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They say you can’t improve on the classics. Dragon’s Jackpot Roulette is a very strong argument that says that you can. Roulette first spun into existence more than 250 years ago. Since then, it has earned a position as one of the world’s most popular casino games.

Online roulette has already unlocked a variety of upgrades and features that you could never find in a real world casino, including 3D roulette, themed games, blackjack roulette, and multi-ball roulette. Dragon’s Jackpot Roulette is the next stage in the evolutionary process, bringing two exciting new features to the table.

Visually, the game takes its cue from the Orient, with a golden embossed dragon on the wheel and Chinese fonts. The audio is an ambient classical Chinese soundtrack. This is Macao, not Monaco. On the main screen, you can choose your chip size and drag and drop them onto the table.

All the usual online casino roulette bets are in play. You can bet the 50/50 bets, the thirds, and the various options on board: split, single, corners. Click the icon above the table and the screen flips to reveal the classic French roulette bets: orphelin, tiers, and voisin du zero.

Daenerys Targaryen Approved – Play Dragon’s Jackpot Roulette at UK

The first addition is the Dragon Jackpot icon at the head of the roulette table. Activate this and you pay an extra 1% on your total bet to play for four individual Dragon Jackpots. The Dragon Jackpots are awarded at random to anyone playing the game for real money. The screen cuts away and you must spin a wheel to collect colours related to each of the jackpots. Once you have a set, that jackpot is yours. Everyone who enters the game will win a jackpot.

The next upgrade is the Dragon Bonus. You can cover up to 12 spots on the roulette board with the Dragon Bonus icon. You must already have chips in play on the same spot. Now – if you get lucky – you get the chance to max out your win. You must spin a wheel. The first spin gives you three options: 2x, 3x, and spin. The first two simply multiply your bet. The spin option takes you to the second wheel where the multiplier goes up to 20x, with a chance of three repeats.

Fire Breathing Action - Spin the Dragon’s Jackpot Roulette Wheel at UK Today

If you like your casino online action with a twist, take Dragon’s Jackpot Roulette for a spin today. Make your first deposit at UK today and get a Welcome Bonus worth up to £100. You can use your bonus chips to play any of the casino games on offer for real money. What are you waiting for? Grab that Welcome Bonus and tame that dragon today. Good luck and enjoy the action.