Play UK Blackjack at UK

UK Blackjack is a popular game with players at UK online casino. The game is fairly similar to classic blackjack, however, it has a few of its own rules to make it more interesting. With so many online blackjack variations available today, it is exciting to play a version of the game that offers a little more, or a slight twist, to differentiate it from other blackjack games played at our casino online.

UK Blackjack follows the basic rules for blackjack casino games. The aim of the game is to reach a total of 21 points or as close to 21 or less points as possible. The best blackjack hand is one that is made up of a 10-value card, the ten, Jack, Queen, or King, and an Ace. Any total of 22 or more points results in the player going bust, and losing their initial bet.

Rules of UK Blackjack at UK

  • Play begins with one face-up card being dealt to each player, and the dealer.
  • Players then place their bets, and receive a second card. If the hand dealt is a natural blackjack made up of an Ace and a 10-value card, the player will receive an automatic win, no matter what the dealer hand will show.
  • Players who wish to receive one or more cards will ‘hit’ in order to do so. Once the player is satisfied that their hand no longer needs more cards, they should ‘stand’. If the hand is 21 or under, it remains in the game, if higher than 21, the hand is bust.
  • In UK Blackjack, you may split your hand only when there are two Aces showing. After you split your hand, you will receive only one more card per hand.
  • You may double your bet when you ‘hit’ only when the value of your cards totals 9, 10, or 11.
  • When the dealer shows an Ace, you may take the insurance bet to protect your wager. While it may differ in other blackjack casino games, in this version of the game you can only take the insurance bet if your hand shows a blackjack.
  • UK Blackjack can be played in single-hand or multi-hand modes. It is possible to play up to five hands at once by placing bets on each of the hands separately.

Real Money UK Blackjack is Available at UK Now

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