screens.

What are the European Roulette odds like for players?

European Roulette offers the best odds for UK players. The biggest advantage it has over American Roulette is the single 0 pocket on the wheel. This keeps the odds for even money bets, such as red or black, to be nearly 50%. It also gives slightly better odds on a single number bet, which would be 1:37 instead of 1:38.

Is European Roulette considered classic Roulette?

Generally, if an online casino is talking about Roulette, without specifying which type of game, it’s usually European Roulette.

How can I play European Roulette for real money?

Register your account and make a deposit at Casino.com. Then, you can choose your preferred European Roulette game and place real money.


European Roulette is one of the most popular games at Casino.com UK for a reason. From the wide range of betting options, the low house edge on many of those bets, and the excitement that comes with watching that Roulette pill bounce around the wheel are just some of those reasons. Find out for yourself when you create an account and play for real money today.